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  1. So I've been playing around in the submarines and so far it's a blast. My only problem with it is that for most of WWII submarines didn't participate in fleet actions. Usually, they sunk merchant shipping or vessels that had already been damaged in a larger fleet battle and had been detached to head home for repair. As a result piloting a sub in the middle of the action instead of on the flanks feels really weird. Now I know this game isn't a historical simulation, but I think submarine battles as they stand now sometimes get too chaotic and I think putting submarines in Random/Ranked/Clan Battles will be too disruptive to the gaming experience most of us have come to like. I want to have the option to play with or without submarines, as do I think most other players. So I have a proposal: "Convoy Battles". My idea is this: A new game mode that replaces Submarine Battles where each team starts with 3-5 capital ships (BB's or CV's) that are designated the "convoy" and controlled by players (no bots). These ships have the little target icon above them (that you sometimes see in operations) to denote which ships constitute the convoy so everyone can identify them. The convoy starts closer to the edge of the map than normal, and the destroyers, cruisers, and submarines are moved further forward than usual. This effectively makes them a fleet screen for the convoy. For DD's CL/CA's and Subs, this provides the challenge of safeguarding your convoy by not letting submarines get past you while also trying to help your own submarines break through enemy lines through to sink the enemy convoy. Theoretically you could still win by shelling the other team's convoy, but it seems like it would be ineffective compared to attacking them with submarines, thus putting the focus on the subs. Played on a large enough map, this could get very interesting. For BB's and CV's, this provides the challenge of finding a way to engage at range and bring your superior firepower to bear while still keeping your ship safe from submarine threats. The first team to lose the entire convoy, or the team who has lost the most convoy ships when time expires, loses. You could score it ship-by-ship, meaning teams would win in even numbers (i.e. a team wins 3-0 after sinking the entire enemy convoy with three of their ships remaining) or as a sliding scale of percentage of damage caused to the enemy team's convoy and whoever causes the most damage wins. My idea is that this becomes a new game mode that replaces Submarine Battles and feels a bit more realistic for submarine play, while leaving Random, Ranked, and other game modes untouched. It strikes a happy compromise between showcasing the "stealth assassin" type strengths of submarines, some semblance of historical accuracy, appeasing differing opinions in the player base, and broadening the scope of the game. I'd love to see this get into the hands of the devs, and if other players want to chime in and suggest improvements or new ideas for submarine game modes (I know there's already threads about balance/glitches, etc. out there) let's make this a place for it. Cheers and happy hunting!