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  1. Lose_dudes

    Your favorite shipgirl?

    Oh, gee, my car too?
  2. Lose_dudes

    Your favorite shipgirl?

    I read Chinese... I see... MY WHOLE LIFE WAS A *sob* LIE Well, that explains where my car went.
  3. Lose_dudes

    Your favorite shipgirl?

    Can you explain the joke? I don't get it
  4. Lose_dudes

    Your favorite shipgirl?

    I mean, Ark Royal is still much better. When you compare matchlocks to stone tools, the matchlock wins, right?
  5. Lose_dudes

    Your favorite shipgirl?

    Wow you have good taste!
  6. Lose_dudes

    Your favorite shipgirl?

    Ark Royal, for those few fortunate people who don't know yet. Yours?
  7. Lose_dudes

    Premium Ship PREVIEW - HMCS Yukon

    I want a Monty Python Commander for my Campbelton
  8. Lose_dudes

    People dont like CV's even on your own team.

    Lol, stealth torp dd are invincible... with cv you at least can see the planes coming and position. There is NO COUNTER to stealth Asian dd except turn and hope only 1 torp hit. There is no counterplay to stealth torp dd... he has much more torps and near infinite tries.... hell you cant even shoot his torps like you can with planes.
  9. Lose_dudes

    People dont like CV's even on your own team.

    It is a counter.... How do you counter shells? If it is a dd hiding in a smoke you cannot counter, just dodge
  10. Lose_dudes

    People dont like CV's even on your own team.

    Play a CV, then you will know how to counter. Turn bow on to rocket planes and torp bombers, and sideways to bombers. Then you will understand CV pros and cons instead of crying about 3000 lost health from a bomb.
  11. Lose_dudes


    You missed the part where the mafia put land mines in your driveway, and how you should always tape down the pyramid on the dollar bills
  12. Lose_dudes

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Bottle rocket
  13. Lose_dudes

    What's the Gift?

    I ignored it. Cell phones are secret devices built by the government to track you and what you do. You have a cell phone goodbye to your liberty. WG helping gov spread them like virus
  14. Marco polo: Ridiculously overpowered pay2win or Scummy scam boat wg cash grab