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  1. Draperk148

    Krasny Krym Stats AND Ships like her

    If you like Dallas, Helena is even more fun. :)
  2. Draperk148

    Light Cruiser Captain Build

    What would be the optimum 19 point light cruiser captain build sailing US and CCCP light cruisers for PVP matches? Is PM and or LS important? The Captain is Alex O so he can sail both lines. Currently he is PT, EM, AR, DE, CE, and IFHE. Thanks in advance for your help and opinions.
  3. Draperk148

    Helena — American Tier VII cruiser.

    I would be interested in the answer to this question as well?
  4. Thank you all for the very helpful information and advice. Looks like Boise and Wichita are the consensus. I have enough XP to score Helena now but I think I'll spend some more time in Dallas and Pensacola. Thanks again
  5. I have worked the USA cruiser line to T6 Dallas and Pensacola, almost ready to get Helena and have been considering a premium US cruiser to help with commander growth that I would enjoy playing also. So far I like the play of Dallas a bit more than the Pensacola but it is close and like playing them both. I play a lot of coop at the moment, but occasionally random also which I suspect will increase as I get more experienced. Initially I thought Atlanta was the way to go as a tweener because I like the DD play ( I play Benson, Oland, Gnevny, and Blyska quite a bit) but lately I been leaning towards Indianapolis. The highest tier I have is T8 Benson. So I am undecided and looking for opinions on Atlanta, Indy, Boise, Witchita, Alaska (kinda spendy), or Marblehead? I do have the Albany veteran's premium but honestly its not too much fun to play. Thanks, Draper
  6. Draperk148

    V-E Day Fleet of the Winners Event

  7. Draperk148

    Do not buy MAINZ!!!!! Save your money!!!

    I picked it up because I don't have any cruisers above t5 (I am new and play DD primarily) and I needed a T8 cruiser for a the new EU Strong Willed campaign. My impression of this ship so far, though limited, is it can be fun. The gun fire rate is right up there with my Benson DD w/ BFT, with more damage, and the fire setting is insane. The biggest negative I see is concealment, so I have to hide behind rocks or BB's :) and maneuver. It has a bad rap for speed and rudder but honestly it doesn't seem to much different then Murmansk, a bit slower is all. PT, AR, DE, CE where the first 10..we shall see where it goes from here, but so far it seems like a fun but challenging ship to sail. It seems to have pretty good AA also. Still haven't purchased upgrades yet, wanted to see how she rolls first. It seems pretty solid, my 2 cents.
  8. Draperk148

    Swedish DDs Captain skills

    Thanks that makes sense.
  9. Draperk148

    Swedish DDs Captain skills

    Why do so few DD builds seem to include PM? It seems essential to me? Doesn't stack with LS and ship mods or? Maybe I am biased because in coop (which I play most) it seems first thing bots do with their super god like accuracy is take out engine and steering. First 10 for me PM, LS, SE, CE. I am also debating SI, TA, or taking a DE? I know this is commander build thread, but what are folks thoughts on taking aiming systems or torp mod in the EU ship builds? I took torps mod on Visby, and aiming systems on Vasteras and Skane, now with Oland I am kinda undecided which is better since they are all torp oriented ships. I do use guns a lot to get out of jams and take on DD that charge.
  10. Draperk148

    Commonwealth DD tech line proposal

    I like it :)
  11. Draperk148

    Swedish DDs

    More speed Scotty, without smoke you need more speed T7 especially.
  12. Draperk148

    I Give up capping and spotting

  13. Draperk148

    What are European DDs Like?

    Overall I like the line and find them fun and different to play, but like the reviewer above find it pretty mediocre compared to USN DD of same tier or Haida and Blys. I don't have much experience with the other DD lines, and I have only played t5 through t7 in Euro with a 14 point commander. Without smoke they need a bit more speed in my opinion, not a lot, just a couple or three knots or reduce the speed reduction when turning maybe. They feel a little slow. The torp range, reload, and speeds are cool, but the damage on the torps needs a little bit of a buff. Detection range is middle of pack, ok. I cant hit anything with Visby guns, better with the other two ships, though I am not an expert marksman anyway. AA is awesome in my experience, the CV stop sending planes close enough to you after you shoot down 30 or 40. I was hoping to get more before the end of event but looks like t7 will be it.
  14. Draperk148

    EU DD Event Part 4 Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    I got the T5 after the first phase, t6 after phase 3 (what's is up with no polish flag or commander, it is a polish Navy Ship!?). I finished phase 4, mostly 10s and a couple 40s, not nearly enough to get the t7 ship.. 370 left total after finishing 4...sigh. I rolled the dice and got a good lot of token so picked up Skane, which I must say I like the best of the three. Now I'm grinding the camo. :) I find the DD line fund to play.
  15. 1293 Co-op 497 random. I would likely play less random if campaigns and missions didn't require them, and the XP was a bit better. I also especially like the angry bots that show up on weekends. :)