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  1. Draperk148

    PTS 0.10.3

    Axis VS Allies Can't fill with bots. Axis seems to always have 1/2 bots when Allies has full people team. Don't limit it too tier 8. Maybe make this game mode and maps campaign based on historical naval battles as well as new created ones that could have happened or should have happened, and limit the ships accordingly based on year and battles? Dock I still can't see the dock. It took my tokens and I can hear the music but see a black screen is all.
  2. Draperk148

    Bots are cheating

    I've observed this numerous times. In fact I have been sunk by a BOT main battery pointed in the opposite direction of my ship more then once. Like others have said these bots have magical abilities quite often.
  3. Draperk148

    Italian Battleships: Early Access

    What's the answer to this?
  4. Draperk148

    190ms+ pings and extreme stutters...

    Why does everyone let WoWs off the hook for this? Its not just a few users. What is the common thread? Wows servers. PING check earlier today on the NA East and West indicated latency issues 250 + the first check and 1500+ when a ran it again. I can run several games 100fps and 30-35ms Ping then next few stupid ping variances. Have not had this issue in last 9 months and use same service and equipment. Everything checks out on my end. So what gives?
  5. Draperk148


    Same PING issues here. It appears this is a wargaming NA server issue. I did a PING check of the NA East and NA West servers earlier today and both had latency issues 200's and then second check had both over 1500. The communication issues can be on either end of the connection. It appears to be on wargaming's end in the case.
  6. I know the IJN tech tree has a lot of DD's but the premiums seem to enter the game for a brief moment and are no longer available. ?? How about a couple mid tier premium IJN DD's (V, VI, VII) that actually remain accessible in the game. Yes, I am aware of the T6 Shininome. Lots of historical ships available for new ones or just make previous ones available every so often. While your considering that there seems to be a shortage of IJN commanders in the armory as compared to other nations that could use some consideration as well. Plenty of options for other line DD's. Thanks for your consideration.
  7. Draperk148

    Summer Sale in the Premium Shop and Armory!

    Kinda cheesy WOWS when your talking a total of 15 tokens.
  8. B C hulls have same stats on tool tip? Looks like have to buy both hulls to unlock Bayern and gain nothing by doing so except loss of coin and xp?
  9. Draperk148

    USS Minnesota (BB-22) for T2

  10. Draperk148

    Why would I want Tallinn over Chapayev?

    Thank you for the video and information.
  11. Draperk148

    Why would I want Tallinn over Chapayev?

    yes AP is priority.
  12. I am probably missing something and comparing apples to oranges, but after playing both ships I am wondering why I would want Tallinn VS Chapayev. The Chapy handles better, seems to be better armored, is more concealable, and the difference in AA in practice is negligible. The 180's of Tallinn don't seem to be a big boost, and the pimp my ride perm camo is meh with no option of more subdued without buying it (the quest should be for both IMO)? Can someone clue me in please?
  13. Draperk148

    Krasny Krym Stats AND Ships like her

    If you like Dallas, Helena is even more fun. :)
  14. Draperk148

    Light Cruiser Captain Build

    What would be the optimum 19 point light cruiser captain build sailing US and CCCP light cruisers for PVP matches? Is PM and or LS important? The Captain is Alex O so he can sail both lines. Currently he is PT, EM, AR, DE, CE, and IFHE. Thanks in advance for your help and opinions.
  15. Draperk148

    Helena — American Tier VII cruiser.

    I would be interested in the answer to this question as well?