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  1. bing.com bing.com bing.com bing.com bing.com I don't own USS IOWA until she's released from "DRYDOCK" :) Holy Hallelujah! Jamesjoseph67... :) bing.com
  2. Jamesjoseph67

    Public Test - 0.9.4 - Part 2 -Bugs Report

    Holy Hallelujah... BUGS that literally pretend to be FIXED, depends upon our perception of "HOT DOGS". lol
  3. Jamesjoseph67

    US Tenth Fleet

    Holy Hallelujah! I stumbled upon this contest by accident... Way cool... lol Jamesjoseph67... Thank you!
  4. Jamesjoseph67

    New NA Community Manager :)

    Hello... If I may... So you are the Grownup among a bunch of overstimulated KIDS (Staff). LOL Greetings and always have fun !
  5. Jamesjoseph67

    Premium Ship Review: Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya

    Thank You... Excellent review in a nonbias manner of pros & cons... But... Before buying a car or pickup... WE TAKE THEM OUT FOR A TEST DRIVE!!! So why can't we do the same with WoW, WoT??? Just a thought...
  6. Jamesjoseph67

    Daily Shipments question

    Greetings... The problem I have with "daily" shipments... My regular online game does NOT have them! Except when signing into the Public Test... I'm blessed with "daily" shipments!!! How do I fix this error! Plus the fact that redeemed CODES, even confirmed Codes never manifest their gifts as promised! Need help! Thank you for your time and patients! Jamesjoseph67... NA Ivnz7I0Fo&feature=push-lbrm&attr_tag=atIMnPM0MO2lMxKv%3A6