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  1. KosmicRavioli

    How Is This Still OK?

    I have watched a couple of his videos more than a year ago. His advice on gameplay and builds was so bad that I ended up blocking his channel to prevent it from cluttering my recommended feed and told him in no uncertain terms how bad his recommendations were and the disservice he was doing to the community. For your sake, I hope you stop taking him seriously when it comes to builds and gameplay.
  2. KosmicRavioli

    Any CCs you can actually trust these days?

    Honestly, good for him. I really enjoyed and valued his videos, but good for him. This game is kind neither to its players nor to its CCs.
  3. KosmicRavioli

    Any CCs you can actually trust these days?

    Eh, in the circles that I hang around in, I'm far from the first person to think that way about LWM's opinions regarding gameplay. You come to a certain point skill-wise and you start getting real picky about whose opinions you take seriously and respect. Again, she is a godsend when you are looking for in-depth mechanics knowledge and facts. Just not for gameplay. As for my account. I used to play in NA for nearly 5 years before I transferred my main to EU. I use the same name in both servers, I just couldn't bother to grind this one yet. I have around 20k battles when you count all types and have worked my way up from being a shitter to consistent unicum/superunicum territory. I don't hide behind alt accounts to talk genuinely about people, to their face.
  4. KosmicRavioli

    Any CCs you can actually trust these days?

    What happened to him? He got burnt out or...? The way you talk in past tense about him makes it sound like he's no longer with us, that he passed away.
  5. KosmicRavioli

    How Is This Still OK?

    Now there's a surprise.
  6. KosmicRavioli

    exciting new clan battles meta with cv!

    This thread is funny. I hadn't even realised another CB season had started. I'm pretty much done with it after giving CVs the benefit of the doubt last season, and we were #3 on EU (#10 Global) at some point, as if that means anything. But good on you for being #3 on NA in a season where the competition is decidedly easier than would otherwise be.
  7. KosmicRavioli

    How Is This Still OK?

    With everything we've seen in the past year, you are probably right.
  8. KosmicRavioli

    How Is This Still OK?

    Why would you assume that when people talk about an effective counter, they automatically mean "take no damage"? Again, you are talking to a reasonably good player here, and while I "dodged" and managed to do something like 140k damage with 2 kills (one of which was that damnable CV) while getting 27 plane kills with only long-range AA, the experience as a whole was absolutely horrendous and extremely frustrating. Because despite my "dodging" and killing and doing a ton of damage, the fact remains that the CV is simply untouchable as long as they don't make a stupid mistake and get spotted within your firing range. In the end, despite the 27 plane kills, I still died a protracted, frustrating death to a ship that I couldn't harm in any way (until he got spotted). Yet, even sinking his ship wasn't enough, because CV players -for some reason- get to keep fighting even after they die (he killed me with multiple rocket strikes, after he died). If it was any other class of ship, I could fight back or disengage. It is the one-sidedness of this whole affair where the CV controls all the cards that make up for an extremely frustrating experience, and it never gets solved. Despite more than a year of countless people bringing up this issue over and over again. Losing pretty much all your AA to the said CV in the process is just the cherry on top. It's literally the least they could do to make sure that the AA survives CV attacks. And yet, here we are.
  9. KosmicRavioli

    How Is This Still OK?

    I'd like to know how one dodges rockets in a Moskva. More to the point; this "just dodge" stance is extremely tired and is long proven to be horsecrap as far as reliably mitigating damage is concerned. I don't know why people still think it's a viable tactic to suggest other than for the pure comedy value. Especially to a player who is reasonably good.
  10. KosmicRavioli

    Any CCs you can actually trust these days?

    Only worth reading for the specs and factual data. Pretty questionable (some might say outright bad) when it comes to playstyle advice and learning to get good.
  11. KosmicRavioli

    Any CCs you can actually trust these days?

    Mejash is the only CC whose opinions I actually respect and can stand to listen to. There was also Stuntman who made videos on YT, mostly about ships' specs and mechanics. He was worth watching as well, but he stopped doing videos from what I can tell. All the rest is... meh.
  12. KosmicRavioli

    How Is This Still OK?

    In a Moskva. Started a battle, barely 2 mins in when a Midway finds me and decides to make a rocket pass at me. My AA goes from 100% to 60% in a single strike. No, not a single wave, a single strike. I'm not even bothered about the 12k he took off me at this point. A few minutes later he comes back again, one strike, my AA goes from 60% to 40% and all my short-range mounts are gone... like zero. He spends the rest of the game dropping torps, bombs and rockets on me until he kills me. This isn't an outlier or some freak event, this happens regularly with every CV that fires HE rockets and bombs. So, how is this OK? AA is literally my only "counter" against a CV and he can so casually take it out making me even more helpless against his attacks. I mean wth?! What other class is there that can casually take out a ship's guns so as to render him absolutely defenceless against a player? Seriously, how is this, after nearly 18 months, still OK? Either give me a proper counter against CVs, or -at the very goddamn least- make sure that my AA can f******* survive CVs' attacks. F****** Christ.
  13. KosmicRavioli

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    Unfortunately, I agree with that. In fact, I've been saying the same basic thing for a while. The last devblog regarding season 9 of CBs made it abundantly clear that WG is actually pleased with the way it has unfolded, the frustrations of the top strata notwithstanding, and their proposed "solutions" and pledges of improvements are nothingburgers only meant to quiet down the backlash. I'm gonna quote myself from our discussions on our own (07) discord server. "I mean look at it from their perspective... there are what; 50-60 clans who are regularly competitive enough to make it to Hurricane, globally? Those are the main voices opposing CVs in competitive. On the other hand, there are literal thousands other clans who aren't really affected by CVs and CV-centric-strats' supremacy because everyone is so bad at every ship and class (no offence). These min-max considerations don't apply to them. And I assume WG is more than happy to cater to that audience... I don't really have any faith in WG to make changes to how CV works just to appease a minority in the Hurricane. And their wording on the devblog makes it clear that the issues with the CVs are endemic to the Hurricane level... Frankly, the differences between the top flight and the rest of the player base are so vast that it might as well be a different game, because the rules that apply to both strata are too different in terms of competitiveness. And WG (perhaps rightly) tends to assess these things from the POV of the lowest common denominator. As they are the many." I badly, BADLY want the CVs to be balanced so that it is -at the very least- actually tolerable to play against. And whereas I take part, appreciate and encourage my brothers-in-arms to press on with this boycott in the hopes that we might actually achieve something, I have zero faith in it actually achieving anything, not just because this boycott lacks tooth and mass participation needed to actually have leverage, but also because WG has no incentive to change something that by all rights, proves to be working just as they intended. It simply doesn't make business sense to undertake yet another rework (minor in scope as some might believe) to appease a precious few, when the vast majority has proven to not be affected. On the contrary, they seem to be thriving. In my mind, this will all eventually pass over and the outrage will subside, when the old-guard (myself included) who remember the "good-old-days" -beaten down by their frustration and lack of progress- move on to other games, and the ranks of the player base are largely filled by new recruits who only arrived after the rework and are accustomed to the status quo.
  14. KosmicRavioli

    Competitive without CV featuring the Gaishu cup

    What does it take for people to understand that having effectively unlimited spotting ability is the chief enemy of any competitive endeavour?