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  1. How do you get these stats? I'd be curious to see how many I have gotten.
  2. I had some bad luck starting this ranked season. I went in with BB's nope could not even hit the broad side of a barn. 3 games and 1 win Tried cruiser's 2 games and 0 wins Not looking good Took Z-39 out of drydock 6 games with 5 of them wins. I sunk a few ships with her but my main mission is spotting and capping. Keep those reds in sight so greens could hammer away. I think I will stay with dd's for the time being in ranked as I seem to be way more effective. Have fun all :)
  3. That happened to me a month or so ago as well. Except he told me to go to tier 4 or 5 and i was not a good player. I sunk 3 ships that game and we ended up winning. I’ll admit i don’t always play the way others want me to play but I do my best and always try to contribute.
  4. D_S_K

    Russian Cruiser Event Rewards

    13 crates opened yesterday netted me 80 tokens. :(
  5. Yeah I knew what he meant. :) Just wanted him to know that Yammy and I have gotten along well :)
  6. I have 47 Battles played with my Yammy and right now am sitting at a 55% W/R with that ship. I actually thought I did pretty good in Yammy.
  7. Funny you should mention that. I am part of a clan but have never fought a clan battle and have only fought 2 division battles. I would like to explore that more. Might be time to switch clans. Yeah cv's make me nervous sometimes for sure. Especially when i am tier 4 or 5 and there are 2 red cv's in every battle and I can't shoot down the planes. Thanks everyone for your advice and I have done some of what has been said already like going down to lower tiers. I also am in the training room a bit but 1 on 1 in there against bots is not so much fun. No challenge there but it helps to learn with aiming etc etc
  8. I actually love my yammy. She's a great ship. I try not to bring her in too close to the caps but have a few times wandered far closer then I should and then realizing that there is no one else there with me. Let's just say it does not end well for me. But I am learning. I am so on the fence with hiding stats. I see both sides of the coin however I would never base my game play on someone else stats. We are all beginners at one point and I try to help the team as much as I can.
  9. I never thought of that. I am part of the Older player base lol in my 50's however my computers all run ssd. No mechanical HDD here. I will watch for that. Thanks for the compliment. I am so guilty of tunnel vision myself however, I try to watch the minimap but i get so involved with what is happening too me that when I look again i am all by myself. I know this is a fault that I am working hard to work on. UltimateNewbie thanks for your advice. I don't want to quote your reply as it is very involved and would make my own reply very long. I never abandon my team mates. I am in it till the bitter end. I've seen players sit at the very back and just shoot at range however I can not be that kind of player. I've done it a few times but I need to be in the action. This is a team game and I recognize that and have been on the loosing end far too many times because some ships refuse to move up and we loose caps that we worked hard to get.
  10. So I'm fairly new. Have about 1300 Random games under my belt and my W/R is not so hot. Of course that is cause of me playing randoms right away after signing up and just getting clobbered all the time and not learning my lessons. This past week i researched Yamato and what a BB she is and through some hard work this weekend I brought my WR up from 42% to 43.8% However i've noticed a few things going on this past weekend and one incident confirmed it. When the game starts there are always 2 or 3 players who don't move and some don't move for a minute or longer. This happens every pretty much every single game the last month or so. I think I finally figured out why. I seen threads on players using mods to check players stats when the game starts. So I researched it a bit more and alot of players say they use these stats to determine who to help and who to abandon and leave to die. This past weekend I noticed that when the game starts I try to stick with the group of ships that or on the same flank as me. We get close to a cap and one or two of them leave the flank and head for the opposite side of the map to leave the rest of us to get clobbered. I don't run from a fight if I can help it and I die alot too. Last night I start a game and am east flank with a Benham, Bismark, Jean Bart and myself in Goliath. 5 red ships come to that flank and JB just up and leaves and goes back to the spawning area. He abandoned the flank and the 3 of us left got destroyed. I asked in Chat. Hey JB why did you leave us? His reply. Cause your donkey's.. Well if that was not a kick in the pants for me. I am trying my best to get into the action and win some games and have some fun while I am at it and we have players who just up and abandon the weaker players such as myself. Guess I take it a little personal as I've read soooooo many post's here about potato's and yolo and whatever else. I've put my profile on private now so that these kinds of players can't read my stats. It sucks cause even tho I am not a great player yet, I am still proud of what i have accomplished especially in last few weeks where i have learned a great deal. Ok Rant over. Hope u all have fun killing red players ships :)
  11. About 3 weeks ago I got Benham out of a super container. That was A VERY VERY GOOD day. Benham and Haragumo are my favorite dd's. Thing is i sometimes get super containers when i am going for resource containers and not sure how that is happening but I'll take it :)
  12. LOL I might not play for a few hours so I can savour it. I can hit some pretty big loosing streaks.
  13. I have to brag a little. This was probably my best game to date. Guess us average players get lucky once in a while. Don't think I have ever had 3 achievements in one battle.
  14. D_S_K

    Advice Given after Ranked

    This has happened to me as well but the player telling me this was not so nice about it. I've seen a lot of toxicity in chat in regarding this as well. I've been in games where i have sunk 3 or 4 ships and been told to go to the lower tiers. Kinda ruins it for the newer players such as myself. I am just an average player who started 6 months ago and I was hooked. All I can do is strive to be better and play my own game. I hate to say it but I am one of those players who bought into this game and was in upper tier games right when I started. Its just the last month or so I started the grinding from tier 2 and that has helped me tremendously. I still suck but not as bad as I did and i always try to help the team. Keep your head up and realize that for some this game is not about having fun, it's about winning. I love to win but i also want to have fun. I reported the few players who blasted me for what they thought was poor performance on my part. No one is an expert at this game when they are new and it takes thousands of games to be proficient as i am finding out now.