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  1. Jamesjoseph67


  2. Jamesjoseph67

    Public Test - 0.9.6 - German Carriers

    Holy Hallelujah! Have you ever played "PINATA" in WoW? It's a blast especially when three Cruisers of your own TEAM are constantly ramming and blocking your Battleship at the beginning of the Battle... Even forcing the Battleship out of any defensive positioning with the enemy!!! LOL :) Truly it was one of my most favorite battles! Holy, Holy, Holy Hallelujah! is the "PINATA" of yois totally unaware that
  3. Jamesjoseph67

    Public Test - 0.9.6 - German Carriers

    Holy Hallelujah... So far so good, well done for the moment lol :)
  4. Mr. Fodder...
    I truly enjoy your enthusiastic love for the game!

    And I found something within the 0.9.5 SUB battles that the programing could  NOT comprehend let alone reveal on the screen!!!
    (Wish it was recorded)

    The first time I killed a SUB with a Battleship...

    As the battle slowly turned in my teams' favor and frustrated with the constant harassment by the enemies SUB...

    The Cuban Missle crises echoed in the back of my head as I chose to use the tactic and it WORKED!!!  

    I sat on top of a SUB and maneuvered as she did!
    Even as she dove deep, the Battleship was always close enough to maneuver right back on top of her!

    Finally, the Captain had no choice but  surface!

    When she dove deep for the last time...
    SUDDENLY the screen went crazy with a very loud BOOM!

    When the dust cleared, the Battleship was thrown backward with only 1/2 of her hit points left!!! 

    Ohhh... at 3/4 speed forward, the battleship "BAYERN" was thrown her LENGTH backward!

    I thought you would find this interesting!
    And a challenge... lol

    Holy, Holy, Holy Hallelujah!

    World of Warships Screenshot 2020.05.27 -

    World of Warships Screenshot 2020.05.27 -

    World of Warships Screenshot 2020.05.28 -

  5. Jamesjoseph67

    The Big Stick, continued service post WW2

    bing.com bing.com bing.com bing.com bing.com I don't own USS IOWA until she's released from "DRYDOCK" :) Holy Hallelujah! Jamesjoseph67... :) bing.com
  6. Jamesjoseph67

    US Tenth Fleet

    Holy Hallelujah! I stumbled upon this contest by accident... Way cool... lol Jamesjoseph67... Thank you!
  7. Jamesjoseph67

    New NA Community Manager :)

    Hello... If I may... So you are the Grownup among a bunch of overstimulated KIDS (Staff). LOL Greetings and always have fun !
  8. Jamesjoseph67

    Premium Ship Review: Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya

    Thank You... Excellent review in a nonbias manner of pros & cons... But... Before buying a car or pickup... WE TAKE THEM OUT FOR A TEST DRIVE!!! So why can't we do the same with WoW, WoT??? Just a thought...
  9. Jamesjoseph67

    Daily Shipments question

    Greetings... The problem I have with "daily" shipments... My regular online game does NOT have them! Except when signing into the Public Test... I'm blessed with "daily" shipments!!! How do I fix this error! Plus the fact that redeemed CODES, even confirmed Codes never manifest their gifts as promised! Need help! Thank you for your time and patients! Jamesjoseph67... NA Ivnz7I0Fo&feature=push-lbrm&attr_tag=atIMnPM0MO2lMxKv%3A6