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  1. Pikachu_lvl23

    PSA: Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    what are they saying? can you translate it and put it here?
  2. Pikachu_lvl23

    PSA: Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    @Kalvothe did you find any evidence of them using illegal mods too?
  3. Pikachu_lvl23

    Separate Clan Battles and Ranked

    lol. in our clan, we ask our members to have at least 6 beers to be ready for clan battles
  4. Pikachu_lvl23

    Separate Clan Battles and Ranked

    @EraserNZ1 @Umikami I just checked how many battles individual players have participated in from ranked and CBs so far this season. There is a 3x more participation in Ranked than there is for CBs. 489,132 battles played by individuals from CBs vs 1,592,796 battles played by individuals from Ranked. I added up all the battles played by each ship down below and for CB's i just accounted for a full team of 7 players. sources: http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/cvc/season10/info05_na.html http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/season/season17/ship_avg_na.html note: just trying to keep the convo going with some new info. and also just to address something i didnt know about before hand.
  5. Pikachu_lvl23

    Separate Clan Battles and Ranked

    yes but in this situation above that said player in this circumstance can just join a clan that's participating in Clan Battles if they want to play clan battles. There are tons of clans looking for more players to play. So everyone who wants to play clan battles can play clan battles. thats a fair point. And if its true that there is a larger participation with ranked than in clan battles then i see why they structured it the way that they did then. Maybe then they could just do ranked sprint during Clan Battles instead of ranked. Ranked Sprint is so much easier and more relaxing. I still think there is a problem with over incentivizing too much at once. but running ranked sprint at the same time is not as daunting as ranked at the same time
  6. Pikachu_lvl23

    Separate Clan Battles and Ranked

    @EraserNZ1 To answer your question, yes i think they should separate the 2. using the same logic above, yes they have something to do, they can play CB. The argument i am making is that WG is incentivizing too much at once. I think they should spread out the events for that reason.
  7. Pikachu_lvl23

    Separate Clan Battles and Ranked

    yeah someone just told me on the WOWs discord that a smaller percentage of players play CB's. i havent fact checked this. but if this is true, then i had no idea. Also, i never said anyone was "forced" to play Clan Battles. I said in a comment below "the game is incentivizing" to play, which results in players playing both. But regardless, alot of players do play CB even if its a smaller percentage of the player base. there are over 900+ clans right now in just the NA server who play clan battles, which is thousands of players
  8. Pikachu_lvl23

    Separate Clan Battles and Ranked

    thats a good idea. Yeah pretty much the same with many of the members in our clan. People need to have the personal responsibility to not do too much so they dont get burned out. The problem is if the game is incentivizing 2 events that require a lot of time and effort. It is going to encourage many players to play both. For me this season, I specifically chose to play ranked on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday so that I don't burn myself out for CBs. It took 121 battles to rank out, (first time to rank out) but man i was kinda worn out. And i know players who spend a lot more games in ranked feel a lot more worn out than i did.
  9. OK guys simply put, I think having the Clan Battles and Ranked go on at the same time is a little too much. At the start of the clan battle season, everyone is playing for the most part W, Th, Sat, Sun which is a maximum of 16 hours a week of play time. This doesn't account for the preparation and internal affairs that go with this. But what I have seen over the last 2 seasons from a few different clans is as soon as ranked starts, clan participation drops off in CBs because players get burned out from ranked. Especially non super unicum players. In my opinion, i think if we separated Clan Battle season from Ranked Season, it will promote a more healthy dose of the game for all players. Cuz right now it feels like when Ranked and CB's are going on, its nuts, ppl get worn out. The other issue is when CB's is over, there is nothing going on. So its kinda like we are gonna overload the next month then the game is gonna go quite, and you can only play Randoms. The main argument i am making is that having both CB and regular ranked is too much to incentivize at once given the effort needed for both. Edit: I just did some math. So far this season there has been 489,132 battles played by individuals for clan battles and 1,592,796 battles played by individuals from Ranked. Therefore there is about 3x more participation for Ranked than there is CBs. Edit: My suggestion: I think during CB season, it should be just CBs and no Regular Ranked. Then after CB is over, ranked starts and continues at a higher frequency until the next CB season. For example you can run multiple seasons of ranked seasons (2-3) before the next season of CBs. Ranked Sprint can still go on during Clan Battles because it isn't as exhausting. Edit: I think doing this will do a few things 1. More clans will participate with Clan Battles 2. There will be less burn out from the game 3. The quality of Clan Battles will be better 4. The quality of Regular Ranked will be better 3. The ones who are adamant about not doing Clan Battles can still do ranked sprint during CB season. Summary: I believe this way there will be a more steady dose of events which I think will promote a healthier mental environment for all players and the community itself. Anyways my 2 sense. Hope yall are doing well and enjoying the game.
  10. thanks for the video man. I just watched it and learned a bunch of stuff as a new player!