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  1. SoThirsty

    Kept my mind sorta open on mines....

    Static potato CVs have always been a snipe target.
  2. SoThirsty

    Kept my mind sorta open on mines....

    Not going to read through FOUR pages of posts, but did read through TWO. Noticed nobody is discussing the counter to mines: depth charges. I've played dozens of matches, and have found mines difficult to land damage and easy to counter because of depth charges.
  3. SoThirsty

    One commander to rule them all?

    I use very few captains and frequently re-train, and re-distribute. I'm sitting on 4M+ ECXP.
  4. If you get a direct hit into the captain's stateroom, it counts as a rare headshot ribbon.
  5. This was a premium container I got for FREE
  6. This is a great mode, a perfect balance of PvE. There really hasn't been a valid complaint so far. Some gripes have been about certain ships being too vulnerable. That's the strength of different modes - they are SUPPOSED to favor different ship types. Having players experiment with different ships is the core of the gaming experience. I pity everyone griping about having to figure out meta picks. 10 BBs? I haven't had one battle yet but I'm looking forward to attempting the challenge. The long distance glass cannons have resulted in a long-distance meta, hurting close-range brawlers in standard random matches. We finally get a PvE mode favoring close range brawlers while hurting long distance glass cannons - I think you get the idea.
  7. SoThirsty

    Asymmetric Battle, did I miss something?

    The number of people in this thread requiring an eye exam is astounding. You can literally look closer at the image, and even zoom in...or at least spend more than 2 seconds reviewing. Hopefully this makes it easier:
  8. SoThirsty

    Torpedo Lookout System

    Can be worthwhile in brawls. I almost always take concealment. Consumables mod is worthless, relative to the others.
  9. SoThirsty

    Clan Battles

    Yup. This point has been argued ad nauseam. It's not weak if everyone has the same ships. T1 isn't weak if everyone is driving a T1.
  10. SoThirsty

    Clan Battles

    There are many ways to produce a line-up for CB. What you described is one way. My clan is leaning more of what OP stated. We recognize the most important factor is individual player comfort and skill. Shot caller will state a preference for a ship, or a type of ship. Player will list the ships they have and are comfortable with. Me personally, I'm only comfortable with a very small handful of ships - I'm extremely niche but I can flex to others if needed. Buyer beware. If you're in long enough to be good at high tier premium or rare ships, you should know they are likely to be banned from CB play. Strong players make strong clans, not ships. Good players typically don't complain about being flexible.
  11. SoThirsty

    Clan Battles

    I appreciate the diversity and new tactics.
  12. "dictated somehow" Even after you're told ad nauseam my take, you still hold to the misinterpretion. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Honestly, that sounds like a positive. These types of players have always been toxic. Better to end the game early than drag it out with their nonsense.
  14. “everything is dictated somehow by other players.” I want a 400k damage game with 6M potential damage 100 plane kills and 12 kill double kraken. It's not fatalistic to acknowledge enemy players DO DICTATE elements of the game, things that are completely out of your control. I would call that game-sense. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯