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  1. <<Introduction>> This mod changes the skin of SALEM to hololive english vtuber '"Ninomae Ina'nis" look. <<Preview & Download Link>> [Download] <<Installation>> 1.Download the zip file from the URL above 2.Unzip the zip file and open 3.copy "PnFMods" and "PnFModsLoader.py" into bin/{the largest numbered folder}/res_mods/ <<Uninstallation>> Delete each mod's folder in the PnFMods folder. Warning : If you have installed another mod of the same type, deleting the PnFMods folder or PnFModsLoader.py will make them inoperable. <<Changelogs>> 2022/05/02 Submit Topic
  2. grain_unga_na

    Modding Ship Model Tool: COMPLETE!

    Hello, I'm making a skin mod in Asia. I'm not familiar with modeling so I added a simple plate to the model to try it out. It's an awesome tool because I never knew how to edit a 3d model before.