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  1. Alcubierre_Star_Drive

    RN CV Help

    I haven't played a whole lot of RN CVs compared to the US or IJN lines, but I'll offer what I can. Like above commenters have said, RN line is about farming damage over time (DoT). RN CVs have the lowest alpha strike capability out of all the CV lines. That being said, there are specific instances where RN CVs can deal a large alpha strike, but due to interactions this is highly dependent on attacking the right ship with the right armament type. For example, Audacious HE bombers pen 41 mm of deck armor, which means it has virtually no alpha (no pen) on Yamato, but deals up to 20k on Thunderer. But for the most part you're reliant on fires to "catch up" to the alpha damage outputted by other carriers. HE Bombers Personally I've grown to like the HE bombers despite hating their long drop time when I started the line. That being said they are different from US dive bombers. Where US DBs like to drop and spin around to drop again, RN DBs prefer straight lines. That's not to say you can't spin around and drop again, but the large turning circle means you spend a lot of time in AA. To optimize your spin around time, you can cut the bomb drop animation short to start the 8 second prep time, but you're exposed to AA for this duration. Furthermore your large turn circle places you off the enemy ship's longitudinal axis. Simply put - you lose planes for a weaker second strike. I prefer to make Indomitable-type strikes by predropping way in advance and only taking the bombers I need to make a single strike, nothing more. In Audacious this sometimes means going in with only three planes. Sometimes I only predrop once as I know three planes will be damaged or shot down on approach. Your greatest ally are islands - use (abuse) them to your advantage, if the enemy ship doesn't have direct line of sight to your planes, you can fly through his AA range without being fired on, and just as you crest the island, drop your payload. As stated before, DoT is a method to catch up to the raw damage outputted by other CVs (German, for example), which means Demo Expert is a must. +5% bomb fire chance is a huge buff. You already drop a large number of bombs, why not improve your odds of each bomb lighting a fire. This is like taking DE on a gunboat destroyer or light cruiser, you already roll the dice often, why not buff the results of each die roll. To summarize - pick a target. Judge enemy AA - is it strong? does he have nearby ships for overlapping AA? Fighters? Then decide to commit and take what planes you need to ensure the strike goes through, nothing more. Bomb once, return to carrier, and repeat until you get enough permafires to be happy. Torpedo Bombers My second weapon of choice, the RN torpedo bombers are rugged and reliable damage sources. They don't have to contend with deck penetration, so they are more useful on targets you need to kill but your bombs cannot deal direct damage to. IMO as a damage farmer, they are primarily used to overwhelm a target's Damage Control Party so you can get permaflood or a follow up strike with bombers to get permafires. RN TBs are unique in that, similar to German AP rocket planes, you can initiate an attack at a 90 degree angle and turn in while narrowing the drop pattern. The turn circle is tight, which comes in handy at upper tiers where you can keep turning after dropping your first set to get an ideal line of attack to drop again. I encourage making two drops where possible, in most cases the second drop is more likely to land all three torps than the first. Rockets The third weapon of choice, rockets are effective against all targets but do not excel at attacking any single type. They are primarily used against DDs simply because the other weapon types are not as effective or reliable. They can also deal effective if unimpressive damage against cruisers or the battleship superstructures. They're also handy for lighting the occasional fire. Carrier The fourth and weakest armament type, the carrier itself can be used to ram enemy battleships in a pinch. This is mostly applicable to Audacious with legendary upgrade which allows it to handle like a heavy cruiser. Ramming is a last resort. Positioning RN CVs are about DoT, which means you need to be able to light fires and floods when a target's DCP is down. This means being able to make strikes as quickly as possible. RN planes are slow, so you need to make up the difference by positioning the carrier closer to enemy ships. Use islands for your protection - some maps offer excellent islands for your carrier to park behind. Ideally you want your carrier to be about 12 km from your target. Choose large, tall islands - some enterprising players may try to lob shells over the island and since RN CVs have mediocre deck armor, some of that damage will be pens and not bounces. I wish they had Midway deck armor but meh. Skills As Ahskance says, "more faster healthier stealthier". Air Supremacy, plane speed, Survivability Expert, Demo Expert should be your first 9 points, followed by Concealment Expert (so your carrier can get to an island) and aircraft armor. Follow it up with Last Stand (helps with predrops) and engine boost duration skill. I dislike Torpedo Acceleration as it increases the torpedo arming distance, but that's a personal choice. Furious is enjoyable and a great CV to learn the nuances of RN CVs. Implacable is the weakest carrier in the line due to the types of enemies she faces. If you've mastered the RN CV line, Audacious is enjoyable and performs well against the Thunderer meta. Legendary upgrade is recommended.
  2. Alcubierre_Star_Drive

    Tier IX Ships for Doubloons!

    That's exactly my point. When your 0.9.12 announcement said "these ships will be added to the armory", it didn't say they were added to a featured section. It was only mentioned they would be now available for doubloons. Therefore it was reasonable to assume, since these ships have been in the game for a while, they would be added to the regular ship section. Thus, I was saving my coupon for use on a tier IX ship. There was no way for me to know in advance that the coupon wasn't eligible. Otherwise I would've skipped Georgia and used the coupon in combination with the Xmas holiday coupons to save more doubloons. The announcement should've been more clear. I am not the only one who saved a 25% coupon for one of the most expensive doubloon ships in the game, only to be handwaved away on a technicallity.
  3. Alcubierre_Star_Drive

    Tier IX Ships for Doubloons!

    We had no idea these tier IX ships would be placed in a featured section upon addition to the Armory. I saved a 25% coupon specifically for Georgia. Not cool.
  4. Alcubierre_Star_Drive

    Tier IX Ships for Doubloons!

    False. I have a 25% doubloon coupon saved for a IX ship and the option to use it is not there (same as above screenshot). Do you guys even check for errors before publishing? Literally takes 2 minutes to check.
  5. Alcubierre_Star_Drive

    Indomitable 6 kill The Salt Bringer

    I wish more people played Indomitable, it's an underrated rage inducing flying flamethrower.
  6. Alcubierre_Star_Drive

    Discarding Squadrons at beginning of round

    Pre-dropping depends on the carrier you're playing, as well as your target and your estimation of how many planes will be expended on your first and second drops. If you don't think your planes can survive to strike a second time, pre-dropping is a good choice. Or if you expect to run into a Halland or other stealthy high-AA DD, pre-dropping conserves your planes for follow-up spotting. Based on my experience, some carriers like Kaga rarely pre-drop, whereas others like Richthofen can pre-drop to save bombers for follow-up strikes. Honorary exception is Indomitable, it needs to pre-drop ~7 km away in order for the slingshot mechanic to work.
  7. Alcubierre_Star_Drive

    Flight Instructor - CV Main Twitch Streaming

    I'd like to stop by and sing Ahskance's praises. I was a unicum RTS CV player and during those days, Fara and his in-depth guides were the top CV info available to players. Ahskance has filled that gap with the Action CVs with his twitch stream. He explains game mechanics, tactics, and decision making during his streams, which is something Toptier doesn't do. I was hesitant to leave RTS behind and join the action CVs due to un-learning three years worth of skills, but Ahskance helped me overcome that and I'm on my way to becoming a skilled and experienced CV player.
  8. Alcubierre_Star_Drive

    Kaga Review No One Asked For...

    It was around June/July 2017 as a Tier 7 premium. RTS Kaga was tier 7 with tier 6 planes aboard. Action CV Kaga is now tier 8 with tier 7/8 planes. She no longer carries her historical 1941 Pearl Harbor complement of A6M2s, B5Ns, and D3Y1s. Only Ryujo still carries these aircraft.
  9. Alcubierre_Star_Drive

    Research Bureau: Rewards for Leveling Up

    just like CV rework, they are doubling down on this controversial game feature.
  10. Alcubierre_Star_Drive

    Research Bureau: Rewards for Leveling Up

    Just to clarify because the article doesn't make it explicitly clear: The RB is unlocked by researching five tech tree Tier X ships. Acquiring special Tier X ships (Clan Battle rental ships, coal/steel ships) do not count. The exception is Moskva, if you had the old tech tree Moskva researched prior to the Soviet cruiser line change, Moskva did count toward the five tech tree Tier Xs needed to unlock the RB and was not revoked when Moskva became a special ship.
  11. Alcubierre_Star_Drive

    One Stop Moskva 9.5 Thread

    @Old_Baldy_One After hearing nothing for weeks, I contacted WG CS and got the following response: Good info learned here. So if I'm interpreting this correctly, researching Moskva grants +1 to RB unlock, then researching Nevsky gives another +1. There's no need to purchase Moskva.
  12. Alcubierre_Star_Drive

    One Stop Moskva 9.5 Thread

    @Hapa_Fodder Any update on this question?
  13. Alcubierre_Star_Drive

    PT, balance changes

    Venezia has no obvious weaknesses aside from AA (which 99% of ships suffer from). Her spaced armor scheme swallows cruiser shells, and she can disengage from fights she cannot win. It'd be better to remove her spaced armor scheme to make her more receptive to cruiser caliber penetrations when showing broadside. Different topic. Re: Pyotr Bagration buffs... why did hydro need to be buffed in the first place? The hydro was fine as-is.
  14. Alcubierre_Star_Drive

    One Stop Moskva 9.5 Thread

    We're still waiting on Hapa to get back to us regarding the RB issue(s).
  15. Alcubierre_Star_Drive

    One Stop Moskva 9.5 Thread

    That is the assumption I've been running with. The wiki made the effort to explicitly state "tech tree tier X". However, some anecdotal reports from other players around this forum say they unlocked the RB with Smolensk and other special ships.