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  1. Spaardacus

    What do your stats say about you?

    Thank you for the kind words, i have been playing a crap load since covid and consequently been improving quite drastically as well. ( I started basically this year in Jan) You are very spot on. It amazes me what our stats can tell about us, granted it may not always be guaranteed as exceptions are certainly out there. About Kremlin and Montana, those were the first few ships I've grinded up probably within the first 3 months since I started. GK was my first tier 10 and naturally the first 4-5 tier 10s I had, I didnt know a thing on how to play them. It wasn't until I started the american heavy cruiser line did I finally learn about proper angling. My Massachusetts, montana, yamato, iowa etc all had horrendous WR and stats. I just recently started playing the Mass again and finally saw how amazing that ship is. At the same time I've been re-playing my iowa and yamato. Constant 100k + games on yamato is quite easy once I figured out how the "overmatch: mechanic works lol. After looking at your stats, we do seem to be very similar in our plays. Thanks for the reviews, if you'd like add me in game and we can div up some time.
  2. Spaardacus

    What do your stats say about you?

    Check mine and be critical
  3. I remember reading somewhere that there was suppose to be a change to DD air concealment this update. Was it delayed or what is the actual time frame for the update? Thanks
  4. Spaardacus

    If I do IFHE on the pomern....

    Do it! It is worth it, make it a full secondary build with BFT. You can get quite insane amount of dmg from your secondaries.
  5. DD: Speed can be a double edge sword. There are more than one way to capture a cap point. Surviving till the end can be vital to your team. CA: Angling with your belt can become your most trusted ally. Holding your fire until you are in position can be crucial. Line of sight can save your life. BB: Tanking unnecessary damage can be your downfall. Resisting the urge to shoot all your guns can increase your chance to survive. You have more than just Armor piercing shells.
  6. Has anyone been able to division up this Ranked Sprint? We tried and it does not work, it also does not say its Ranked Sprint just regular Ranked
  7. Spaardacus

    Where can I view a list of what ships have Radar/Hydro?

    You go to the nearest musical equipment store, find the amp in which the knobs turns up to 11. You will then find your answer.
  8. Spaardacus

    Petropavlovsk minimum damage received

    The armor on petro is kind of a troll, unlike the moskva/stalingrad. However couple times I've thought my petro's armor can troll so I push out showing broadside and got instantly deleted... yes from 100% hp... by a GK and no not detonation. When armor is working great but when I get rushed by Hindenburgs and other heavy torpedo cruisers I realized that there isnt much I can do. It just feels inconsistent like Kremlin's guns, which creates issue for sticking to a play style.
  9. That is simple, just play this to warm yourselves up to some freedom
  10. Spaardacus

    When is the overpen mechanic going to be reworked?

    Umm, the iowa class battleship is only 270m in length... Im not sure which destroyer is 300m long...
  11. Spaardacus

    AFT useful for Des Moines?

    Just to clarify, the AA Range mod/skill that I kept on hearing about from those videos on youtube about how to play etc is no longer available right? If its still available then i am the biggest potato ever.
  12. Spaardacus

    AFT useful for Des Moines?

    Oh Hey Y! Long time
  13. Spaardacus

    AFT useful for Des Moines?

    Hi just got the DM, wondering if AFT would be worth the 4pts? Edit* Was going into a match didn't have time to finish the post... So yea I was noticing the AA on Dm isnt as great as the Worcester, planes still get through even with priority sector and def AA. Currently debating if I should run DE and PM for those last 4 pts. Or put them in RPF. Thanks
  14. Spaardacus

    If you were a gambler....

    Your screen is nothing compared to mine... Try to get the " No battle contributions" I didnt even need to spot anyone because we got CVs lol