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  1. D_S_K

    Support the cap

    Of course I mean when I am playing bb's. should have been more clear. I try to say unspotted in a dd and spot the crap outta red.
  2. D_S_K

    Support the cap

    Yeah i play dd too so I know all about that. I do not abandon my team mates tho. I go down fighting like mad.
  3. D_S_K

    Support the cap

    I am l alot like that as well. I always support my dd's in my BB. I do not like to sit in the back so i get up close (but not in the cap) and tank damage so the dd's can do there job. I have killed quite a few dd's with my musashi lol and some from a fair good distance away as well, However I have noticed that you can only do some much. There are occasions when I am busy supporting the cap and the others that are at the cap abandon the cap leaving me to get focused on. i can usually get away but of course us bb's are slow moving targets.
  4. D_S_K

    Who have you seen in game

    You were dug in pretty good. You were in an excellent position. I had to sneak through some islands to get you and was taking fire from every direction. I almost hated to sink you but all is fair in battle at sea LOL. I also was doing the 1k ribbons mission. I was averaging 50 ribbons per game so took me awhile but I had fun doing it and did not too bad as well. Thanks for the fun game :). I went and looked at your channel afterwards hoping that you were not live streaming HAHAHA
  5. D_S_K

    Who have you seen in game

    I was very fortunate to be in a game with @Lord_Zath on Saturday. He was in HSF Hiei. I managed to sink him by getting to the side of him but it was a battle and I was playing the same ship as him. He was dug in pretty good and the only way to get him was to flank him. Well played sir. We did not win this game but this was a game I did not mind too much loosing. It was a honor. Not sure who comp'ed me that game but I am pretty sure it was him and he also got a +1 from me :)
  6. Naval battles in real life very rarely were fought with balanced ships. IE Bismarck / Princ Eugen vs damn near the whole British fleet, Battle of Midway etc etc etc. How can you expect both teams to have balanced fleets. In all honesty that would be boring. You run what you brung so to speak and you fight like hell to win. Now some ships are much harder to obtain then others but that does not mean that those who have them should not be allowed to use them. I will say this, you get out of your games what you put in. Lots of players are very passive and hide behind islands and stay at the back of the map. Hard to win when they won't fight but that is the nature of the draw in this game. Both teams have this and there is nothing we can do about it. My win rate has improved dramatically lately and that is because I fight like hell and don't give up without a fight and it works. I think player skill or lack of skill has the single biggest influence on the out come of a match. Sure RNG might influence a match to some degree but i would not say that causes me my losses.
  7. I have her and for some reason I do not do well with her. Of course since the skills rework her secondaries are not near as effective. I used her a lot when we had the asymmetrical battles and she dominated there and I have played her in ranked too. She does not carry as much punch as Musashi and while she can surely tank damage I just don't do as well with her. Of course i have not played Massa in quite some time and just have 8 Random Battles with her so it might be time to get her into the open sea and see if I can put what I have learned into practice.
  8. Musashi fits my play style almost perfectly. I hate sniping from the back. There is no fun in that for me. I like to be in the thick of the battle so bow in I go. If I can keep and island to one side side of me all the better. I tank a fair amount of damage and get my fair share of hits and kills and that is what is important. I do hate sniping from the back of the map like i started before so Musashi allows me to get into the battle a wreck havoc amongest team RED.
  9. I resemble this post somewhat. I started 18 months ago and did absolutely crappy. My problem was not starting at the bottom at Tier 1. I played so horribly and never could understand what i was doing wrong. Frustrated me greatly. I wanted to learn but there was no one to teach me so i did it the hard way. I paid attention to my games and read the forumns and slowly but surely learned enough that now I feel i am an average player. My stats don't reflect this tho. https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1037836467,D_S_K/ Its been a real struggle and it took me 2000 games in random to realize the biggest mistakes I have made. But I am coming along as you can see in the stats above. I don't blame MM. I blame my own poor level of performance for my losses. I have match making monitor and I see the make up of the teams however that just makes me want to work harder now. Believe it or not I have carried a few games lately and that makes me feel pretty darn good. I guess what I am trying to say is you get what you put in. If you put in a lacklustre effort you will get loss after loss. If you try hard and learn you will still loose games but not as many if you did not try at all. Will take me a while to get to 50% but that is my goal right now and certainly achievable. By the way I don't play tier 10 in randoms anymore either LOL. Learned that the hard way.
  10. D_S_K

    Qualifying still sucks.

    I like the qualifiers as i can see what i am up against before i even get to silver. I've done well in bronze. Very well in fact and when i finish bronze I really am not ready to stop playing ranked just yet so i hop into the silver qualifiers and knock out 4 wins. I get a sneak peek of what I am up against and it makes me want to stay in bronze. Very different play style between bronze and silver. I did qualify once to get into gold and I played in gold and I could not wait to get out of gold and back into bronze which is where i am staying for now. I have a lot of fun in ranked. Much more so then random to be honest.
  11. D_S_K

    Favorite ships?

    Musashi is by far my most favourite ship :)
  12. D_S_K

    Challenge accepted!

    I know this one does not count but it is my first Kraken in Ranked.
  13. D_S_K

    Challenge accepted!

    Does this count?
  14. Your right it doesn't WASD that great but I did use Steering gears mod in slot 4 and it has helped some what. BB's are alot hard to turn in so I bow tank a lot however I like to be in the action. I hate to sit on the outside just shooting in.
  15. I mostly play BB's but I have a problem of getting a little to close to the action and WASD while it works in BB's they just don't react fast enough and I end back in port a little more often then I would like. SO!!!!!!! into Cruisers I go and without changing play style too much except for WASD I've done pretty well today. Quite impressed actually as I have not played to many cruisers in random in a very long time, I had a alot of fun today. Thanks to all those who played with me and those who were my opponents.