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  1. WellyCoaster

    [RBMK2] Chernobyl 2: Atomic Boogaloo

    Hey! I'm a solo player trying to improve my game and find people to play with. I like the look of your clans. I tried to open the discord but said invalid/expired (I'm new to discord). Cheers
  2. WellyCoaster

    ANZAC ALLIANCE recruiting

    Hey guys! I'm a casual solo player but am looking to find players to play with and division. I haven't done clan battles before and haven't used teamspeak so that aspect to the game would be new to me. I'm a Kiwi and would like to get involved with an ANZAC/NZ clan, I mostly play a bit in the evenings and on saturdays. I feel like I have hit a plateau with my game play lately and would like to improve, I have ships to T10 but struggle a bit at that meta so mostly play my ships up to T9. I'm a team player in life and I try to play and support my teams when I'm in WoWs. I like to play stealth with my torp DD's and I love BB's too (I like my paint scratched). Cheers!
  3. WellyCoaster

    training and practicing

    Co op is a great place to learn as a beginner and it's fast paced mayhem so is good fun. If you're spending money on ships i recommend going into the armory and getting one of the Doe commanders for your USA BBs. That 10 point commander with expert marksman skill would give you a good starting point to build on. I agree with Burnsy and others, stay at the lower tiers and learn there rather than rush to the high tiers. I rushed up to fast. Can send me a message in game if you'd like to division sometime, I like lower tiers too and am a casual player.
  4. I lurk and read the forums a lot but one subject I never see discussed is the recruiting station, maybe I'm looking in the wrong place here. Anyway I'm curious to know how people get on with the drops in the recruitment containers. More specifically the rate of ship drops. I'm from an ANZAC nation and would love to collect all the Commonwealth ships, the last ship I'm after is Vampire which isn't for sale or available for doubloons, I was hoping it would be on sale for ANZAC weekend recently but no luck. I've discovered though its a prize in the Veteran Recruitment containers so am wondering if this ship could realistically drop, has anyone had success with ship drops from these containers? I have the other ships on the drop list already. I have a feeling they're crates that just drop lots of signals/camos and little else. Cheers!
  5. WellyCoaster

    Being Low tiered?

    It's not just you, I feel like most T8 games I'm in are T10 matches, which is disappointing as there's so many nice ships at T8.
  6. WellyCoaster

    Buying Orkan (Coupon works now)

  7. WellyCoaster

    1M+ Elite Commander XP - Paralyzed by Indecision

    My advice is get Ovechkin to 19 points first as you like to play your vladivostok. You'll earn more elite commander XP quickly with him at 19 points. Then you can start putting larger chunks of commander Xp into those ships with 14 point captains etc.
  8. WellyCoaster

    Weekend Spree, ANZAC Day Weekend 2020 (24-26 April)

    Anyone know if Vampire is available? Being ANZAC weekend I was really hoping this little ship would be in premium shop or a mission to win it. I've been regrinding for RB points in T3 and T4 games and players have been in them. One player was out in his second game with Vampire so am wondering if its obtainable somehow.
  9. WellyCoaster

    Quick, another FREE code from WG

  10. WellyCoaster

    Azur Lane

    I'd really like AL Yukikaze to come back on sale again. I regret not picking it up last year after seeing bad reviews. But after playing alot of IJN DDs recently and seeing how guys like Kuro play it I'd love to add it to my port.
  11. WellyCoaster

    Tier 4 - SIX CV's???

    CVs are Covid-19 CV-19 Even isolation and hiding wont help. 3 per side at T4 was normal when I played on SEA.
  12. WellyCoaster

    T4 CV Fighters

    Discount the reality? Im sharing my opinion and your opinion is yours.
  13. WellyCoaster

    T4 CV Fighters

    The low tier CV seal clubbers with hundreds of games would use the consumable to keep DDs spotted. Imagine being a new DD player in a 2 or 3 CV game trying to stay concealed in that environment.
  14. WellyCoaster

    Bismark or Tirpitz?

    I prefer Tirpitz with secondary build and hanging near islands waiting to strike. Pushing near islands with torps is lethal, I love pushing at island hugging moskvas and bbs and seeing them squirm. I dont get the same pushing power with Bismark. Also Tirpitz has the premium benefits. I also prefer my Mass to Bismark with the 6 forward facing guns.
  15. WellyCoaster

    BB's and CV Divisions has to stop

    This is fantastic, great to see CVs complaining about getting rekt in the opening minutes like the rest of us. Just dodge fellas.