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  1. __Riptide_

    Hostile behavior from an ally

    It's t1, so he's probably new, I doubt he knows teamkilling results in penalties.
  2. __Riptide_

    Thanks WG for MM

    How is it anyone but your fault that you were in an fail div?
  3. __Riptide_

    This is deleted

    someone said lowtier cruisers are OP! damn never mind only 271 battles.
  4. __Riptide_


    Thanks, we get it. Quit making posts every week about how bad your co-op teams are, heck, you should be happy they are bad, you can farm much more damage if your team is doing nothing.
  5. __Riptide_

    Kansas is OP

    I see no connection of "Kansas being OP" and a scoreboard of "decent" players. What does this thread even mean???
  6. I bet there are also players who had 10 or more victories in a row, no one seems to be saying anything about that. Just do your best, pick a ship you are comfortable in and know what you are doing in it. DO NOT RELY on your team for anything, however their survival are still quite essential to victory, try to take fire for your team where you can either absorb the dmg ( like a RU bb or ca), or make the enemy miss all their shots (French / RU dd's). I have found that these ships can win more often as the enemy is wasting their time trying to kill you.
  7. __Riptide_

    Venezia...still a good ship?

    Main battery reload increased from 20 seconds to 21 seconds. Rudder shift increased to 13.6 seconds. SAP pen angle reduced from 75 to 70 degrees. The nerds didn't hit Venezia that hard expect for the pen angle, it's still one of the most maneuverable cruisers in-game and still very enjoyable to play. I hardly use it in clan battles now, SAP is just not effective against all the bow-tanking Russian ships.
  8. __Riptide_

    How to HE spam?

    Some cruiser's have better HE than others, Do you want hard-hitting HE and high fire chance -- IJN cruisers, UK CA's (maybe French cruisers too) or fast reload and spam shells everywhere and be annoying? -- USN CL's & some RU CL's Do you want improved pen on your HE? -- German CA's
  9. __Riptide_

    British ships

    Lol, what did the British ships do to you?
  10. Had about 6 games like this today: all of a sudden you can't see yours or the enemies' shells, and then the enemy ships disappear, not dropping off concealment, the ship itself disappears, but you can still the username, ship name and hp, btw the hp bar doesn't even change, so I pretty much didn't know how much hp I had left anytime...… until you get sunk and your hp still shows 25k. Your ship's icon doesn't even move on the minimap, nor does the enemy ships' when you are moving, happens every 2/3 games. Anyone else having these problems?
  11. __Riptide_

    Can we have a tier 12 and put Harufkinggumo in it?

    Lol a harugumo is overpowered post
  12. BB's, so boring for me
  13. __Riptide_

    Getting Away From the Grind...

    I enjoyed grinding through the IJN gunboats, mainly shirat, akizuki, kitkaze……. harugumo was kinda disappointing.
  14. __Riptide_

    I Hate DDs

    Please learn to counter your so called OP dd's and not complain about them
  15. __Riptide_

    Who'll reach first?

    A Kleber going from A1 to J1 on map polar, or Hosho torpedo bombers from A1 to J1 on map Tears of the desert?