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  1. __Riptide_

    Defense Ribbon record?

    45 more here.
  2. __Riptide_

    Thoughts on new Ops format?

    They make me feel bad.
  3. __Riptide_

    DDs not fun

    What is this nerf that OP is referring too?
  4. __Riptide_

    Kitakaze at T10?

    As someone who has had grinded and played Kitakaze and Harugumo many times and have regrinded the line multiple times, I must say that I do not agree with your opinion. While Kitakaze is indeed an extremely strong ship at t9, compared to many t10 destroyers, it loses an advantage that she has over all t9 destroyers: DPM - with a mere 192k HE DPM it can be outmatched by t10 destroyers of tech-lines that are regarded as lesser gunboats compared to the Harugumo line (Ex: Gearing with its 216k, Daring with 219k, and even Hayate has more DPM), while still suffering in trading engagements against ships like the Russian, French and Italian destroyers with their flat ballistics/heal/other special gimmicks. Harugumo is also rather balanced at T10 and also makes sense being the t10 with an extra turret - so I don't see much reason in moving it from the tech tree.
  5. __Riptide_

    WG gouging us on perma camos

    But aren't the prices for permanent camouflages already reduced (Ex: The first standard camo on a t10 ship is only 200 doubloons, compared to the previous price of well over 2000.)?
  6. __Riptide_

    Your monthly super container

    1000k doubloons, same as last month. Not gonna complain though its pretty good.
  7. __Riptide_

    Italian Destroyers are absolutely unplayable

    To bad that you didn't enjoy the L. Tarigo - I have been having a blast with this ship and I think it's one of the best destroyers out there for t7, and also the peak of the grind. The combination of exhaust smoke generator and speed boost allows you to engage any destroyers with near impunity, given that your teams spots the enemy dd after it fires. Along with your SAP dpm, which is only outclassed by Mahan HE dpm at t7 you can obliterate same and lower tier destroyers easily if they give you even near broadside (which they mostly do, because low-mid tier player base is not very skilled). T7 is a tier where you can pretty much open water gunboat at 9km (L. Tarigo's max range) and get away rather unharmed due to the unskilled playerbase, lack of radar ships and ships that would punish you severly (ex: high velocity HE spamming cruisers). The concealment, fully upgraded is 6.5km. While it is by no means top of the tier you are guaranteed to mutual spot other t7 dd's that have good gunpower like Mahan and Vaquelin, and the ships that can outspot you, for example Akatsuki and Shiratsuyu you can easy win a gun engagement. But of course this ship suffers against t8 and t9 opponents, especially destroyers - but that holds true for almost all t7 dd's.
  8. __Riptide_

    Bombs changed?

    You can get incapacitations if 1.) you hit the ship or 2.) the bombs land close to the ship. But of course incapacitations aren't 100% guaranteed, you need to hit , or nearly hit stuff like turrets, torpedo tubes, rudder, etc.
  9. __Riptide_

    Bombs changed?

    You didn't hit the sims with the bombs - no bomb penetration ribbons were received. The 3 green defended ribbons and incapitication ribbons can be received as long as the bomb drops, misses, but lands close to the ship.
  10. __Riptide_

    Clan Battles

    Ragnar in clan battles is nothing compared to double Condes kiting or pushing a flank. Literally makes ships like Stalingrad and other tanking ships obsolete.
  11. __Riptide_

    You Haven’t Played Italian Destroyers Yet?!

    We are trying to sink the Ohio now? Thought it was the Yamato.....
  12. __Riptide_

    Weekend Spree, 13 to 15 May 2022

    Acquired 1 million fxp for the first time (did convert some from doubloons), and got myself the groningen.
  13. __Riptide_

    The devblog we all want to see

    Well done WG.
  14. Alright time to grind Conde.