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  1. I, for one, do not understand why in the world planes have an immunity period after a strike. Why don't ships have that after they fire too?
  2. KosmicRavioli

    5 years and no new game modes

    Nevermind new game modes, I honestly wouldn't shed a tear if they removed Epicenter. Like, at all.
  3. KosmicRavioli

    Toxic Ranked

    This TBH. I've always said; there are two good times to play in ranked. First is the first two weeks when it starts. You got all the best players grinding their way out along with you. If you're a good player yourself, you get less frustration. And if you're a bad player, you at least get to get carried. The caveat being that they are probably in a higher league bracket than you to begin with if the latter's the case. Second best time is the last two weeks before it ends. The downside to this is you have to wade through utter filth to go up ranks and if you're a bad player you're out of luck; you likely won't be able to fail upwards with the remains of what the ranked season chewed and spat out. But If you're good, you will carry more games than not, and it will be a relative breeze to Rank 1. Anything in between is a waste of time and sanity.
  4. KosmicRavioli

    CVs have ruined DDs

    They don't care because people keep playing them. Which makes sense when you think about it; people like playing stuff that can't be defended against. It's patently bad design and balance, but we all know the honchos at WG have their noses buried in their spreadsheets, looking at a few data metrics and conjouring up highly subjective feel-good-analyses from them. I mean, everybody knows; 4% shorter overall battle time means more dynamic gameplay, and not at all more frequent curb-stomps that leave people frustrated and angry. Everybody knows this.
  5. KosmicRavioli

    Really not a rant but...

    Think you're the one confusing them mate. The guy was talking about Ranked, not Ranked Sprint, which isn't proper ranked at all.
  6. KosmicRavioli

    Really not a rant but...

    Why do people keep saying this? It's been revocable for years. Rank 12 is the last rank that is irrevocable and it's been like that since pretty much the beginning if memory serves right, save last year when they tried Rank 10.
  7. Not that long ago I've had a big argument on the "Help Me" discord about this very topic. Felt like I was all alone against everyone else in claiming that IFHE costs too much for its benefit, which is of questionable value to begin with. Glad to see there are some sane people out there. You'd think that people with "Tutor" tags under their names would be more sensible about these things, rather than reject it out of hand just because someone disagreed with them.
  8. KosmicRavioli

    Thanks for T7 ranked!

    Fuso, Arizona and Warspite. These three completely dominated the entire season when it was done at T6. Literally every game, 3-4 BBs out of 6 ships.
  9. KosmicRavioli

    Thanks for T7 ranked!

    People are quick to forget how broken some ships are for anything remotely competitive. And how every time any tier other than T10 caused unending frustration amongst the player base. At T6 you have highly accurate BBs that one-shot everything. At T7 you have Belfast, Atlanta, Flint and Sinop. At T8 you have Akizuki and similar DDs that outclass cruisers. At T9 you have Kitakaze and similar DDs that outclass everything. Season after season of T10 might be boring, but it is by far the most balanced tier in the game. And that says something.
  10. KosmicRavioli

    Suspended from useing ingame chat until the 22nd?

    It's on my EU account. The only answer I got from support was an automated one telling me how the system works and that they will look into it. That was more than a week ago. Unless using F-keys is considered "insults and provocations", I can't imagine what's the justification for it. Because again, haven't typed anything in chat in the last 2 months.
  11. KosmicRavioli

    Suspended from useing ingame chat until the 22nd?

    I'd turned off my chat for good about 2 months ago, when I was chatbanned even though I didn't use it much beyond saying "hello". A couple weeks ago I got chatbanned again, for 2.5 months, while my chat was disabled for the last 2 months. I contacted support, I contacted a couple WG employees, no response. Not that I will ever use chat again mind you, but the injustice of it has become a point of principle for me at this point.
  12. Putting the changes in front of us is only a part of the issue.
  13. KosmicRavioli

    Gunboating your way to map control

    I hadn't used IFHE in anything DD calibre at high tier in such a long time. Like, I didn't even use it for Daring before the IFHE rework. After the rework, I simply can't justify spending 4 points and getting a huge cut to my fire chance when there are so many useful 3-point skills. I simply use HE to stack fires and AP to deal alpha.