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  1. FDR (franklin d roosevelt) CVs are really killing you but dont worry if theres no CV that is better at winning games than FDR, theres one CV that is better than FDR at winning games and it is MVR (manfred von richthofen) MVR can easily defend itself against FDR's planes because FDR's biggest issue is fighters because FDR's planes are slow and you need to wait 25 secs to attack again and MVR can easily kill FDR because MVR can citadel FDR with AP rockets and she has faster planes and you dont need to wait long to attack again with MVR's planes. So just incase if you are afraid of facing a FDR, use a just incase if your enemy has a FDR and focus on the FDR with your fast planes and also its easy to kill a midway or FDR with MVR because MVR has AP rockets that can citadel t10 CVs and she has fast planes, you can snipe other t10 CVs with MVR like hakuryu or audacious or another MVR but the enemy t10 CV must be in proper position. Its impossible to kill a enemy MVR with MVR because MVR has a under water citadel. MVR is better at winning games than FDR because FDR has very slow planes and the only good thing with FDR in competitive is her plane hp pool and MVR is better in competitive because of her alpha strike and plane speed. I hope this topic has helped you know what to do if theres a enemy FDR.
  2. MidwayBestWaifu

    Graf Zeppelin is dying

    Graf zeppelin is a t8 premium german CV and now she is the 2nd worst t8 CV. Her bombs were nerfed so much that they now have a low hit rate, the rocket nerf was a serious nerf to her rockets. Now her only good weapons are her secondaries and torpedo bombers. even though the torps dont do that much damage they are fast wich means they can get to a destination quick, also they buffed the aiming speed of the DB's and 1 hit is most likely all the hits your gonna get with the bombs but since the AP bomb nerf GZ's bombs now only do 5800 when you hit the citadel and 2x 5800 is only 11600 potential. also when i got hits with GZ's bombs i mostly got no cits, so i think GZ's bombs getting no cits mostly is probrably a bug. also Enterprise is a t8 CV that is very effective in competitive games but her effectiveness is decreasing because she has slow TBs and DBs and graf zeppelin has crazy fast DBs and TBs so i think GZ is as good as enterprise in competitive because she has fast planes.
  3. We all know german CVs are the best CVs but if they become very popular or perform too well they may get a serious nerf, the nerf WG would probrably make on them is the rocket damage, increasing the torpedo arming distance and nerfing the german AP bomb damage lesser than the japenese AP bomb damage, if they do this, Manfred von richthofen would be lesser effective and Hakuryu will take place of 3rd t10 CV for competitive battles next to midway and FDR and MVR may be worser than audacious. Parseval may be the 2nd worst t8 CV next to implacable and shokaku will be next to Enterprise and lexington for competitive battles.
  4. MidwayBestWaifu

    Issues with midway

    Midway is the t10 tech line american CV and i found that she has alot of issues, First she has very innacurate HVAR rockets, So Enterprise and lexington have better HVAR rockets than midway HVAR rockets because they are much more accurate, second, Midway has weaker torps than Saipan, Enterprise and lexington despite midway being a t10 and enterprise, saipan and lexington being t8s but to compensate the low damage you drop 6 torps per attack run but the aiming speed is slow, Third since the HE bomb nerf her dive bombers spend alot of time over their target and lexington, Enterprise and saipan's DBs dive to their target much earlier than midway's DBs so I think Saipan, Enterprise and Lexington are better DD hunters than midway because lexington and saipan's DBs dive earlier to their target and lexington and enterprise have much more accurate HVAR rockets. heres the cons and pros of the squadrons Attack aircraft: You have 10 rockets per HVAR rocket but they are very innacurate Torpedo bombers: you drop 6 torpedoes per attack run but the torps deal very low damage and have slow aiming Dive bombers: the bombs deal very high damage but they spend alot of time over their target than any other HE bomber
  5. MidwayBestWaifu

    10k rocket salvo on a halland

    In a match when i was using implacable i launched my rocket planes and i inflicted a 10k rocket salvo on a halland despite the halland being a DD, You are most likely not gonna get a huge rocket salvo on a DD because DDs are hard to hit because they are small but a 10k implacable rocket salvo on a halland is kinda interesting, let me know in the topic if you also 10k rocket salvoed a DD with a CV.
  6. MidwayBestWaifu

    The Lack of chat

    The lack of chat on a team is something that will always exist no matter what you do. The lack of chat is something that causes bad teams and chat is very important to know what you need to do or tell someone what they need to do, The things that cause the lack of chat is people that have their chat disabled wich means they wont see chat messages and they can only say orders and see orders in chat. The reasons why people may have their chat disabled is that they may not wanna see toxic players say bad things, they are chat banned or they might not want messages to distract them. in a team with the lack of chat it is recommended to play in a division with 3 people so you have a higher win chance than doing solo or playing with 2 people in a division. you can still win with a team with the lack of chat and heres an example i had a game with my iowa playing with my division mates roadrider7021 and captainkirk62 and all of our allied BBs except me and kirk's conquerer were pushing in the epicenter me and a allied black said to them to stop pushing but they had their chat disabled. Me, kirk and all of our BBs except for the bismarck died but Roadrider and the allied black were the only people alive that didnt have their chat disabled a enemy shimakaze sneaked up toward roadrider's midway but the black killed the shima and the enemy yamato died and we hit a thousand points, We won that game although most of our team had their chat disabled
  7. Don't worry if you didnt get Enterprise intime because Lexington is just as good as her, Lexington can be better than her since she can use tiny tim rockets and her HVAR rockets can still wreck havoc on DDs but Lexington's attack aircraft using HVAR rockets have 2 more rockets in payload than enterprise's attack aircraft rockets in payload. And also Lexington has the strongest AA and the most hit points than any other tier 8 CV wich means she is the most difficult CV to sink in her tier, And she carries HE bombs instead of AP bombs but AP bombs can still do more damage despite the nerf, In my opinion lexington's HE bombs are better because Enterprise's AP bomb dispersion is much worser than other CV's AP bombs and HE bombs are effective against all ship types and can set fires and horace DDs if the player is smart enough to hit DDs with HE bombs.
  8. MidwayBestWaifu

    A close game

    In a division when i was playing with my division mate Merhai akshay i was using the Midway and early in the battle i sunk a odin and after that i sunk a enemy DD and A enemy tirpitz was caping B but it left it and A and B were still captured by us but the enemy was ahead of points and i telled a des moines to cap C and he agreed and caped it but the enemy's points were still ahead and i sunk the Tirpitz with a bomb and my team was ahead of points and the ships left on my team was my division mate and the des moines and the enemy had 2 ships left a NC and the enemy CV and my team completed the mission and the time left was like 30 seconds.
  9. MidwayBestWaifu

    The Miracle im alive

    In a battle when i was using Massachusetts i went in the middle in two brothers with my division mate and his king george V and he got sunk and i sunk the enemy odin and after that i received 93,248 damage from the enemy tirpitz and yamato and i had 1k health left and my team completed the mission and i survived. It was a close call and it was a miracle i was alive.
  10. MidwayBestWaifu

    Enterprise Coming back onsale or not

    Grand admiral how is Enterprise not op? Shes pretty good because of her AP bombs and the largest attack aircraft air group
  11. MidwayBestWaifu

    Enterprise Coming back onsale or not

    Of course Ensign Cthulhu shes in a santa crate and spamming money on santa crates is just a waste of money but The other CVs on the best premium tier 8 CVs list are not bad. Kaga can be better than Enterprise due to her large hanger size and HE bombs wich is better than AP bombs. Saipan can be better due to her tier 10 planes and they can easily destroy tier 6s and 7s. Graf zeppelin can be better because of her fast torpedo bombers and dive bombers
  12. So I have 3 tier 8 premium CVs. They are Saipan, Graf zeppelin and Kaga and i heard there is another premium CV and not the indomitable and it is the Enterprise. Saipan, Enterprise, Kaga and Graf zeppelin are the best premium tier 8 CVs. Wanna get the Enterprise? Well you can't because it is offsale and the containers that have her are also offsale and she wont come back to the premium shop. If she is coming back onsale again, Then Wargaming may let her be obtained by completing a collection or make her back onsale one more time on the armory or premium shop and make it onsale for 1 year. Wanna get Graf zeppelin, Saipan or Kaga from the armory or premium shop? Heres the info of them to see wich one is the best. Graf zeppelin: Fast torpedo bombers and dive bombers Saipan: Only tier 8 CV with tier 10 planes Kaga: With the largest attacking flight than any other CV on it's dive bombers and torpedo bombers and has a very large hanger size Cost of the doubloons of them on the armory: Saipan and Kaga: 11,300 Graf zeppelin: 14,000
  13. I found that the american cruiser Worcester has a bug, So i will explain about the bug. The Worcester's AA range is 6.9 km but for some reason it fired at a squadron from 10 km. i found this bug in a training room with the american tier 10 carrier Midway and the worcester's AA fired at My squadron from 10 km. And Aerron's video of his Kaga showed that Worcester's AA fired at his squadron from 7 km. So i guess when updates come up the worcester's AA range gets glitched and gets more range.
  14. MidwayBestWaifu

    Stealing kills on WoWs

    Kills being stolen by an allies is something that will always exist, if your allies steal kills then you may do very poorly. These are the ways to get the kill 1. Use the chat to communicate with your allies to see if they will let you get the kill 2. Plan when to fire, Firing at the enemy ship when its on low health may get the kill for you 3. Just ram it if you find no way to kill it intime, If the ship is on full health and has more hit points and a higher tier then it will survive the ram Fair winds and following seas captains!
  15. MidwayBestWaifu

    Playing on Bad Teams

    Do you really hate CVs in WoWs? There is a solution. Watch this video to know how to destroy the enemy CV in the beggining of the match, https://youtube.com/HOW TO SPAWNPEEK HOW TO SPAWNPEEK is the name of the video