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  1. I quit modding for a while because I don't have time to play WoWs.
  2. *ImportantI put the wrong files at Mediafire. Maybe you should download them again, sorry!
  3. [] + Add ship previews [Z-31, Iowa, Missouri, Alabama VL, Boise, New Orleans]
  4. [] + Add skip-bomber image
  5. [] + Add Germany, Italy commander images
  6. [] + Add Black ship previews + Add France commander images * Change top panel image * Change result image * Correct wrong notation Gnevy to Gnevny
  7. [] + Add ship previews * Change top panel images * Change concept for Halloween Enjoy
  8. [] + Add Pan-Asia, Russia, Germany, Japan, USA, UK, France ship previews * Change Map previews
  9. [] + Add Campaign images * Change Commander images / Pan-Asia, Japan, Germany, USA, UK * Change In-Game icons * Change Top panel images * Change Result Screen - Remove Login Video Clean your hands and wear fabric mask to protect COVID -19
  10. Thanks! At first, I also made non-chibi previews. But I couldn't find much difference from Garfield's Kantai Collection Mod. So, I recommend to use my mod with Garfield's mod.
  11. [] + Add Modernization icons + Add aircraft icons * Change Consumable icons * Change Top panel images * Change Germany commander images
  12. I know Kirov image is in AL data, but I only put SD character in ship preview. So I'll put it in if Kirov SD files come
  13. [] + Add Module icons+ Add login video* Change Greece battle tiers IX~X to VII~X
  14. Okay It takes time, but I'll do my best I made some sample images, but It's too similar you uploaded. Sry