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  1. Thanks for the replies. Currently 2/3 rds way thru the Donksoi In terms of ease of grind and fun to play ( out of 10 ) I would rate RU line like this ... Scholars 8 1/2 , Chappy 4 , Donskoi 7. Currently ready to step into the Kitakaze when I have the credits - Akatsuki was an 8. I have most DDs at T8 ready for the next leap. Also nearly ready for US Cl/Ca line T9. But I have lots of cruisers and battleships @ T7 plus I have a JB ; doesn't everybody ! D
  2. Hi I have a higher battle count on Asia server but come here for milk and cookies Currently grinding my first T9 . And I have a few I could sail when I get the credits to buy them ( Credit bottleneck ) So just wondering for future focus what is worth a Cameo ie very good and fun Vs just FXP past this one - its really not worth the grief grind ? In other words where are the different ships ( DD, Cl/Ca, BB ) on the spectrum of great to poor. ( maybe even on a 10 scale ) ? Many thanks for your time D
  3. Hi Thanks for that HazeGrayUnderwater Currently on the Donskoi - I don't mind the distance HE farming play style. I liked most of the Rus CL line except the Chappy - took me a while to get her to work because I seemed to became a PT with her. Regards the Bagration - the 'Bad Firing Angles' worry me - not sure how bad it is + how much sides I have to give ? I don't want to be too broadside to get the guns on target especially if its not highly maneuverable. Some one mentioned its guns are floaty beyond 14 kms ? Personally I ve found the best way to mitigate damage at distance is to keep as low a profile ; lots of gaps open up between shells even when they are on target . Also my T8 ships seems to more often than not meet T9 +TX MM - so it can be tough competition. thanks
  4. Hi Thanks for the replies - I have grinded my way up to T9 on Asia server but will make NA my home when they let me transfer Re : Bagration - I often find WG uses different wording to describe the same thing ( just their way of being amusing ). So I take the 'sign on' bonus as being 25 x 3X regardless of counters. If it was unlimited bonus games till July then that would be the first WG stealthily Bonus I ve seen ! Also I thought there was a Bonus for each daily win you had in the Bagration/Ochakov ( like they had with the London UK CA event ) but this is easily testified by players who have the ship already ? Maybe I didn't read it carefully enough - need clarity @Hapa_Fodder thanks PS . Perhaps I wouldn't use Russian premiums as my first choice for Narai either but with the right group its a win and a good way to retrain capts.
  5. Hi Just trying to weight up the value of the different Rus Premiums in T7 /T8 as a useful boats and Capt trainer ( CL-CA/ BB ) Lazo - don't know much about her but seems quite handy when in randoms ( would mostly play Narai , so easy exp ). Poltava - Havnt seen a lot of them and not sure if they are rated well ( would mostly play Narai , so easy exp ) Lenin - Had fun in her when it was a loan ship , seems quite tanky and did reasonably ok even when up tiered Bagration - seems good on paper , very new but if u get her now you can use her extra token making skill to help with Rus directives ( plus she has the 3 x 25 battles bonus which is another plus ) Ochakov - Players seem cautious on this ship , its requires a particular play style and I saw one person get 2.5 K base so it cant be too bad in the right hands. ( again 3 x 25 battler bonus ) Thanks
  6. Dano07_

    How do you hit a turning ship ?

    Thanks for the many great replies … I ve learnt from them ! I also wondered why CVs don't do this more often. Luv this picture / quote , summarizes some of my experiences ! Yea I get this and experienced it in sports ; keep going until you get an instinctive response You will have to forgive me , I know there's a gem in there but I just cant understand what your saying exactly and I want to understand it ? Great advice , thanks Like it ! Yea was thinking the same but never tried it - hope its easy to set up. What do you press to do that , sorry probably should know this ? Let it flow , be one with the target : 'Do not try and hit the Target;that is impossible - Only try and realise the truth - there is no Target ( The Matrix ) Luv it - very good advice So that means its always best to get as much broadside as possible ! Yea that's what I am going to try now - thanks !
  7. Dano07_

    How do you hit a turning ship ?

    Sounds fair. Does it come with radar? …. Looks like the future of WoWs - hover ships ! Its looks fast but that totally exposed citadel looks bad ?
  8. Dano07_

    How do you hit a turning ship ?

    I have it photocopied on in my 'War-Room' and try and explain it to my Gunners, its simple but they refuse to belief its an authentic stratagem - this is might be the source of my problem ? Perhaps it could be signed and printed in a limited edition but you also need to release your full set of diagrams - " The Illustrated guide to WoWs ; Howz 2 Git Guud ' ; for us visual learners ! Are you a available for Zoom sessions ? many thanks
  9. Hi Just working on my aiming but do with some advanced tips ? I can lead a ship traveling in a straight line - and even found aiming 'short' is sometimes best because spot ship may hit the brakes ! ( French ships & DDs I notice by contrast hit the speed boost ) Got a fair idea on hitting a angled ship - I lead by only a little bit ! Can even estimate hitting a ship as it disappears behind an island - as long as its still spotted ! Found that when a ship that weaving away - its better to aim in a straight line where its heading rather than try and guess its micro moves ! But I can not get a handle on a turning ships - It might be turning in towards me or away from me but where I guess I should aim so badly misses its laughable. I have heard you should aim on the outside of the turn because a ship slides, as it turns but still not getting the hang of it. If any one can share their insights about this and any other aiming tip that would be greatly appreciated ? Thanks
  10. Dano07_

    Best Guns in Game

    What about Italian guns on that list ? Or Pan Asia or Commonwealth or Euro ( DDs ) ? But a great list thanks D
  11. Dano07_

    Georgia vs Massachusett ?

    Hi I see players take PM as well as PT - is that because the guns sometimes get disabled - I thought they were well armored ? Also I was wondering about Manual Secondaries - as reading some articles said tat the secondaries become too accurate and instead of hitting the superstructure they aim for the water line belt and start no fires ? Thanks
  12. Dano07_

    Georgia vs Massachusett ?

    How do you set up your Georgia - upgrades/Capt skills ? Thanks
  13. Hi Just trying to get a line on their play style and how effective they are … as I want to get one or the other It seems they are similar ( not the same but close enough ) in AA defense , Armor layout , Concealment , Maneuverability , Heals and Cpt skills ? Where they seem to differ is Massa ( Tanks better ? ) has better torps protection but less range than Georgia … not sure what else ? But I am not sure how the guns match up in actual battles - I see its 6 accurate guns vs 9 not quite as arcuate guns but beyond that I am not sure of how the dynamics of a battle play out for them ? I know generally T9 earns more than T8 but one 'costs' more than the other so that balances that out. Maybe there are other things to consider - I see the Massa do quite well in battle and seems more common than Georgia, also Massa also seems to push more ( perhaps it needs to get in close ) while Georgia seems to hangs back ? Over all just looking for others players thoughts and experiences ? Thanks PS I have another account on Asia but I like coming here to discuss. D
  14. Hi As the topic says should I bother with these Cpts or just keep my coal for ships ….. I could pick up one or two over time but its a highish price to pay never the less. Thanks
  15. Dano07_

    Help with Chapayev & D. Donskoi

    Thanks again for all the advice Things I am hearing is - Yes ur a bigger target now from both guns and planes ; so look for lower risk opportunities My dmg seems anemic - perhaps I need to invest in IFHE ( I was worried about my lower fire chance so I would also have to have DE ) ; I wonder if I should drop CE/SI to get it in the short term ? One thought I had was to grind a bit more on the Chappy then if I still cant do any good - FEXP past to Donskoi ( Hoping I could make that ship work for the CL grind ) ? Also as it looks like we might have to do a ' Double Grind' on the Donskoi, to first get Moskva and then the Al Nevsky; that perhaps I could get the permanent Cameo to help with that grind ?