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  1. MidwayBestWaifu

    Which DD Is The Best DD Hunter At Tier 9 and 10?

    Black is good against DDs like smaland because she has a radar
  2. Feuerja is a very good player, I have met him 4 times, he was on the enemy team in all games and only won 1 game, in 2 games i was playing with my friends tangdou1 and lovelytiantian, the 3 of us are very good at carrying teams but we lost both games because the 1st one had one of our woosters die early, the 2nd game we had like average or bad players and the enemy team had very good players and Feuerja is in the supertester program because in the 2nd time i met him he was using the cristofo colombo wich is a t10 BB not released yet. Imagine me, lovelytiantian and tangdou1 on a team with good players, feuerja on the enemy team and the enemy team has good players to see if a very good 3 person division could win against a very good supertester that is on the enemy team and both teams have good players. Feuerja would simply win because most supertesters including him are extremly good at carrying teams to victory.
  3. MidwayBestWaifu

    Which DD Is The Best DD Hunter At Tier 9 and 10?

    Best t10 DDs for enemy DD fighting in my opinion DDs: Smaland, Marceau, Kleber with main battery reload booster, Harugumo, Daring, Yueyang, Halland and Gearing
  4. This is a topic that explains why midway is broken in the game with her legendary upgrade, First the legendary upgrade increaseas damage caused by bombs by 1120 and increases dive bomber speed by 14 knots, the faster speed means the dive bombers will get to a closer altitude wich means more bomb hits on DDs and since the DB (dive bomber) alpha strike is higher the alpha strike is higher on DDs and most times when i attack DDs with midway's legendary upgraded dive bombers i do 6-11k wich is alot on DDs, So if you are a DD player and if the enemy CV is a midway then becareful because the midway might have the legendary upgrade. Destroying DDs is always important because DDs can provide spotting for the enemy team and since they are small they are hard to hit wich means that a ship can easily waste time on them and not do the damage needed. Midway with her legendary upgrade i think makes her better than FDR because Midway can quickly kill a enemy DD with her legendary upgrade and FDR is almost innefective against DDs because her rocket planes have no fighters to keep a DD perma spotted and her DBs unlike other american CVs carpet bomb like the british CVs wich means the DBs are innefective against DDs. All reasons why midway's legendary upgraded DBs are very effective on DDs: 1. Higher bomb damage 2. closer altitude, meaning more bomb hits 3. US CVs except for Enterprise carry HE bombs that deal high damage and have high speed so their DBs can strike DDs.
  5. MidwayBestWaifu

    Lucky win with audacious

    In a match when i was using audacious playing with my division mates tangdou1 and lovelytiantian the enemy CV was a FDR (franklin d roosevelt) and audacious is the worst t10 CV for competitive because her attacks can easily be dodged but tangdou was using shikishima wich is a very good t10 BB for competitive mode. tangdou is a very good player, im a good CV player but the FDR that was in the battle dosent look like a smart CV player and is mediocore in CV it looks like because he got 1 kill, 5th place on his team but i didnt see survivalbility expert on him and he decided to go close to lovelytiantian. my team won because of tangdou using shikishima and the FDR being mediocore at CVs. I didnt need to bring my manfred von richthofen because im good at CVs, that FDR is medicore at CVs and i guess that battle prooved that a good CV player using a audacious could carry a team if the enemy CV is a FDR and if the FDR is mediocore or bad at CVs.
  6. MidwayBestWaifu

    Graf Zeppelin is dying

    i think they made her have very bad concealment because her secondaries are so accurate and WG probrably dosent want a GZ to use his secondaries. GZ's secondaries have a really decent maximum 97 mm dispersion wich is a 200 iq design by WG.
  7. MidwayBestWaifu

    Weekly CV report

    Midway is losing win rate and damage on the NA server because CVs are most player's least favorite type, since midway is a american CV shes the most t10 CV popular on the NA server, lexington and midway players Go for HVARs now instead of TTs (tiny tims) now but midway's HVARs are bad because they are so innacurate, TTs are still better but Lexington's HVAR is much more accurate than midway's HVAR wich makes her HVARs better than midway's HVAR and her TTs. A way to fix midway's bad win rate on the NA server is to make all her players use TTs, use stock torpedo bombers and use the commander alexander ovechkin. Alexander ovechkin is very good on midway because he has an enhanced survivalbility expert and most midway players use stock torpedo bombers because 6/6 with upgraded torpedo bombers are so hard because they have long arming time and slow aiming but stock torpedo bombers is much easier to get 4/4 hits because it has faster arming time and faster aiming.
  8. in a match when i was using hakuryu i launched by attack aircraft and i attacked a Z-52 and detonated him when he was at like full hp but for some reason it didnt give me the devastating strike medal. Hakuryu's rockets detonating a DD is kinda internesting, let me know if you were in a DD and if you were detonated by rockets by a CV and also why dont you think it didnt give me the devestating strike medal? the Z-52 had more than 50% hp.
  9. MidwayBestWaifu

    Graf Zeppelin is dying

    you are incorrect, although her rockets do high damage the rocket nerf was a serious nerf to her, the rockets can now easily be dodged and WG nerfed her bombs that they now have low hit rate and the only buff to her bombs is the aiming speed.
  10. MidwayBestWaifu

    Weekly CV report

    this is the line of t10 CVs for competitive mode 1st place: Manfred von richthofen 2nd place: Franklin D roosevelt 3rd place: Hakuryu 4th place: Midway 5th place: Audacious Manfred von richthofen is better than FDR in competitive thanks to higher alpha strike and FDR's only advantage is her plane HP pool, despite hakuryu getting nerfed many times shes still better than midway in competitive, Midway is better than audacious because she has higher alpha strike and audacious is the worst t10 CV because her attacks can easily be dodged because she has long fall time bombs and although the rockets are fast the attack aircraft can easily be dodged because they are slow.
  11. FDR (franklin d roosevelt) CVs are really killing you but dont worry if theres no CV that is better at winning games than FDR, theres one CV that is better than FDR at winning games and it is MVR (manfred von richthofen) MVR can easily defend itself against FDR's planes because FDR's biggest issue is fighters because FDR's planes are slow and you need to wait 25 secs to attack again and MVR can easily kill FDR because MVR can citadel FDR with AP rockets and she has faster planes and you dont need to wait long to attack again with MVR's planes. So just incase if you are afraid of facing a FDR, use a just incase if your enemy has a FDR and focus on the FDR with your fast planes and also its easy to kill a midway or FDR with MVR because MVR has AP rockets that can citadel t10 CVs and she has fast planes, you can snipe other t10 CVs with MVR like hakuryu or audacious or another MVR but the enemy t10 CV must be in proper position. Its impossible to kill a enemy MVR with MVR because MVR has a under water citadel. MVR is better at winning games than FDR because FDR has very slow planes and the only good thing with FDR in competitive is her plane hp pool and MVR is better in competitive because of her alpha strike and plane speed. I hope this topic has helped you know what to do if theres a enemy FDR.
  12. MidwayBestWaifu

    Graf Zeppelin is dying

    Graf zeppelin is a t8 premium german CV and now she is the 2nd worst t8 CV. Her bombs were nerfed so much that they now have a low hit rate, the rocket nerf was a serious nerf to her rockets. Now her only good weapons are her secondaries and torpedo bombers. even though the torps dont do that much damage they are fast wich means they can get to a destination quick, also they buffed the aiming speed of the DB's and 1 hit is most likely all the hits your gonna get with the bombs but since the AP bomb nerf GZ's bombs now only do 5800 when you hit the citadel and 2x 5800 is only 11600 potential. also when i got hits with GZ's bombs i mostly got no cits, so i think GZ's bombs getting no cits mostly is probrably a bug. also Enterprise is a t8 CV that is very effective in competitive games but her effectiveness is decreasing because she has slow TBs and DBs and graf zeppelin has crazy fast DBs and TBs so i think GZ is as good as enterprise in competitive because she has fast planes.
  13. We all know german CVs are the best CVs but if they become very popular or perform too well they may get a serious nerf, the nerf WG would probrably make on them is the rocket damage, increasing the torpedo arming distance and nerfing the german AP bomb damage lesser than the japenese AP bomb damage, if they do this, Manfred von richthofen would be lesser effective and Hakuryu will take place of 3rd t10 CV for competitive battles next to midway and FDR and MVR may be worser than audacious. Parseval may be the 2nd worst t8 CV next to implacable and shokaku will be next to Enterprise and lexington for competitive battles.
  14. MidwayBestWaifu

    Issues with midway

    Midway is the t10 tech line american CV and i found that she has alot of issues, First she has very innacurate HVAR rockets, So Enterprise and lexington have better HVAR rockets than midway HVAR rockets because they are much more accurate, second, Midway has weaker torps than Saipan, Enterprise and lexington despite midway being a t10 and enterprise, saipan and lexington being t8s but to compensate the low damage you drop 6 torps per attack run but the aiming speed is slow, Third since the HE bomb nerf her dive bombers spend alot of time over their target and lexington, Enterprise and saipan's DBs dive to their target much earlier than midway's DBs so I think Saipan, Enterprise and Lexington are better DD hunters than midway because lexington and saipan's DBs dive earlier to their target and lexington and enterprise have much more accurate HVAR rockets. heres the cons and pros of the squadrons Attack aircraft: You have 10 rockets per HVAR rocket but they are very innacurate Torpedo bombers: you drop 6 torpedoes per attack run but the torps deal very low damage and have slow aiming Dive bombers: the bombs deal very high damage but they spend alot of time over their target than any other HE bomber