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  1. SoThirsty

    TK Penalty

    To everyone else, the harm is so obvious. This is like someone bumping into you on the street. Once or twice, we can forgive. But bump so many times and it's perceived as intentional. Is a gentle bump harmful? What about 70+ gentle bumps? OK so the real-life metaphor and experience of everyone trying to educate you regarding a basic human concept is still not enough. I'm wondering if you've ever been fired upon in game. Of course, right - by hostile fire. We humans, have these things called reflexes, learning, and brains. Within our neurology we have certain learned programs. Play a game enough, 17k matches in your case, and your brain should build comprehensive programs of input-analysis-output: i.e. a program. One of these is taking fire. The game provides an enormous array of stimuli upon taking fire: sounds, visuals, shaking, etc. Sensory input is so fine tuned and detailed that our brains automatically build these programs. The program is initiated upon taking fire, friendly or hostile - same sounds, visuals, and camera shaking. Of course not all input is the same (e.g. health depleting and red direction indicators are missing), but there is enough. To a normal human player, e.g. the vast majority of readers on this thread, these effects push a learned neural program so embedded into our brains that removing it will be impossible. In other words, friendly fire is interpreted the same as hostile fire by our brains - if only for a fleeting fraction of a second. The dissonance of receiving fire, yet not having to react appropriately, induces an extremely jarring and unpleasant experience for human adult players. We can't "turn off" this feeling. It's impossible since these same programs exist for hostile fire. The experience is too similar to dissociate or to build different neural programs. And why should the burden be on the victim to compensate? Translation - YOU ARE HARMING THE TEAM VIA FRIENDLY FIRE. Is that enough of a "smart" explanation for you? Or do I have to break down even further via limbic system learning, the various neurotransmitters, and stress states? Is this enough "smart" for you?
  2. SoThirsty

    Dockyard Event Art Needs To Be Stepped Up

    You drew first mud here. Looks like someone can talk crap but can't take it. Your idea, if proposed with some humility as a nice-to-have, would've sounded great. Instead you come off as entitled.
  3. SoThirsty

    TK Penalty

    I can't believe this is an actual line of thought typed by a human adult. Ok. You can't possibly think shooting friendlies 70+ times is ever acceptable. Everyone is here telling you it's not. This is such a fundamental courtesy that (nearly) everyone reading this thread is simply baffled at your bizarre rationale. Do I really, really, need to explain that Narai transports aren't human players? If you're shooting teammates, obviously you're not shooting anything else.
  4. SoThirsty

    TK Penalty

    There is harm. What if someone shot YOU 70+ times. Even with no TK, it's not fun for me. WG agrees.
  5. If you're trying to complete everything, I gotta say that the 10 citadel task is by far the most difficult. If you're a cruiser player I would recommend completing that one first since it relies on a hefty dose of luck (far more than any other task). I have two tasks left - the other one is dev strikes with BB which I'm working on first.
  6. Oh so that's how you do the 10 citadel campaign task. Got it.
  7. SoThirsty

    So I went Seal Clubbing...

    V25 div would be dirtier
  8. Nothing you mentioned hurts a CV or changes how a good player will approach the game. You tried to go in a different direction rather than straight nerfing, I can appreciate that. I don't think I'm misinterpreting your plan, but it does seem like you did not understand what I wrote. Let's say you removed all AA from a CV. A good CV will STILL be able to beat you without attacking enemy CV. Why? Because it takes twice as long for you to strike me. Thus, I get twice the squadrons you get, while I am killing valuable targets and controlling the map. (twice the time is a conservative estimate since it will take you LONGER to attack me since I will be behind my team). By the time you've finally killed me, 10-12 min into the match (I'm being generous, it's probably more like 15 min or never), half your team is dead while we have all caps. Nice CV kill. And yes, a good player can be that far above the rest. In fact, this situation already exists at T4. Why are there rarely successful CV snipes? Because the planes are so slow! Has nothing to do with fighters or AA. In case you were under the notion fighters offer absolute protection - they don't. As I said above, and as many other comments have reinforced, fighters are not a magical shield. In effect, you've made the game that much more difficult to play. The bad/mediocre CV players will get worse, while the good ones get even stronger. You've produced a wider skill disparity and made CVs as a whole even more difficult to play against. Even worse, against a good player a CV snipe is not possible. You snipe 2-3 mediocre CV players and think you're hot stuff. Then you have to fight someone who knows how to play CV, and you've screwed your team by wasting time.
  9. 1-stop diversifying. Specialize in a ship you like playing. DD and CV are the most difficult classes (subs probably too but I don't play them), with the highest skill ceiling and game impact. CVs are boring for me so I play DD, which I consider to have the greatest game impact. 2-watch replays. Post replays. Every other forum post is a complaint about the game yet we rarely see replays. Watch other (good) players on youtube. Malta is good, and probably my favorite. He is the only one that never complains or whines. There are sarcastic jokes but always in good fun. Everyone else whines too much about things they can't fix. There are probably others you can find. 3-Mute battle chat. 4-stay away from hating on specific ship or specific class. Just. Stop. Whining. Learn why they are OP. Strengths? Weaknesses? 5-related to #4, learn your match-ups. E.g. Smaland vs. Ragnar = lose in straight fight. Spot/kite, contest caps for win. Smaland vs Shima = screen, contest, chase/hunt. Shima vs radar gunboats = bait out radar, stay close to support, cap, contest. Can go wide and torp if you have close support.
  10. The fighters is interesting, but a good CV player can easily work around fighters. This idea would take a lot of brainpower with low yield. The CV v CV concept is inherently flawed in the current game. I'm not sure how taking CAP away from CV will promote CV v CV. This proposal doesn't seem well informed. A CV's strength is spotting and cross fire. Attacking one isolated target seems suffocating for the person being attacked, but is effectively a poor use of CV resources. That's why a failed CV snipe is so devastating and why I think anything promoting CV sniping is bad for the game. You will never kill a good CV player with CV snipe. You will always fail and waste time, ensuring your team's loss. Bottom line, your idea does nothing to address the strengths of CV.
  11. SoThirsty

    research bureau question?

    Better to wait until snowflakes, then do the quarter reset. Unless you have an ocean of credits.
  12. SoThirsty

    Revisiting AA and CVs

    CV and sub problem in a nut shell. Low skill floor (yet many newbs still complain they can't 50% strike a DD), yet high skill ceiling. This is by far the only coherent and logical solution I've seen. The only problem is it will require an enormous re-work, probably the same level of massaging the subs have endured for the last 2 years or so. Maybe not stick to single-strike, but having AA have some sort of other effect.
  13. SoThirsty

    Never type "gg" until is REALLY done.

    Skimming your wall of text, it's obvious there are many different interpretations which you acknowledge. Subtext is always missing from naked text. It's very optimistic and zen to assume the other person has good intentions, but when I'm proven wrong it really sucks out the "friendly energy". Better to just mute. Typing "gg" is NOT the same as in-person saying "gg". 30 years of internet interaction and 2 years of COVID virtual meetings and you'd think people would understand by now there is a vast difference between typing text and in-person communications. Saying "good day" on the street with a friendly smile vs. a scowl and sneer are two obviously different things. I never claimed to speak for the "rest of the gaming world". It's a FACT that many professional esports and multiplayer games codify "gg" as a concession. Use that fact however you want.
  14. SoThirsty

    Never type "gg" until is REALLY done.

    Because the rest of the gaming world interprets "gg" as a concession, a clear signal by the apparent loser that the game is over. WOWS players interpret gg very differently. Call it culture clash. Anyone saying "gg" signals a thought that the game is over. When said by the loser, it's a clear concession. When said by the winner, it means "game is over, I've won." You don't think that's a bit rude, or at least could be interpreted as such? Especially when there is a chance of the apparent winner, well not actually winning as with OP's match.
  15. SoThirsty

    Never type "gg" until is REALLY done.

    WOWS players are...different. This is the only community where "gg" is said by the both winning and losing teams as *only* a way to signal good sportsmanship. I suspect WOTS is the same. I was genuinely offended and confused when I was a new WOWS player and winning team kept saying "gg". Over time I realized it was the WOWS players not understanding the rest of the gaming world uses "gg" differently. In every other esports community, and professional esports, "gg" is said *only* by the *loser* or apparent loser to signal concession (and good sportsmanship). Thus, "gg" said by an apparent winner is in bad taste and considered extremely rude. In fact, many esports codifies "gg" to mean a concession. Regardless, "gg" is taken to mean "the game is over" when said by any party. Call it a generational gap, age gap, or whatever. WOWS players seems to take offense that "gg" means something very specific to hardcore gamers. A bulk of WOWS players believes "gg" only signals "hey I had a good game, thanks." But also take offense that the vast majority of the gaming world interprets "gg" as "good game because the game is definitely over and that's the only time anyone can truly say good game." I made a whole 6-page thread about it here: