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    One of them .... Just one please

    Protected how ? (I will swap to random now) I play anything beside carrier - Italien cruiser - Pan-Asia destroyer - french battleship/cruiser - england battleship/cruiser - germany battleship/cruiser/destroyer - japan battleship/cruiser/destroyer US battleship/cruiser/destroyer of cause low level, as I am noob - I have some premium ships Tirpitz and Texas is the "pride" of the premium fleet
  2. ArchangelTheGray

    One of them .... Just one please

    I agree that a player with under 50 battles under the belt, is in no way qualified to take on the carrier role in Random Battle. As explained I will not buy any premium ships before I have a chance to evaluate patch 0.9.1 Any training will be in Co-Op Battle, in fact I plan on 300+ rounds of Co-Op before Random. I will only train one nations Carrier, and that's why I want one T8 Premium Carrier as captain trainer and credit maker, so it kind of rules the germans out, as they haven't a Carrier in their Tech-Tree, but the Graf Zeppelin are so pretty Love your input, keep them coming - Archangel the Gray
  3. ArchangelTheGray

    One of them .... Just one please

    Hello Sailors and Captains Without much fuzz, which Carrier and a short opinion why. German VIII GRAF ZEPPELIN US VIII SAIPAN Japans VIII KAGA British VIII INDOMITABLE Are the contenders. I'm holding back any purchase until WG show us what 0.9.1 brings, the "new" upgrades/modifications is not something I condone, and the rumors about spotting torpedos earlier is game breaking for me. Hope you guys will help me out, finding the one Carrier - Archangel the Gray (Or as it should have been The Gray Archangel, but too late to fix that)
  4. Hello good people, I need a bit of help Can you invite me to the game using the recruiting station, so both of us can claim rewards If this post is in the wrong place, I'm sorry there is no "New Player Questions" sub forum I hope someone will throw me an invite - ArchangelTheGray