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  1. Buy the prema camo and then under the captain is the economic bonus section go there and on the left side lit up gold is where you can you buy the economic bonus for 4800 gold. So the bonus and prema camo coat 5000 gold.
  2. Nameless_Player_07

    New Ranked and Clan Battles Seasons

    Anyone wish this upcoming clan battles season was something other than tier x? Tier 8 or 9?
  3. Nameless_Player_07

    Ohio depth charge

    Why does the Ohio only get a 6km depth charge airstrike? I am sitting in port looking at all my tier x bbs and they all get 11km? Can someone explain please? Thanks.
  4. 5th pull and used the tokens to buy a commander.
  5. Nameless_Player_07

    Wows made it to PC gamer

    The wows sh!t show has now made it on to PC gamer magazine. One of the most popular gaming related magazines in the world. https://www.pcgamer.com/aggressive-monetisation-is-driving-prominent-players-away-from-world-of-warships/
  6. Nameless_Player_07

    What CC's are left on the NA? The sad state of affairs.

    Out of that list of CC's which one would you say is an average player? I don't care to follow high level players. Thanks
  7. Nameless_Player_07

    Take a look at this and tell me with a straight face....

    Alot of cits right there.