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  1. jwatt_

    Getting Away From the Grind...

    @Mahrs I have pretty odd taste in ships, so keep that in mind, but there’s lots of mid tier ships I love. You mentioned Trento and furutaka, I would add Pensacola and Exeter to mid tier cruisers worth keeping. Pensacola is a tank if you hide the citadel and know how big the guns are on the enemy BBs, if it’s 14” or below you can bounce off the bow, yes you will occasionally be deleted but that’s all cruisers, and 10 8” guns at t6 are great. Exeter has a heal, RNCL acceleration, and 8” guns at tier 5, however you can be overmatched by 8” guns yourself so a bit of caution is needed against other CAs. At tier 7 I love algerie for the speed and range, consumables are just icing on top. Dunkerque is fantastic, as long as you don’t mind slower BBs I would also recommend WV41, Arizona, and warspite. Warspite is very accurate with 15” guns for overmatch, WV has 16” guns at tier 6 and has good range so uptieres really well, Arizona has 12 14” guns and 1.8 or 1.9 sigma so it also hits what it aims at. At tier 7 Nelson is fantastic, great HE, good enough AP, super heal, and a 32mm midsection so protect the bow and it tanks very well.
  2. jwatt_

    Buyer beware: USS Oklahoma

    And idc if they read the forum or not it’s a place where I can say how I’m annoyed with the ship, I don’t expect them to give a fck what I individually think. I’m happy with the game overall hence I spend money
  3. jwatt_

    Buyer beware: USS Oklahoma

    Whats your point, I spend money so I can’t complain about what they add? I dont have to buy Oklahoma it’s a reward ship and I wouldn’t buy it even if it was available since they gave it crapshells. So that’s why I’m complaining.
  4. jwatt_

    Buyer beware: USS Oklahoma

    WG for the love of god will you please stop giving ships gimped shells? Just nerf something else about it I don’t really care what, I’m fine with the reload, I’m fine with slow speed, slow turrets, even poor sigma just nerf anything else about the ship but giving it useless AP shells makes the ship instant trash.
  5. jwatt_

    One thing to change on new BBs

    Cant speak about Minnesota or Kansas I don’t have either yet, but I am enjoying Kansas so far. If I could make any change I would give it better sigma, but I don’t think it’s necessary. If you don’t like the original standards you won’t like the new line, that should be obvious to anybody. WG finally makes a line that isn’t OP at launch and it gets called useless and a waste, do we want stupid OP ships at launch again?
  6. jwatt_

    I Hate DDs

    Was checking your record supposed to prove him wrong? It didn’t.
  7. jwatt_

    Smart Captain Skill Progression

    If you have no problem spending money on the game picking up a 10pt commander isn’t a bad idea, I’d say get the ones that give bonuses to certain skills first even if you don’t plan on using that skill they’re the same cost and why not have the option.
  8. jwatt_

    Kansas And Minnesota Are Ruining Battles

    Woah Ashitaka doesn’t have the crap shells anymore? I’ll actually take it out now, I’ve only ever used it in coop for the snowflake since I did not want to be using those shells at tier 7. Also i agree with your comment about Kansas being useless against bow in BBs, even cruiser ap seems to get more pen/over pens than Kansas does
  9. It’s pretty easy in cruisers, it’s just a bit riskier if you mess up, but it’s also less risky when you have low hp because it’s easier to take zero damage from a salvo in a cruiser than in a battleship so if on low health you can get away easier. I average 905k (55% survival) in Eugen, 831k (52%) in Algerie, 1M(36%) in Cheshire, 1.3M (55%) in Alaska.
  10. Yes it can, and it does pretty well. Over 41 games I have an average of 1.07M potential, highest has been 2.9M, and I have a 53% survival rate so I’m surviving the million most of the time.
  11. jwatt_

    how exactly does MM worK?

    Sbmm won’t do anything about the amount of HE spam in any game mode. Iirc ap*x legends has a sbmm mode and a normal mode without sbmm. If you want to add sbmm to ranked that’s one thing, but sbmm has zero business in randoms.
  12. To add to that, getting into a shootout with a surface vessel that had any (decently sized) guns would probably be death or at least a mission kill for the sub, getting any sort of holes poked in you is not great for underwater travel, and a sub stuck on the surface will probably be found and sunk.
  13. Yeah when I said camo I meant all the things that affect it, the tank value (which isn’t hidden anymore), the crew skill, camo net, and the other equipment they’ve added with equipment 2.0, the vision game there is way more complex. I’m not exactly sure haven’t dug into tank’s mechanics for a while but I’m pretty sure it’s a percentage reduction on view range, so a camo value of 50 would be half view range.
  14. jwatt_

    how exactly does MM worK?

    If you’re claiming you always get uptiered it’s not that big of an ask to provide proof, besides 50 isn’t really enough it averages out to 40% bottom tier over hundreds of games, not keeping you always at 40%.
  15. I’m enjoying Kansas as well, I don’t mind the speed I enjoy playing the standards, and the reload is surprisingly tolerable. The dispersion is infuriating at times but I’ve also gotten nice salvos on cruisers at 20+ km so it’s not always horrible, I find it meh most of the time. I tend to enjoy the odd and not always “good” ships tho so that might also be part of it