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  1. I'll just add a few things I've noticed from my experience, that I haven't seen mentioned (but I do boy look at everything), and may help others: Trying to open .wowreplay file with WorldOfWarships.exe not working? If using Wargaming.net Game Centre - make sure this (wgc.exe) is running (but not WorldOfWarships.exe) If using Steam - a Steam popup may appear behind your active window asking if it is OK to open the file in the Steam version of WorldOfWarships.exe Can open .wowsreplay file but you only see the initial team screen. You can hear the sounds of battle progressing though. In my case this is due to having one of the Improved Team Screen mods installed. On my PC I have a Steam WoWs install modded with Modstation, and a secondary Wargaming Game Centre install (no mods) on a different drive. When opening the same .wowsreplay file: Modded Steam version displays the Team Screen. The replay does run, you can hear the sounds of battle and using cntl-j you can turn the hud/ui off and can actually see the battle. Toggling cntl-j again will display the team screen again. Un-modded Game Center version works as advertised. For those who want to keep old replays and watch on newer patch versions. If patch cycle has already moved on this wont help. As long as you know there is stuff you want to keep, easiest way to do this is via the WIndows Game Bar (Wndows key + g). You can record whatever is in your active window using that and store it on your HDD as a standard video file. Obviously you lose the ability to control camera etc, but if there is something you want to reference in the future this is the simplest way to do so as far as I am aware.
  2. Even though you got deleted - well played OP for having the balls to ask 'What could I have done better?' rather than 'CVs ruin *my* game waaaaaaaah'. As others have said, if you're in a flimsy ship with crap aa caution is the word of the day for me at least. In a DD or light CA I wont charge off and either match speed with a group or move mainly laterally while dark (so can turn tail quickly) till things start sorting themselves out. Then, as I'm doing this I'll get hard spotted by a DD with a cloaking device and get torp swarmed or all guns on the map will turn on to me from all angles. DDs ruin *my* game waaaaaaaaah!!
  3. g452


    Damn straight my good man. More dynamic environmental elements please. With the cyclones it would be great if they could bring in the same visual effects as the Thunderstorms. Surely that cant be difficult to implement? And I'd like to see: - rough seas that have an effect on aiming - fog patches moving through maps like thunderstorms do - visually - lightning. Lightning is cool. And maybe have a very small chance that lightning can strike ships so we have another reason to get on the forums to moan loudly about RNG and how CVs are OP, we liked the old way better than the new way, anything that make it difficult to play a style that is our goddamn right to play and succeed in every time, and so on.
  4. g452

    2 CV's per team needs to stop.

    I agree. 3 CVs or more should be encouraged. Who's with me!!
  5. Invalid code. Please make sure you entered the correct code Wargaming/Hapafoder/Anyone who cares - it's a bit of a [edited] move on to restrict these things so tightly around the stream time. There are such things as employment and significant differences in times zones y'know. The monkeys will only dance so much before they go all Planet of the Apes...
  6. g452

    Strong willed

    Noooo......7 min till bye bye. 4 stars to go on part 5.....not far from finishing a task for 2 more stars. Monday does seem like a more sensible time to end it. ✌🤞
  7. You are a mature lot. To bring about some correction into this anomaly: Is that a torpedo bulge in your pocket battleship or are you just glad to see me?
  8. Oh I pay attention - too much attention to dodging and aiming at times. That executive function thing I mentioned in first post - ADHD (late life diag). Fixating on things does happen, and that leaves everything else waaaay in the background. Cheers on the Aslains modpak suggestion Herr_Reitz - will take a look. And as above when the shells start flying the minimap gets in that backseat too. Though I do try and watch that as much as possible.
  9. Cheers 👍 Yeah, tried that both on and off. Largely its the same result - sucks on the beach.
  10. Hi all First post. And I have a problem. The gentle beep beep beep warning that you are about to node right into the dirt just doesn't get through to my brain quickly enough when engaged. By the time it does I might as well roll out my towel, slap on some sun screen and watch the fire rain down on my stationary boat. Yeah, there is the visual indicator too but that is also minor enough for executive function to push behind dodging and aiming. I also have not seen anywhere where you can change this alert within the in game client settings. I know there are the sounds mods for other warning (ie torpedoes) so is there one for 'you are about to beach you great pillock'? I think I need something that basically reaches out of my speakers, grabs me by the scruff and rubs my nose in that pending fact. Cheers