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  1. crazyeightyfive

    Cross Chat

    I see more chat garbage from the Green team than the Red one... Hit 'Blacklist' post-battle and forget they even exist after a game or two.
  2. crazyeightyfive

    Campbelton torpedoes only work on allys?

    It seemed to run more slowly than starting the game like normal, hung on a black screen after the loading screen, but kicked straight to the pre-match screen after, the one showing the makeup of both teams.
  3. crazyeightyfive

    Campbelton torpedoes only work on allys?

    I just clicked the link, a box popped up asking if I wanted 'Wargaming Center' or something like that (it was selected by default) to open it, I clicked 'Okay,' and it opened the game, straight into the replay after the loading screen.
  4. crazyeightyfive

    Campbelton torpedoes only work on allys?

    And that in-game performance is EXACTLY in line with her Forum performance - so there's that... Seriously though, this has to be some kind of record for the most "Aarrggh, I can't stop torpedoing my own teammates!" posts. Cries out in pain as she strikes you...
  5. crazyeightyfive

    Pearl Harbor- Minute by Minute- Powered by World of Warships

    WW2 Week by Week is a fantastic channel, anyone interested in WW2 should check it out!
  6. crazyeightyfive

    When do they update to 0.9.10 need

    I think it was two days ago... The background image at the top of this page says 0.9.10...
  7. crazyeightyfive

    The Inevitable Truths of WoW (Humour)

    The teammate that starts harping about your gameplay - after their death - will finish below you on the scoreboard.
  8. crazyeightyfive

    increase HP

    Often the Hull upgrades increase HP. I'm not aware of any Flags that do. The 3pt. Captain Skill 'Survivability Expert' gives an extra 350HP per Ship Tier (eg. a Tier X would get an additional 3500HP using this Skill).
  9. crazyeightyfive

    You have warship meme's?

    Can't help myself...
  10. crazyeightyfive

    You have warship meme's?

    Aaaaand a few more...
  11. crazyeightyfive

    You have warship meme's?

    And another:
  12. crazyeightyfive

    If I have a ship that is expensive

    Corn Pop was a bad dude...
  13. crazyeightyfive

    Matchmaker Question

    Just went five in a row in my Bismarck, bottom tiered every time. Loses its' lustre after a while.