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  1. crazyeightyfive

    Before I leave........

  2. crazyeightyfive

    Matchmaking Fail - Thanks WG!

    It's frankly disgusting. I may have to quit - once my Premium time runs out of course...
  3. crazyeightyfive

    Matchmaking Fail - Thanks WG!

    Matchmaking fail again and again by WeeGee - when will they sort this out?!? It's outrageous filth...
  4. crazyeightyfive

    third bonus code

    Thank you.
  5. crazyeightyfive

    Heres a code from the RU KOTS stream

    Concur - all codes say 'Activation Limit reached.'
  6. Mainz, Pommern, Brandenburg. All are just a fun time, even losing in them is often a blast.
  7. crazyeightyfive

    Done for Six Days

    What I hope no one loses sight of, is the fact that pineapple-on-pizza is an abomination, ranking among the worst atrocities ever committed by human beings. And of course - subs-as-is suck pineapple-pizza hard. Hopefully the upcoming changes make a difference.
  8. crazyeightyfive

    You have warship meme's?

  9. crazyeightyfive

    You have warship meme's?

  10. crazyeightyfive


    It's honestly sickening, the Forums these days. Way too many white-knights screeching about LWM, way too many people snivelling about Missouri, or loot boxes. Way too many people looking to complain about every poorly-translated comment, or post, or out-of-place apostrophe in everything WG says. If some of you screeching goblins put half as much effort into playing the game as you do furiously beating your hate-boners over it, you wouldn't have anymore fodder for "The MM screwed me over!" or "Russians are eeeeeviilllll!" Actually look at the top two or three pages in these Forums. It's disgusting. So much effort wasted, by people who probably think "Crossing the 'T' " is a viable WoWs tactic. I ran out of 'boring' reactions in about two minutes. I thought the average age around here was like 40? All evidence to the contrary apparently.
  11. crazyeightyfive

    Bonus Code gives you some stuff

    Thank you.
  12. crazyeightyfive

    You have warship meme's?

    Used Copy/Paste to put this here, so tagging @Old_Baldy_One as well to be sure it's seen - hilarious!
  13. crazyeightyfive

    No ability to hurt subs on US CA? why

    Yes I am. If you or your cohorts want to make broad statements with holes big enough to drive a BB through, don't be surprised if someone points it out. Some of these trash receptacles man...