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  1. Yellow_Weasel

    Please fix low tier AI CV bot's!

    Okay so I changed things up, taking what someone said about being the first spotted I sat back at the beginning. Never was detected, CV came right at me in a b-line and hovered his planes over me all match. Well if this is how the game is then I just might take my time elsewhere...if CV's get worst than the game isn't fun, why play something that isn't fun?
  2. Yellow_Weasel

    Please fix low tier AI CV bot's!

    I face some humans, just figured there wasn't enough queuing at low tiers. Well regardless of any "Protective" status it doesn't change what I'm asking. Change the AI so that it don't pick on one DD for the whole game without anything one could do. Other humans are seeing me and focusing me because they can always see me...REAL fun let me tell you.
  3. Yellow_Weasel

    Please fix low tier AI CV bot's!

    Well that is discouraging...well at least with human CV's I hope they get bored when I smoke up and move on.
  4. Hey WeeGee, Can you change the BOT AI for CV's? All they do is pick one DD at the beginning and head right at him regardless if they are spotted or not and harass him the WHOLE DAMN GAME. DD sits in smoke, planes hover over the smoke cloud and continues. Yeah yeah I know they don't normally hit anything but as a low level DD beginning the game it is annoying to not get the opportunity to utilize your stealth to move about the map tactfully with out these buzzards ALWAYS AROUND. No I'm not talking about Co_Op's that one I can avoid, it's the low tier randoms that spawn two AI CV's (for some dumb reason)