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  1. I love ranked. The smaller format is great. Means you really have to sail you ships and contribute. When I loose a game i more often then not save my star so that mechanic is great. I did make it to Rank one in Gold 2 seasons ago where you did not save your star in gold and that was a tough slog however on the flip side I did not see many players in that season exhibiting the save a star mentality. For me it's all in and my stats reflect that. I play to win not to save a star :) I started play clan battles just over a year ago and have always played ranked. I have not played much randoms because of ranked and clan battles. These two modes for me anyways are far more competitive and much more fun.
  2. Same for me. Plus it looked like I rolled 2 other ships I already had because I got 5000 Doubloons as well. Was a good deal as I really wanted the Kearsarge B and the Napoli B. Plus of course the Doubloons we will get for the missions.
  3. In My almost 14,000 battles I have been detonated 11 times. 6400 are in co-op so I guess those don't count lol. I can not remember the last time I was detonated and I wear my det flag on all ships. I do however see at least 1 or 2 ships daily get detonated in ranked in the last 60 days. It actually surprises me that more do not wear Juliet Charlie flags.
  4. 11 - 1 in my Pommern. Its a beast the only loss was against an Agir. The Ruprechts hit hard and gave me some trouble but I was able to come out on top. Thank god for Hydro. Had a Paolo Emilio try to torp me but I had my hydro up and while he did manage to land 2 torps he was no match for HE and secondaries.
  5. D_S_K

    Feedback on Ranked: Part 2!

    Yes Yes and finally Yes Will stay in silver as I get to play my favourite ship :)
  6. D_S_K

    Whaling Result:

    That is a good haul and almost exactly what it should be. I bought Shikashima as well and man do I love the sounds of those guns. I have a pretty decent sound setup on my computer and my walls rattle when I shoot those very big guns :) Was worth the steel just to get the sound of those guns LOL
  7. D_S_K

    Whaling Result:

    Sorry don't mean to doubt what your saying but your numbers do not make sense. They are way outside of what it should be. Your numbers that you posted suggest you opened almost twice as many crates as you posted. In Fact with what you posted every second crate you opened was either Steel, Coal, Doubloons or Premium time and I have an extremely hard time believing that is what it was. I am very happy with what I received in my crates and its right on target with what it should be. I kept track of every crate I opened and the order they were opened. I know exactly what i received and I have the numbers to prove it.
  8. D_S_K

    Whaling Result:

    You sure about that? That would put your steel drops between 27% and 28% which is way outside the posted averages. I have opened almost double the amount of containers you have and I am at 16.7% Steel which is almost 1% higher then it should be. Same can be said with your coal. Your amounts equal 12% to 13% which again is way outside the posted averages. I am at 8.1% for my coal which is even 1% higher then it should be Your doubloons sound about right. I am at 6.01% for my doubloons which is 1% higher then it should be. If you opened only 220 crates then your averages are even higher so I suspect something is wrong with your calculations. I don't want to doubt what you have posted but those numbers you have posted are unrealistic and way way way outside by almost double what can be expected to drop.
  9. D_S_K

    Did anyone actually get 180 days premium?

    I got 930 (5 X 180 in Mega) and (1 X 30 in a Santa gift) days Premium time in all my crates. I now can play WOWS for 7 and 1/2 years as I have 2700 days of premium time.
  10. Out of 144 Crates opened. 6 were Santa Gifts and 138 were Mega Gifts I bought 5.33 bundles of 20 Mega Crates = so paid for about 107 Crates and the rest were paid for with Doubloons I won and my Free 9 Mega crates from Tier 10 Ships. I have all the ships so that is why there are none here and just Steel. The Steel includes the %10 bonus for being part of a clan so if you take out the %10 Bonus its 33,750 Steel
  11. D_S_K

    So much SALT today

    I have done both :)
  12. D_S_K

    So much SALT today

    I sure did.
  13. Got this in my port after a game. Lost 1 point of Karma as well Was in Arm's Race. Does not even count towards your stats. Sheeeesh!!!! Some people.
  14. D_S_K

    WOWS bricked 2 of my 3090s

    I have a EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra which I just received directly from EVGA 1 month ago and it never goes above 55 C in port or in game and the FPS is the same at 76 FPS whether I am in port or in game. I think the OP just got unlucky. EVGA is a stand up company and they will look after him. I do not think its a WOWS issue. Last year I had a RX 5700XT which was a total piece of crap video card that worked for about 2 weeks and then I could not play any game at all. Could not even load into WOWS so back to Nvidia I went.