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    I've done some outside reading. How can an explosive shell have zero chance of starting a fire? The common terminology for rounds that don't explode (and cause fires) is "shot". The term "shell" implies explosion. WG should change the shells from SAP to SAPHE and give these ships a chance to deal damage. Like everyone else I'm tired of firing a scattering of pebbles at my enemies. This is from wikipedia: Common terms (and acronyms) for modern AP and SAP shells are: (HEI-BF) High-explosive incendiary (Base Fuze) (SAPHE) Semi-armor piercing high-explosive (SAPHEI) Semi-armor piercing high-explosive incendiary (SAPHEI-T) Semi-armor piercing high-explosive incendiary tracer
  2. Astatguy

    Premium Ship Review: Kii

    Had I read the reviews prior to purchasing my KII I probably would have gone in a different direction. Now that I've owned her for several months I can report that I love the ship. She's easy to play and spews credits like an ATM. My play style is very simple, cruise at distance, stay angled, and blow stuff up. Did I mention I love this ship?
  3. I served in the US Army from 1971 to 1975 as a medivac medic with the 3rd Infantry Division. My service wasn't voluntary, but I'm proud to have served and happy to see servicemen getting the respect they deserve now. The tremendous responsibility I had during my service meant that, unlike many of my peers, I never had to deal with stress in my subsequent career in business.
  4. I like the new rules. My experience has been that I normally receive friendly fire at lower tiers from lesser-skilled players. I shouldn't be punished because other players' mistakes. I haven't seen anywhere near as much malicious friendly fire as when players just fire into skirmishes.
  5. I also have the T4 and wish I were getting tokens instead of credits, but the ship was free. Like Magiecool, I don't criticize free. I also participated in the American Battleship event and got a Kansas. Not long after the event I had enough ship xp on the Kansas to buy the Minnesota without using any fxp, so my only expense, other than my Kansas play time, was credits. So the credits I get for the T4 will at least help me upgrade from the highest tier I get with tokens. Unlike others, I buy a lot of ships and don't have a gajillion credits.
  6. I'm a relatively new player and I really enjoy the Anchorage. I've played the German cruiser line and use a similar play style with the Anchorage. I learned WoWs playing battleships and had to adjust to being lightly armored, but nimble. The Anchorage requires one's full attention because it's all about situation awareness - setting up good ones (and escaping bad ones) using islands, smoke and angles. There's a good video on Twitch about Anchorage being a division boat, and I agree.
  7. The grind was easy so I got the Kansas. I think they were afraid the 4x3 would be too strong so they made the reload about a week long. I spend most of my Kansas battles laughing at how awful it is. If you treat it with kid gloves, keep it healed and fires under control it is, however, hard to sink.
  8. When the Princeton blew up it caused massive casualties and injuries on it and the Birmingham. The Birmingham could still maneuver and went to the Naval base in the New Hebrides to pick up medical personnel to join her on a speed run to San Francisco to get the injured to a proper hospital. A speed run is a straight-line course with no zig-zagging to avoid submarine torpedoes, so it was a volunteer mission. (A good way to die in WoWs is to execute a speed run. lol) I'm proud to say my father was a medic who volunteered for that speed run and spent several days caring for the injured around the clock. My father told me that he volunteered because it was a chance to get back to the States to see his family. His sister was a nurse at the hospital in San Francisco. I learned the full story about this when I took a group of Boy Scouts to spend the night on the USS Alabama, which served with the USS Birmingham. When I told my Dad about the Princeton blowing up he said all he knew was the ship was full of injured and badly burned sailors. Trivia: The New Hebrides has since been renamed, "Vanuatu", and was the fictional setting for the play, "South Pacific".
  9. Astatguy

    Best Cruiser in Each Tier

    The Huanghe and her sister ship, Perth, have unique characteristics from other cruisers that dictate a unique play style. If one tries to play them like a "normal" cruiser they're meh. If you load your commander with smoke skills and play their creeping smoke they will give you monster games. The Graf Spee is half cruiser and battleship, and these two cruisers are half cruiser and destroyer and should be played as such.
  10. I read that some veterans don't feel entitled to extra benefits because they don't want extra recognition for service they were proud to perform. I'm a Vietnam veteran and I didn't volunteer, but responded when my country called. Soldiers in that era were subjected to public scorn and ridicule, whether volunteer or not. During my civilian career when I traveled for work I was proud to see current soldiers get ovations in airports and be given premium seats and exit times in airplanes. I'm happy to see any veteran be recognized for their service, because whether volunteer or not, they sacrificed for the common good of the people of their country. Thank you, WOWS.