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  1. username66811

    Cant login to the game

    I'm back in now. Whatever was wrong is fixed for me.
  2. username66811

    Cant login to the game

    Thanks much for the guidance and attention to the topic.
  3. Anyone else having troubles logging into the game through steam? I keep getting a error that says "Username not available". Have restarted the game and PC still no go. I had this problem a year ago once but cant remember what solved it.
  4. username66811

    Oh Look - Jingles on the new Skill Reset - Logic??

    I too say boo to the new skills rework.
  5. Just chiming in this thread to say I'm having the same issues with frozen mini map, invisible ships and shells, unchanging HP on everything...it all goes to shat when using torps. Very rarely on any other ships but with so many ships using torps it limits the hell out of the game. My PC is more than capable and def not the issue. I'm tryin to grind some lines here WG, help a brother out and fix this please.
  6. username66811

    Strange game freezes after last patch

    Understood. Still meh, makes it impossible to enjoy any other ships but non German BB's. So fun...
  7. username66811

    Strange game freezes after last patch

    One or more of these are happening to me almost every single DD game now. It's getting worse for me not better.
  8. username66811

    Strange game freezes after last patch

    I did the same yesterday and switched from my Pomm to GK for a dozen matches and zero glitching. Then switched to Helena and for a few, same. Went DD and the second I fired the first torps it all went to shat. Ship wouldn't even load in the dock after game and I had to close the game from the task manager. Bleh.
  9. username66811

    Strange game freezes after last patch

    It's been happening on my Pommern for a couple days.
  10. username66811

    Strange game freezes after last patch

    I am having EXACTLY the same issues since the update as Sabot_100 and others....Have tried every solution suggested and still happening about 30% of games now. Invisible ships, frozen torps, frozen minimap, can't select priority target, stuttering audio....it's a complete crapshow. I'm even getting that screen from the LAST match showing on current match ending, before the results screen. Please help WG this is lame.
  11. Hi all. I just woke up today to terrible (~300-500)pings when playing and was wondering if anyone else is having the same issue? The latest wows update and the last windows update both came over the last week and I dont seem to have any ISP issues so I'm just trying to troubleshoot. Thanks in advance.