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  1. SpewnDonkey

    thanks for the GRIEF WG

    If the tall boys and radar didn't give it away, when you click buy it's tells you is a April fool's joke.
  2. SpewnDonkey

    Anti Glare Mod

    Is there a way to install the Anti Glare mod that is in Aslian's Mod pack as a stand alone mod? I use the ModStation because i like the UI on it a lot better. I have tried in the past to use both but one will just uninstall the other. The Modstation's remove fog and glare doesn't work as good as the sun shade mod in Aslian's mod pack. I just want to get ride of the glare! I cant see to play the game.
  3. SpewnDonkey

    How to Citadel Puerto Rico?

    I have never done it, but a few of the guys in my clan said they always try to aim at the water line in between the rear turrets. They said its the easy place to citadel the PR.
  4. SpewnDonkey

    Forward launching torpedoes

    Thanks. I didn't think I seen what I thought I seen. Just wanted to make sure. I have replays enabled but it doesn't save them correctly....
  5. Is there a DD in game that launches torpodes from either the front or back. I'm sure I seen it in a t7-t9 game the other day on two brothers. I've looked everywhere but can't seem to find the answer. I don't remember the name of the ship I thought I seen doing it.
  6. I have both. Jb is a blast. It can tank and flank well. It hasgreat carry potential. The Smolensk needs islands and smoke or you're dead. I really don't see how it could ever carry a game. But it can be fun
  7. SpewnDonkey

    Reported for trying to win

    Thanks for the replies. I'm really trying to get better at this game and want learn to be helpful to my team. I'll have to enable replays again. It quit working after the update. It would be nice to have other players help me see where I go wrong in game. I definitely end up over extended a lot. I like to push too much.
  8. Is there some unwritten rule about the last ship left has to just give up? I was the least ship left in the match, I was in the Iowa. There was 2 bb's left and 1 dd. I sunk one of the bb's, hit the Missouri for 2 citadel's all while retreating and healing because the DD kept me on fire. There was 6 minutes left on the clock, I just don't think I should give up but after the match I seen I was reported twice.
  9. Thank you so much! I never understood how the Nomogram Modern worked. I didn't know the marks where for knots, I thought it was for time like the regular dynamic. I was also trying to use it zoomed in all the way and with as much lead that is needed for this ship it makes it hard to aim. I tried the Nomogram Modern and can tell a big difference. I really want to improve my pathetic win rate. The game isn't intuitive to me and I've really had to look hard to find the info I needed. It took me 600 games to really understand concealment . Thanks to everyone that responded.
  10. I cant hit anything with this ship! I fired 538 shots and only hit 36 times. Can any one give my any advice on this ship?