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  1. IkenHower

    FDG and GK Finally dead?

    I could barely hit a Shimakaze from 5km away with secondaries. That's sad lol
  2. IkenHower

    FDG and GK Finally dead?

    (*Looks at my GK's secondary Build, still has Fire Prevention*) I know I'm not the best captain, but I'm also not *that* bad... Anymore. It's more of the fact that GK can't do reliable damage untill she's in secondary range, by which time you're about dead. So I'll do another game in my secondary Kurfurst and tell the Results. Keep in mind I'm poor AF and not at max build yet. Captain Skills are as follows (16 pts): 1: Gun Feeder and Pyrotechnician 2: Grease the Gears 3: Long Range Secondary Battery 4: Improved Secondary Aiming and Fire Prevention Ship mods: Aux mod 1, Damage con 1 and Secondary mod 1 Using the 420mm instead of the 406mm . The Resuls were honestly Sickening. I played it safe and ended up taking near my entire health against a thunderer and montana that I couldn't even retaliate against. And the Thunderer even felt bad. The Thunderer lit 7 fires on me, some were from a single shell hit. Their GK Yolo'd and got two kills but honestly did about the same I did. Not to mention my secondaries barely hit a Shimakaze that was 5km away from my own ship! My total card was 15 main battery hits, 23 secondary hits 2 fires, 2 incapacitations, 1 kill. 24k damage. I'll attach the replay file as well, you can go ahead and critique me but the evidence does not lie. This is the reality. 20210121_120214_PGSB110-Grossdeutschland_44_Path_warrior.wowsreplay
  3. So I will say that I am not the best captain, however trying to use the Kurfurst it just doesn't work with the rework in place. It seems to be even less tanky and dies even faster now. What do you guys think? I haven't played the Fredrich Der Grosse yet but I heard she's in a pretty bad spot as well. Also if you think they are dying/dead, what do you reccomend be done to bring them back into viability? I personally think their survivability needs to be shoved to 11 and make them a pain in the [edited]to kill but nobody likes my opinions anyway
  4. IkenHower

    Are you on target to complete Hizen on time?

    I'm not sure, but I really want to finish her. Gotta get that Money Maker
  5. Honestly WoWs is just being unkind to the T9 and 10 German BB's. Sure in edge cases you can do some really good damage, but in most cases you just get burned to the ground. Premptive F for our girl Grosser Kurfurst. I did this with her in a survival build today.
  6. IkenHower

    Update of commander skills: questions and answers

    Honestly I don't think that, even if this is a secondary buff, that ships like the Kurfurst will be even at the same level they are now. With the meta of the game so heavily in favor of ships that spit HE at a stupid rate, battleships that want to get close are heavily suffering. As I know it the meta is that battleships cannot get close. They have to stay far back in order to even contribute to the team. Even a build that is "somewhere in the middle" of range is simply not effective as battleships will simply burn to the ground before they are in their effective range. As I stated before, some serious changes to the ships themselves need to be taken if ships that use "aggressive builds" are to survive, let alone do well.
  7. IkenHower

    WG is closing the gap - unicums vs potatoes!

    >Tfw it still takes me months to get to a T10.
  8. So I'm trying to view a replay of a game I did today but It won't load visual past the start Screen where it shows you the teams and such. How do I fix that? It's been doing this for me for other replays as well, and I somehow got it to work once a couple weeks ago but it won't work since.
  9. IkenHower

    On the topic of Fires

    I was. So I fixed it with a comma.
  10. IkenHower

    On the topic of Fires

    So I come back and I have a lot to deal with, so, let me address it, as I was, for the majority of the time I was replying to posts, consumed by rage. First, yeah GK is the worst T10 Battleship in the game, I would probably do much MUCH better and be set ablaze MUCH less in a ship like Yamato or Vermont, both lines for those I am at T6. Second: Addressing @Skpstr and @YouSatInGum, I'm actually pretty good about not constantly staying in binocular mode, but I could stand to look at the mini map a bit more. Third: While my opinion is firmly that Fires are overtuned and completely unfun, I will be learning to improve my play by playing ships that simply grossly outrange the offending ships and delete them before they have a chance to ruin my day, and play a game of Keep away that will hopefully be a lot more fun for me then it is for them. Fourth: It was never my intention from the start with this thread that Battleships just get flat buffed and cruisers no longer have a way to fight them. As stated before my biggest issue is that they are overtuned and 100% unfun for both parties, and should either be replaced with a more engaging and skillful mechanic that still allows cruisers to fight battleships. Fifth: I never really considered a 46% or so Winrate to be bad, it's pretty average. My winrate is always in the back of my mind. I hope that cleared some things up, and I would like to instead shift this to a civil discussion on how to improve upon this with what I have said in mind.
  11. IkenHower

    On the topic of Fires

    Yes you can totally do that in a ship that's bigger then 90% of the islands in game. Not to mention repositioning takes litteral years by which time California is happy with how many fires they get per year.
  12. IkenHower

    On the topic of Fires

    Yeah because you can. 99% of the time the offender is behind an island and not spotted by anybody on my team, and even if they are theyre in a spot where my shells cannot retaliate. Considerable ammounts of time is also wrong, a minute or two is nothing when they have no fear of being shot at because dispersion is always God Awful.
  13. IkenHower

    On the topic of Fires

    I have no clue who you're playing against, but I wish I could swap who I play against. Your enemy teams sound so much more bearable.
  14. IkenHower

    On the topic of Fires

    I know them better then the rest of the ship types. You're giving them too much credit.
  15. IkenHower

    On the topic of Fires

    As a Cruiser I am rarely intimidated by a Battleship. If I am it's because I made a serious mistake. Otherwise I just pump HE at their face and think about how HE and fires need to be nerfed as they burn to the ground. And Anything about teammates doing anything is laughable, I can't count how many times I've been abandoned doing exactly that by cruisers and destroyers. All Battleships are is reason not to go broadside and free creds and xp for everybody else. Nothing else.