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    Twitch Link

    Pissed at WG support... Free container upon linking accounts.. -wait 3 days for a response about free container on link, response: "for Twitch containers, you have a chance of getting them when watching streams" yea no [edited] i can read, what about linking accounts where it says 'For linking your accounts, you will receive a special Twitch Welcome achievement and one of those fancy Twitch containers, too.' ??????? reply, another 2 days later: "to receive a container you need to watch the stream. There is no mistake in this case. You need to watch a stream until the drops will be credited. " [edited] i hate ignorance, lets see what happens in another 3 days
  3. I got this patch (actually got 1 and 2) after about the 5th battle (asian server last week) . had a good battle early on in the peace, now im over in NA server and cant replicate. Is this for something else? am i missing something??
  4. KubsnazX

    How to assign captains to new ships?

    where does one put a 9 point russian commander? if i put on a t2, do i have to pay to release him or what?
  5. KubsnazX

    Explosive lag on a $3,000 dollar computer

    10 years entire rig bar GTX and SSD.. Ryzen on the cards , but meh... Killin it already.. 60 frames, yes
  6. KubsnazX

    Explosive lag on a $3,000 dollar computer

    all the gear and no idea updated a 10 year old 2600k rig with a cheap 1080gtx... 60 frames on max settings...