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  1. crazyeightyfive

    The Price is Right?

    What's the closest you've come to a goal, then fallen short? "One more battle" turns into, "I only need 273 xp, a quick Co-op game ought to do it!" Then you eat an early volley and die accomplishing next to nothing. "One more quick Co-op game..." Well i only wanted my second Daily Container. One quick Co-op game ought to do it... At least it shouldn't be possible to poop the bed here...
  2. crazyeightyfive

    Bot subs are just stupid in co-op

    The thing is I don't mind CVs. There should never be two, at any Tier, and their presence or absence can make a world of difference in the ebb and flow of a match, sure. If one chooses to pick on you, or you get caught alone, that can suck. But so does being stalked by invisible torpedo spammers, or endless rains of shells from smoke clouds, or behind islands, or slaps from 30 km away. Yet Subs... Subs suck. Filters won't let me express me feelings accurately, so I'll just say that.
  3. crazyeightyfive

    Bot subs are just stupid in co-op

    In Co-Op? I guess we play the mode for different reasons.
  4. crazyeightyfive

    Why do game sometime just end?

    Check the date of topics you reply to sir. Necroing threads is discouraged here.
  5. crazyeightyfive

    Bot subs are just stupid in co-op

    Still don't understand the WG logic of adding Bot subs on the Player team. If no one is playing a Sub, I'd rather not see one at all.
  6. crazyeightyfive

    1 carrier 3 dd 2 subs. unplayable

  7. crazyeightyfive

    Ships that felt like a downgrade

    Bismarck to Frederick de Grosse: I loved Bis so much that playing the next ship in line felt like a chore. She felt fatter, slower, more visible, less maneuverable. Just painful. FdG is not a bad ship, she just felt like a step down compared to the King of the Ocean.
  8. crazyeightyfive

    1 carrier 3 dd 2 subs. unplayable

    I'll see your one CV, two Subs, and five DDs and raise you a second CV:
  9. crazyeightyfive

    DD role

    Looks like all their picket ships died. Some *ahem* biased types might wish to imply that it's the fault of the BBs. I'm not entirely sure what such a person would say to explain exactly how the death of the DDs is the sole responsibility of the BBs, yet I'm fairly certain it's what would be claimed. As a DD main and an interested party, maybe you have a better explanation than these scattered screenshots as to how the death of all but one DD might be someone else' fault? As an aside, two Bismarcks should be able to bum-rush the Harugumo, with their Hydro and Secondaries, but I'm playing armchair quarterback here.
  10. crazyeightyfive

    Do you use one-time use camos?

    Perma camos bought for the ships I really love. Solid colour consumable camos are kept, because I think they look sharp. Everything else is sold nigh immediately. Don't want to overload WG's servers after all - just doing my part.
  11. crazyeightyfive

    DD role

    While it doesn't mean you "have to," taking off makes you a bell-end IMO. Sometimes the spawn cheeses you and you end up in a crap situation. It sucks, but that's life. The best thing you can do is delay the enemy as long as possible, and sell yourself as dearly as you can. Abandoning your side for greener pastures is a sure way to have the Reds storm over the weakened flank and up the rear of the rest of your team - which, given that you likely had nowhere else to go, includes you. If you're the type who will abandon a flank and sail off elsewhere, you're not the person I want on my flank anyway. DDs who spawn on A, but immediately sail off to C are the absolute worst kind. Passive nances who spam torps from beyond detection range and nothing else are far better teammates.
  12. crazyeightyfive

    DD role

    So you charge in, ignorant of what the ships on your flank are doing, die, then - I imagine - blame for the remaining match time? "nO SuPpORt!" All-caps? Reported! Familiar? uh huh
  13. crazyeightyfive

    AGIR in Brawls

    <looks at Agir> <sees Agir's 6km German Eff YouTM torpedoes> <visible confusion>
  14. crazyeightyfive

    Whats up with the soviet ship crate drop bias?

    22% of my drops were Russian, but, like the OP I don't play Russian ships, so I subsequently had far less Russian ships, and thus my list of possible drops was heavy in Russian ships. All I care about is that I didn't get Odin. One more set before it ends...?