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    New Ship Proposal: SMS Blucher

    Thanks a lot.
  2. Commander_Soresh

    New Ship Proposal: SMS Blucher

    Ah I see. So, forgive me for asking, but how does one un-embed them?
  3. Commander_Soresh

    New Ship Proposal: SMS Blucher

    It's been well over half a year since the German battlecruisers were introduced to WoWs and so I have been wondering whether more WWI ships can be added, notably armored cruisers (a more durable but slower variant of ordinary cruisers). Among these of course, there is the Blucher, the German Empire's final Armored Cruiser which sank at the Battle of Dogger Bank after being pounded with nearly 100 large caliber shells from numerous British battlecruisers. As I see it, the Blucher can be classified in game as a semi-cruiser, rather like the Panzerschiffe/Pocket Battleship Admiral Graf Spee, with similar characteristics (large healthpool and guns, torpedoes etc). However, I feel that putting her at Tier VII would be a rather large blunder, as most fast battleships (Gneis, Ashitaka etc) appear at this stage. Couple that with the prevalence of higher-tier CVs as well as matchmaking and we have a rather powerful Tier VI capital ship. HP: 35000 (Slightly less than Tier III battleship Nassau) Torpedo damage reduction: 12% Armament: 6x 2 210mm guns (10 sec reload, 6 degree/sec traverse) in a hexagonal arrangement with one on the bow and one on the stern and two pairs of wing turrets on either side; 8 x 150mm casemate-mounted secondary guns; 16 x 88mm guns in casemates and pivotal mounts; 2 x 1 450mm torpedo tubes on each side (note: I did not include the bow and stern tubes) Armor: Deck 50mm-70mm Belt 80mm-180mm (approx.) Turrets 180mm Secondaries 140mm Conning Tower 250mm Citadel 160mm Anti-Air: 4 x 88 mm dual-purpose mounts (Yes, that’s it) Speed: 26 knts Agility: 14sec rudder shift; 850m turning circle Concealment:Surface 12km Air 6.5km Seeing all this one might wonder if this ship is OP for Tier VI. However, as you can see, the ship barely manages to have a slightly higher speed than most BBs in her matchmaking spread (I am not even going to mention Kongo and company) and turns like a woolly mammoth with a broken leg; what’s more, the anti-air would be laughable at Tier IV and despite the thick armor, the Blucher will have a high-water citadel which can easily be penetrated by battleship-caliber guns. In addition, the rather archaic layout of her turrets means that unlike the Pensacola, the Blucher will have at most 8 guns on target (which are slightly less accurate than the average KM cruiser). Thus you will see that the Blucher will primarily be a close-range cruiser-hunter. The relatively fast turret traverse along with the 10 second reload as well as the formidable secondaries and the torpedoes with 30 second reload time will make the Blucher a nightmare for any CA she comes across (though the cruisers can also spam HE at her weakly armored extremities and superstructure). Please let me know what you think of this proposal, thanks!