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    What do your stats say about you?

    no hurry, thanks for the reply
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    What do your stats say about you?

    If you happen to come across an excess of idle time, I would be sincerely grateful for your time & welcome eagerly any constructive criticism that you might offer. I would like to say February 2020 was when I first gave WOW a go. So I'm by my own admission, still a FNG. My statistics will reflect as much. My initial techtree line was USN CV, focused grind to Midway hopping into a USN BB/DD/CA/CL for those few occasions when I got taken out prematurely and knew It would be much more productive to grind another line while waiting for the battle to end. As i'm sure you can imagine, after grinding the +or- 300k experience for the Midway, at tier 8 in the Lexx, while subjected to a MM RNG that you'd swear had a grudge with you. Well lets just say a bottom tier T8CV in the substantial amount of T10 matches it takes to accumulate the quarter million'ish experiance. The first thing I did post researching midway was to SELL THAT MF'ing Lexington, and turn my back on the USN CV line with a very audible FU to the notion of grinding 20+ million credits for a CV at a tier that, with my severe lack of experience, only a masochist would consider fun to play at. I promptly spent my lexx credits on the USN BB line, after another week or two right around when you decide the near future is going to be invested heavily in WoWs. Is when I started studying YouTube videos, ship reviews, tactics, and all the mechanics I was going to need to learn to play competitive. It didn't take long to figure out that Credits rule the Tech Tree Lines, and that In order to acquire the funds to balance productivity with efficiency, I was going to have to get my hands on a premium ship. Couldn't afford a BB, Couldn't afford a CA/CL and despite being so far under the poverty line I have to don a pair of bifocals and squint real hard just see it up there. Made a compromise with everything my budget could spare. I purchased my first premium credit farmer, the very underwelming blue collar Sims. Lined up against a bunch of T4 & 5 DD's, I like to think of it as the Big MO of DD's. For the purpose of credit farming it was the best thing I had, and performed that duty exceptionally mediocre. Got up to the IOWA when I saw my first GK Pure Secondary build video, I was sold, looked into the German BB line and realized I could have 11 and a half k secondaries as quickly as T8 in the Bismarck. I stopped everything, sold my NC and spent all my FreeXP to get me as far as the Bayern and didn't stop till I had my full 2ndary 19pt GK . That was just a couple months ago give or take. Since then I've joined a dedicated & competitive Clan Battle Clan. Acquired the Montana, Des Moines, Gearing, just recently unlocked the Research Lab, & thanks to the steel earned making it to Storm during the T6 CB bought my first T10 Coal Ship the ridiculously entertaining Thunderer the fire breathing wonder. Other things to note, I'm proficient enough to have ranked out last 3v3 sprint using the IOWA. Currently ranked 9 or 10 this season mostly with the Thunderer and Gearing. I can't for the life of me figure out how to play CA's or CL's my statistics will reflect that. I'm equally comfortable in BB's & DD's. I would liken my skill level to that of a entry level competitive player. IMO my biggest deficiency that's holding me back and keeping me from being better than I am or as good as I would like to be. Without a doubt have to be Map Sense, & simply the lack of good ole hands on experience. Most of my competition out there have several or more years experience on me, so any wisdom you might be able to impart on me to help bridge or mitigate that gap in skill level would be most welcome.