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  1. DingDongers

    Wierd Screen Freezing

    I know how it feels, whatever i change some settings or i download some other World of Warships related Apps. My Game Screen always freezes whenever i start a battle after i do some of that stuff.
  2. DingDongers

    Season 17 ranked.

    Well i can say this. I've been mainly and only been playing the North Carolina in Rank Battles. It's not bad and it's fun playing the North Carolina, well of course in my own opinion. If you want to play the North Carolina in Rank Battles then you need to learn how to use it and how to really play it in Rank Battles. One small choice can impact the entirety of the Battle, but yes of course you can play the North Carolina in your own way and if it works i guess then play it that way but don't be blind to any changes.