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  1. Legio_IV_Flavia_Felix

    What draws you to your favorite WOWS stream?

    Mostly for personality and sometimes some tips in the background while I'm playing, despite the time difference. They're also pretty engaged with chat and not just responding to the same couple subs: Calibury Jamdearest CarbineCarlito PointyHairedJedi
  2. Legio_IV_Flavia_Felix

    0.9.10 PTS Bug Reports

    1. Description Victories not counting toward first win/daily container XP 2. How to reproduce Ran two co-op battles with Oland, upgrades/modules, premium camo and all 15 pts used on captain - both victories 3. Result "Always Courageous" containers were present, opened first to start collecting. Then noticed 0/2000 daily xp counted and double xp bonus till on Oland. Ran third co-op battle which completed mission toward 10x Type 6 camo. This victory finally counted toward daily XP, removed first win bonus. The next co-op battle in the Lightning which also counted toward XP/bonus, and earned first daily container. Minor in the grand scheme of things, but just so it's on your radar :)
  3. Legio_IV_Flavia_Felix

    The Mighty Jingles...

    I've only gotten him myself, but would love it if "if it's stupid but it works" played on the It's Just a Flesh Wound Achievements.
  4. Legio_IV_Flavia_Felix

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Whomping Willow
  5. Legio_IV_Flavia_Felix

    Can't load Armory.

    Thanks for the web link, all. Been having more issues with it in game recently, good to know there's a workaround.
  6. Legio_IV_Flavia_Felix

    Anchors Away Tour 2020 - Master Thread

    Got my refund/postponement emails as well. Keeping an eye out for a new date!
  7. Legio_IV_Flavia_Felix

    Forum Game - Word Association

    To Serve Man
  8. Legio_IV_Flavia_Felix

    Forum Game - Word Association

    The Shinning ;)
  9. Legio_IV_Flavia_Felix

    Forum Game - Word Association

  10. Happy to help with this one!
  11. Legio_IV_Flavia_Felix

    Forum Game - Word Association

  12. Legio_IV_Flavia_Felix

    Forum Game - Word Association

  13. Legio_IV_Flavia_Felix

    Help a Friend – win a Ship!

    Newer player so I could use a way to get a cosmetic flag (only have Valentine's and Year of the Cat, but haven't used), and maybe get a friend to stick with the game in the process.
  14. Legio_IV_Flavia_Felix

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Flintlock pistol
  15. Legio_IV_Flavia_Felix

    Oh Ye of Little Faith!

    Sometimes being wrong can be good. Well done!