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  1. HamAndCheez

    It's ALWAYS the same (PVE Thread)

    One of my favorite episodes:
  2. HamAndCheez

    Your monthly super container

    50 gamescom black camos
  3. Although the explosions of the standard United States 600 lb (270 kg) Mark 4 and Mark 7 depth charge used in World War II were nerve-wracking to the target, a U-boat's pressure hull would not rupture unless the charge detonated within about 15 ft (4.6 m). Getting the weapon within this range was a matter of luck and quite unlikely as the target took evasive action. Most U-boats sunk by depth charges were destroyed by damage accumulated from an extended barrage rather than by a single charge and many survived hundreds of depth charges over a period of many hours, such as U-427 which survived 678 depth charges fired against it in April 1945. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Depth_charge
  4. HamAndCheez

    Co-OP loses

    In 2.5 years of play, I have seen approximately 4 games with someone raging about team-mates play in co-op. Usually something along the lines of: "Why are you going so slow/going in that direction, these are just bots." or "It's not like this match matters, it's only co-op, bro. Quit whining."
  5. HamAndCheez

    which T7 cruisers do you NOT use in Narai

    Fiji is a beast on north route to kill CV.
  6. HamAndCheez

    Incentivize Veteran Players to Play Mid & Low Tiers

    THIS is how to refresh this game and bring in more new players. Not line after line of paper ships that seems to exist for no reason other than content churn/more grinding.
  7. HamAndCheez

    I did a thing.. Black.

  8. HamAndCheez

    New ideas for historic Commanders

    But the crates are 100% free using an in-game resource that has no value anywhere else (coal). Sansonetti is a good captain. Use the coal and pick him up if you like Italian ships. I don't regret the coal I spent getting him at all.
  9. HamAndCheez

    "Hank Bailey" uniform question

    US NAVY GRAY UNIFORMS - Gray uniforms in the same style as khaki were first introduced on 16 April 1943 as an officers uniform. On 3 June 1943 the uniform was extended to include Chief Petty Officers. On 31 March 1944 cooks and stewards were permitted to wear the gray uniform. The Navy abolished use of "grays" on 15 October 1949. Captain Allan McCann wearing Service Dress Gray uniform (1944).
  10. HamAndCheez

    Got an email, +500 Gettoni...

    I grabbed the camos for Minsk and Helena because I enjoy both those ships and I feel the camos look nice. Not exactly understanding how the permacamos we currently own will work in the new economy changes, though.
  11. HamAndCheez

    Uh... What?

    You have no dog at all now? I find that concept depressing. I don't go too long without a four-legged buddy once one goes over the rainbow bridge. Having personally owned a Lab (yellow), I can say they are wonderful dogs but unfortunately very short-lived, it seems. They're not just good dogs, but good friends/companions. If you don't have a new canine buddy now, hopefully you'll get one soon.
  12. HamAndCheez

    Uh... What?

    Ah, a case of mistaken identity. Sorry about that. Surely you must be related to that other dog, then? There's a family resemblance there...distant cousin, maybe? Second Labrador, twice removed?
  13. HamAndCheez

    Uh... What?

    Where'd you find that pic of Admiral Thunder?
  14. HamAndCheez

    Yuro on Tier I

    Incorrect. Tier 2 is also guaranteed to have no subs or carriers. (unless you faildiv and then that's on you).
  15. HamAndCheez

    Yuro on Tier I

    Comedy gold. "Becoming SUB - human".