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  1. Wil5_warrior

    Is it possible to love the game but hate the company???

    Except the game is getting worse too.
  2. They never should have changed the credit structure of the OG Missouri, especially when many spent a great deal of money to acquire the ship in Santa's containers. It feels like a bait and switch on some of your best customers, and for what? Why risk making these people, your biggest in game spenders, mad?
  3. The 50% nerf of BFT and DE has hurt gunboat DDs. You can take the brawler skill to get back some dpm at a cost of reduced concealment, but that significantly reduces the utility of your ship. AR and PT are now more expensive which stinks. Basically the old builds were better, and we still have to pay an extra 1.2M ecxp for the privilege of getting reduced performance. Terrible deal, and a big slap in the face to those of us who enjoyed playing those ships. I'm strongly considering bagging this game and spending more time outside. Wargaming may have done me a big favor afterall.
  4. Maybe they should just delete the entire dd class? Seems like CV's and radar BCs are already doing a good job of that.
  5. Wil5_warrior

    CV re-rework

    Best solution I have heard is to create separate random battle options, with and without CVs.
  6. Wil5_warrior

    Multiple Games No DD's

    Why not have 2 random game options, with and without CVs, your choice? Then let customers decide what they want to play. This seems like the most reasonable option to keep the greatest number of players happy imo.
  7. Wil5_warrior

    Ban me for protesting dual CV

    I played 2 games last night, one in a dd, the other a bb. Got rekt by CVs in both. Then I quit playing. I had a T8 game recently with 2 CV's a side. Big surprise, it was dreadful. If it was my decision, I'd have 2 options for Random games and let customers choose to play either with or without CVs in the game. I think it would become obvious rather quickly what customers want, and if you want to stay in business, the customers are always right.
  8. I am wondering if we are in the new meta, and this is just the way things will be from here on. If that is the case, a big investment in a port full of DDs seems sadly misplaced.
  9. I agree with this island idea. If radar and hydro only worked line of sight, that would be a lot better.
  10. Don't forget Step 3: Ignore the team chat complaints about not capping.
  11. Between CV's, and a lineup of 5-6 Soviet 12km radar cruisers per team, playing DD has become incredibly difficult. The presence of battlefield radar in the game has really proliferated in the last week, well beyond what it used to be. DD players used to be able to keep their distance and wait out the occasional radar in order to cap, spot, or get within 7-10km for a torp launch, but with so many radars on the opposing team, and the high velocity rail gun ships they belong to, dds have essentially become obsolete. I am starting to see many more games where the cruisers or bbs have to cap because there are no DDs playing, or the DDs die very quickly. Smoke shooting from inside 12km in a DD or squishy cruiser can end your game pretty quickly now. Personally, I think all radar should be rolled back to under 10km, or maybe the DDs should be fitted with radar jamming consumables.
  12. Wil5_warrior

    ST, soviet cruisers branch split

    Does anyone know if the Unique Upgrade for Moskva will still be available in the the research bureau after the ship goes premium, or should I get the upgrade now while I still can?
  13. I think we already know the result of this social experiment don't we? The vast majority of players would opt for the random without CVs. So what does that tell you about customer satisfaction? Do they care?
  14. If nobody wanted to play the CV Random option they could go double or triple CV teams to square off at each other, then fill the rest of team with bots. The rest of us could enjoy playing without CVs. Very simple really.
  15. If CVs are so great for the game, how about they offer 2 Random game choices, one with CVs, and one without? Lol, how many would opt to play the Random with CVs?