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  1. WellyCoaster

    Only two game options available

    I had the same issue but all good now, for me it was population and resources port mod.
  2. WellyCoaster


    Congrats! Yess, I thought as soon as I saw it was Bayard you're going to have a blast with it in co-op. It's become my favourite co-op ship. It does so much and gets around the map quickly
  3. WellyCoaster

    Secondaries appear to be alive and well....

    Are you running the torp look out system in slot 5? I run vigilance on all my BBs now, hadn't really thought of using the look out system with vigilance on Mass/Ohio, quite curious now.
  4. WellyCoaster

    25 German Battleship Container Haul

    It makes me wonder. There were good drop reports early on, especially with Max I. Early on I bought 5 mostly to get flags etc and got max, I bought another 10 and got the other 3 ships.
  5. WellyCoaster

    Abuse of Reporting

    In Aslains theres a mod called karmaflouge, it sets you to 999 karma glory. I recommend it and never worrying about the pointless feature again.
  6. WellyCoaster

    [12.4.0] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Hello!! I saw a streamer with a mod next to his mini map, it had Radar threat and then it had Cleveland below it with some stats, it looked like his distance away and the radar range. Wondering if it's in the pack and if so what name it's under? Thanks
  7. WellyCoaster

    new for 10.3 co op only has 2 team line ups

    Me too, Im loving this. Games are much more enjoyable and not a race to blast out the bots in about 3 minutes.
  8. WellyCoaster


    Wow, I'll just shut up.
  9. WellyCoaster


    I love Mass it's a beast, if a NC is broadside I get citadels. With the rework the secondaries accuracy aren't badly effected and the main guns get that reload buff when in secondary range. Pick your moments to push like Soshi_Sone in the video, use Islands to close the distance with protection or to exit from danger.
  10. WellyCoaster

    Operation maps need to be rotated

    I saw a WoW stream with Hapa and one of the developers recently. He said they have no plans at all with operations. Watch from 1 hour 17 minutes in: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/875072159?filter=all&sort=time
  11. WellyCoaster

    Kia Kaha

    This is cool! @Happa_Fodder would be cool if we could get a NZ related flag/patch or something with a Kiwi or Silver Fern on it.
  12. WellyCoaster

    Bert Dunkirk?

    Click on the ship, then assign commander and they should be on your captain list somewhere
  13. WellyCoaster


    The guns hit hard but it's suffered with the rework, it has even slower turret speed and gun reload when specced now. Pre rework I had EM and BFT and was happy gunning destroyers. Now I'd rather just use Fubuki.
  14. WellyCoaster

    Santa container ship list

    When you click on on the crates in the shop or armoury and look at their description the ship lists are in there. Rare and T9 are pretty much the last ships to drop in the entire list.
  15. WellyCoaster

    WG - How about double Premium?

    Yep, I'd pay for a no CV queue