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  1. HamAndCheez

    Please go where you say your going

    "I go where I please, and I please where I go." - Duke Nukem
  2. HamAndCheez

    Solo mode

    In other online multiplayer games (that shall remain un-named), you can create your own server and add a password and invite friends only, for example. Or play alone. Those games are probably more successful financially than WoWs and have more players than WoWs, which is why those other games allow it and this game never will.
  3. HamAndCheez

    Which destroyers can launch torpedoes forward?

    It's not a destroyer, but Genova has the best firing arcs on any cruiser I've played yet. 8 torps (4 per side) that are for all purposes forward-firing.
  4. Anytime I play a ship that has torps as part of its armament, I skip shots that have a greater than 0% chance of hitting a friendly ship. This means that sometimes I miss out on possible damage and red ribbons. That's the way it is. Anyone who fires torps with a greater than 0% chance of hitting a friendly deserves their pink status.
  5. HamAndCheez

    where do I find the commander reserve tab?

    I think you mean, "if it ain't balans, we are gonna break it"
  6. HamAndCheez


    Maps can easily be found at your friendly neighborhood automobile service station!
  7. HamAndCheez

    What would you do?

    Cornpop was a bad dude. But seriously, I usually go get a snack and a tasty beverage when/if that situation happens.
  8. What about Dido and Arethusa (NOT Huanghe)? Those classes are glaringly absent from the tech tree.
  9. HamAndCheez

    Hapa Fodder new look >.>

    You had it made? Then why the eagle-looking insignia on the collar and not this below? Also, if you're not indoors in that avatar, where's your cover? Oh, and get your right hand outta yer pocket!
  10. HamAndCheez

    Modernish ships?

    Just for clarity, that's USS Kentucky, BB-6. She's mighty purty.
  11. HamAndCheez

    Modernish ships?

    Reject missile, embrace pre-dreadnought.
  12. HamAndCheez

    CVs in Killer Whale

    I've never gotten 5 stars on a loss. How is that possible? EVERY operation team I've been on that lost the scenario earned zero stars. I didn't know you COULD earn stars on a loss. Guess I learned something new today.
  13. HamAndCheez

    WG, What the hell

    Ranger definitely had an armored deck IRL. Not sure about the others.
  14. HamAndCheez

    It is official

  15. HamAndCheez

    CVs in Killer Whale

    A team exiting early and earning you usually a 3 star win because they panicked is annoying, but you know what's worse? The team bumbling around, never exiting, and earning a zero star loss. Those matches are the absolute worst.