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  1. For those with T10 prems that fit the bill, it may not be that much a problem. The point is, the Tier X co-op restriction can be nothing other than one of the economy 'balancing' moves by WG.
  2. It's co-op. You just shoot. There is no play better.
  3. Exactly. So that's potentially 2 games in a Tier X losing creds to get 1 token.
  4. So, to get Supership tokens you have to play Co-Op and get 500 base XP in Tier X? And it can be done 20 times? What the actual [edited]? This is a shame faced exercise in draining credits from the playerbase. Drains interest too, as depending on starting points and rng, it's not a given that 500 base XP will be earned in 1 match.
  5. g452

    Suiciding CV

    Not in a Tier X CV though.
  6. Just passed one of those BP missions that give Community tokens, credits, FXP etc - and only the 2000 elite commander xp and 30 tokens were provided according to the notifications widget. Bug?
  7. That could be it. I didn't realise it also included commanders. Interestingly, some other commanders are unaffected though (eg Kirishima, national Santa commanders). Cheers for the heads up.
  8. It looks like the Transformers commanders have either gone missing from my roster - or more likely have been changed into normal human commanders with equivalent levels/xp. I did have about 5 of them from various nations, but now none. I did not dismiss them. Is this known or happening elsewhere?
  9. Same - a couple of time in the last couple of hours. Loaded up with flags and disconnected before game started. After reconnecting, got a notice of penalty, lost flags/camos and also notified that games were draws.
  10. g452


    Yes, had a number of disconnects tonight.
  11. g452

    Game Disconnects

    Possibly problems in Santa Clara? I'd normally not be that bothered by the unresolved hop to login1.worldofwarships.com however the packet loss in the trace to login2 leaves me rubbing my chin. People not experiencing these problems could simply not be routed in this way.
  12. g452

    Game Disconnects

    Are there any log files that show disconnects/more verbose reasons for disconnects? From \steamapps\common\World of Warships\profile\python.log I did notice these entries: 2020-12-12 16:32:26.514: ERROR: [Connection] ServerConnection::onChannelGone(269158148): Disconnecting due to dead channel( udp: ) 2020-12-12 16:32:26.521: INFO: [Script] [root] GatewayClient.onLostConnection; (, 5691315175515, 37) 2020-12-12 16:32:27.825: INFO: [Script] [Login] Setting gIsConnected to False; (, 35579585648664, 9) That's followed by a few WindowsClosed then more object specific .onLostConnection entries.
  13. g452

    Game Disconnects

    A number recently. At least 2 tonight AU time.
  14. g452

    Little known fact

    Good guess. North EAstern Lolsgrad is very close. It's a peculiar place and if your car happens to break down while driving through, don't be alarmed by the sudden appearance of multiple surprise mechanics ready to help.
  15. The word 'Makarov' means 'sense of pride and accomplishment' in some near forgotten regional dialects from the northern parts of Russia.