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  1. Just went to try my first match in a couple days. Hit Battle, gets disconnected... Reconnects and got a "DRAW" The stats of the match still counted towards your ship, both in-game and on wows-stats shows... wth is this? A new feature?
  2. Look at where he is at, he is literally wasting everyones time.
  3. Spaardacus

    10.9 Survey is out.

    The survey did not even mention submarines, that is just shady.
  4. Had it 4 times today, playing tier 10s and everytime it happened there arent even 24 players in que.
  5. It takes some time! It took me well over 5000 battles before I even broke 50%
  6. Spaardacus

    You know what ruins this game?

    Um wait what, I don't think WG decides how people choose to play the game. It can decide the number of ships per team sure, but certainly not playstyle. Expecting players to play at an average level isnt making up rules that wasnt supported by the game. I do not ever expect teammates in random to be completely team oriented or play at a competitive level. What I believe most of us wants are just basic non-afk non-bot non-troll players.
  7. Spaardacus

    You know what ruins this game?

    Although I agree with you to a point... However, how are you going to claim that you do what you want, play how you want, that it is all for your enjoyment while ignoring the parts you don't enjoy AND then tell others how they should play, where they should play and if they can't handle it they shouldnt play???
  8. Spaardacus

    This has to stop

    That would be nice if that means players will play better, but you and I both know that won't happen. You think people won't be arguing with eachother in game using different methods instead of "Stats"?
  9. Spaardacus

    This has to stop

    I keep seeing this, this is the number 1 argument against the MM Monitor. I don't think I've ever seeing a single match where a teammate said "our team sucks according to MM Monitor and just went afk for the rest of the match" I totally agree that is toxic behavior but then truthfully how many of those situation can you provide as evidence? I played ALOT and I cannot recall once where a player was throwing based on stats. There are however many other instances where players go to the edge of the map for no reason but to piss off your team. I've also seeing those who stat shame and that is toxic. However this is an online PVP game, there is also the report button. On the MM Monitor itself it also tells you the players karma, guess what the high stats with little to no karma you can also shame them back. So why call ban on the monitor when only a handful who truly abuse it? Can we just ban World of warships because a handful of players who trolls on purpose that Teamkills, go to edge of the map do nothing?
  10. Spaardacus

    This has to stop

    So let me get this right, players with good performances, high stats and those who uses the MM Monitor are not decent human beings? Really?
  11. Seriously? the winners were for ALL the servers??? Shouldn't that be mentioned in BOLD or something at the auction?
  12. Spaardacus

    How do we report Bots?

    what no way, I had this guy on my team 3 times in 1 day. This is ridiculous.
  13. Spaardacus

    How do we report Bots?

    Who do we message for reporting bots? I didn't think they existed until I saw it firsthand. I have replays. Thanks. 20210528_101439_PASB018-Iowa-1944_47_Sleeping_Giant.wowsreplay
  14. Spaardacus

    3pm to 8pm No Joy No Fun "Pros"

    Actually, I think most of the time they refer to those who did not push in with them. Too many times I see BBs or DDs or CAs rush in and die, then say they had no support and rest of the team were just campers. This game is alot more complicated than most think.
  15. Spaardacus

    YES YES Thank you WG, love U

    uh its that or you face FDRs, Thunderers, Austins, Smalands, Stalingrads etc...