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  1. I am interested in joining. Contact me in game.
  2. x_JASPER_x

    Take a look at this and tell me with a straight face....

    Alot of cits right there.
  3. x_JASPER_x

    [SAMPS] Clan requirement - SALVOS INCOMING

    I am interested in joining. sent my request in game.
  4. x_JASPER_x

    Show me the offers

    I am looking for a competitive clan that does clan battles, Clan brawl, and King of the seas. I have a 56% win rate (solo) and PR of 1406. I am trying to work on getting my numbers back up. I do care about my stats. Message me in game since I'm not on the forums much.
  5. x_JASPER_x

    -OWN- Overpowered Winning Navy

    Still looking for experienced captains to join us.
  6. x_JASPER_x

    -OWN- Overpowered Winning Navy

    @Igitu Thanks for joining. Bump still recruiting.
  7. x_JASPER_x

    -OWN- Overpowered Winning Navy

    bump. need some experienced players for command.
  8. Overpowered Winning Navy(-OWN-) Recruitment thread Hello captains and welcome to the -OWN- Recruitment thread. This clan is new and we are looking for captains to join us. We are looking for experienced captains that will work at everything to have fun but also be competitive. Being part of -OWN- we will be owning the sea's but also collecting the rewards from our victims. Requirements 1.Must have above 50% W/R. 2. Must have discord. 3. Must be active. More than 30 days of inactivity you will be kicked. 4. Must be a team player. No solo crap. Contact Contact me through the forums by PM or contact me in game.