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  1. TranscendentSeaTurtle


    I would like to be a Pirate!
  2. TranscendentSeaTurtle

    Qualifying still sucks.

    There's just too much to do in the game. Some people get frustrated and fight it with their wallets.
  3. TranscendentSeaTurtle

    Dockyard Gift Container - What Is It?

    That's it? Lol thanks
  4. TranscendentSeaTurtle

    Why WG Just Why

    Premium Ammo would kill the game for anyone with a brain.
  5. TranscendentSeaTurtle

    Dockyard Gift Container - What Is It?

    The different boxes that are offered throughout the year usually include some sort of description of the possible things that they might contain (despite the opaque descriptions without details about probability). This is often posted in a news article or in-game. What are the "Gift Containers" that we might be using doubloons for? Does anyone know what they contain?
  6. TranscendentSeaTurtle

    Republique Secondary Build

    Seems honestly worthless to me after the nerf to secondary accuracy. Just a waste of dubs and/or time.
  7. TranscendentSeaTurtle

    Premium Ship Review - Flandre

    Why is there point to buy any premium battleship if you own thunderer or yamato mighty battleship of the times
  8. Best anti-CV tactic is cluster the ship to make a ball in the rearguard. Even if lose, CV is angry gg
  9. TranscendentSeaTurtle

    Public Critiquing of Clans for Unsuspecting and Informed Members

    Maturity is in the eye (and/or brain) of the beholder.
  10. TranscendentSeaTurtle

    Public Critiquing of Clans for Unsuspecting and Informed Members

    So you're suggesting that the developers create a system that forces players in a clan to take regular surveys that may damage their own clan's reputation and scare off potential recruits? Sounds like an... idea.
  11. TranscendentSeaTurtle

    Public Critiquing of Clans for Unsuspecting and Informed Members

    There are websites like wows numbers that show clan leave/join data based off of API. The opinion-based data that you suggest sounds really complicated to implement. It would involve constantly forcing members of clans to respond to opinion surveys. This is a game, not a job. There are lots of clans to join, so how about using your own intuition and talking around to determine your own feelings about a clan?
  12. TranscendentSeaTurtle

    How WG Chooses Your Santa Gift Ship

    Makarov is on the list, just called "Admiral Makarov." It's really too bad about this "rigged shortlist." Reportedly in 2017 they were quite transparent about it (source: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/we-are-many/); so maybe they should just add the information about the shortlist to the announcement?
  13. TranscendentSeaTurtle

    The blatant Money grab with clan wars

    This isn't a bad list from what I read about. I think that OP doesn't understand the difference between playing Clan Battles competitively and playing it practically. Some smaller teams enjoy farming Free XP in Clan Battles. If you save your flags and camos right and put them on during stretches of Clan Battles wins, then you can easily farm 30,000+ FXP per win. Get about 20 wins in one season (say your team is just okay and goes 50% wr - that's only 40 games or about 4 days of CB) and that's enough to go up a new line without spending money. So yes, you can simply buy ships through Doubloon conversion into Free XP. But you can also play to "prepare" in case a new ship is potentially "meta." Win 80 battles in one season like my friend did and you can easily go up every new line in an entire year. It requires that you get the flags through events (especially "snowflake" type ones or Ranked) or containers but it's easy farm for even an above average, semi-casual player with time on their hands. Sadly time is hard to come by some days for many of us.