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  1. I am winding down by interest in the game and the game is probably going to get worse I will invest in games that care about the players and their game experience WG is a big disappointment
  2. Dano07_

    Mouse's Take on the Short-List Fiasco

    Now that the info is out in public domain - dont buy any boxes. If WG exited in a western democracy then you could clearly get your money back for misleading information or false advertising As it is the WG exists in a corrupt country, so perhaps it isnt surprising that this corruption exits in the company as its domicile of choice.
  3. Dano07_

    The best Sniper in WoWs

    I think this could sum up the key to sniping for me - that the shells arrive quick enough, before the target boat can change speed or direction in any meaningful way to avoid all damage. I remember @LittleWhiteMouse once mentioned some time frames what you need to beat to have an effective shot on a target that was aware you where shooting at it. But I cant find her comments anymore ! Just trying to go from memory it was like 11 or 12 secs to hit a BB ; perhaps 7 or 8 secs on a CL and maybe 4 secs or less on DD Thanks for all the comments - I am still undecided about the Champagne.
  4. Dano07_

    The best Sniper in WoWs

    Reading game play and positioning are more my challenge atm Perhaps I should have rephrased the OP question as What is considered good Marksman boats ? , to imply that I was interested in more than just sitting at the back line .
  5. Dano07_

    The best Sniper in WoWs

    Nice video - I like the utility angle - thanks is there a reason that the slava is a little harder to play than say thunderer ? thanks
  6. Dano07_

    The best Sniper in WoWs

    How do u play the Slava to best advantage ? I have Thunderer which in which I try and flank initially to set up some cross fire and then start to cautiously move in around mid game to farm kills. also is Slava similar to champagne in game play ? thanks
  7. Hi I was wondering how the different ships called Snipers, compare in usability ? like how does Slavas vs Champagnes for their tier match up and I suppose Thunderer could be called a sniper and theres the Alabama. would be interested in learning more about this type of play and the best ships to try ! Thanks D I have a higher battle count on Asia
  8. I would be happy if only WG would balance them so they could at least be comparable, to the Kremlin - then they would be acceptable to the general player base population. ! In other words dont make them worse than the Kremlin ?
  9. This amazes me - WG is so greedy and yet it passes up up brain dead simple ideas to make money ? Poor decision making / not enough spread sheet data - what gives ? I would think a simple idea like covert an expendable cameo to permanent for premium/special ships for a 'token' amount per ship would have people opening their wallets. By making it initially for premiums - people could be incentivized to buy them and for say 1000 D you could convert - I would buy several for my favorite ships ( because I am looking at it everyday ; change is good ) But you know, it takes thinking out side the loot box !
  10. Dano07_

    Asymmetric abomination

    Not every game is filled with bots but when it is its most likely to be the lower tier side. Enjoy it for what it is - a chance to lvl up ur T7 /T8 ships ! If u want to lvl T6 - operations is the quickest run. But over all I ve had some great matches when both sides are full of players - it can go either way. Its a change from random madness. D
  11. Dano07_

    Will The Missouri ever come back?

    It did come back - you pay $200 to a special Children's Charity just before Xmas last year and then they give you the ship as a gift ( WG gets none of the $ ) Apart from that a very rare drop from crates But No it will never come back as a sale item - unless the game tanks and they need to sell the silverwear !
  12. A pair of T8 CVs who know how to play is deadly - I was in a match where they just picked apart a team of lower tiers ships - possibly doesnt matter how good u can play against them - you dont the AA to deter them and they will wear you down with fires/torps/bombs runs
  13. Yes I agree - u still got to cap and a horde of lower Tiers can easily get one of the caps. But over all I think I am seeing the Win go to those who kill all the red team. I ve been on lower tier side that has been losing on points and still won by killing the last of the red team and like wise I ve been on a lower tier team winning on points and lost to High tier team who killed all our side . D And I think a good CV really shines in these matches and can do a lot to swing the match ie spotting / picking off solos / defending caps vs just farm some dmg ( default random play ) And on a side note - I love seeing all the AA go up and the beauty of flack filling the sky : It smells of payback . D
  14. This is what I see wins AS matches for either High or Lower Tier. In EVE online we called it focused fire and Priority target selection ( Most dangerous first ) - its true of PvP games as of real life. D I ve seen 3 high Tier BBs move together with CV / Cl support and wipe the floor with the low tier side - They started a panic in the low Tier side which splintered and that was the end. And when the Low Tier move together ( bravery in numbers ) they generally focus on one or two targets well - basically whats in their field of View / Dmg and it works out. What does NOT work for either tier is holding back early so you avoid being damaged ie positioning in the back of the map - you get overrun anyway. Or sniping and trying to pick off wounded ships for easy steal kills Or going off too far to flank and gone 'missing' when you could have made a difference Or solo capping; particularly when in a ship that could be outgun/outranged - their CV will find you eventually. But over I ve enjoyed the games because it makes a change from stupid randoms, And the meta is changing as more player take over the high tier ranks and they will be the ones more likely to player smarter. D