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  1. Impitoyable_5929_x

    Essex-class carrier return when?

    I'll be so happy if odd CVs return to the game, but never get the RTS CVs back. Musashi has no natural enemies in a pure T9 match.
  2. Impitoyable_5929_x

    Thunderer and Stalingrad Nerfed Again

    As long as Thunderer can still equip a range upgrade, it is and will always be a cancer in the whole game. As for the nerfed Stalingrad, IMO it is a method to increase DD's survivability although the main selling point of Stalingrad isn't the radar.
  3. Impitoyable_5929_x

    Old GK Still Has It At Least For a Little While Longer

    GK still has lots of fun in ranked mode.
  4. Impitoyable_5929_x

    we can bounce torpedoes?

    Not possible to bounce a torpedo in WOWS. Torpedoes in WOWS are like super HE shells that don't even shatter.
  5. Impitoyable_5929_x

    why match making needs a rework

    100% agreed, but it takes at least several weeks to rework the whole game~
  6. Impitoyable_5929_x

    MM is a complete failure. Time to fix your game WG

    There are a total of 8 DDs in the game. Based on your team's result, I can affirm Skane, Kitakaze and Yudachi died in the first 5 minutes of the game which ended in 12 minutes and that Kidd was the only DD actually playing the game, knowing what he was doing. The lack of cruisers (kinda a mediator between BBs and DDs) results from dead eye, which simply makes them one of the most delicious food for BBs that just want to sniper throughout the game. To have better game experiences, they turn to play DDs, but not 100% of those ppl know how to correctly play as a DD. The MM doesn't restrict the max number of DDs in a single battle, causing the game to be polarized (either BBs or DDs), so the more those players are in a game, the more likely you lose it. Imagine 3 of 4 DDs die in the first 5 minutes of the game while the enemy still have 4 DDs, how difficult it is to reverse the situation? Suggested solutions: [Only in random battles] Set a max number of DDs per game (e.g. ≤ 6 DDs per game). Create epic battles → Whenever there are ≥ 24 ships of the same type, let those 24 ships enter the game anyway.
  7. Impitoyable_5929_x

    lousy matchmaking when playing split

    Absolutely! It is because DDs are of critical strategic value that the number of them should be more strictly restricted, similar to the way CVs are restricted. It is nearly impossible for a team to win if 3 out of 4 DDs die in the first 3 minutes of the battle while the enemy still has 4 DDs. As for the the reduced number of BBs, 4 BBs per team are just perfect based on my experiences.
  8. Impitoyable_5929_x

    So long Deadeye

    Dead eye does save Italian BBs and many BBs with more than 12 gun barrels. Why not keep it on those Italian and 12-barrel BBs (except Conqueror) and remove it on other BBs?
  9. Impitoyable_5929_x

    lousy matchmaking when playing split

    Instead of complaining being severely uptiered, I want to murmur about the maximum number of DDs. A match of more than 8 DDs is actually much less fun because it is very likely to end within 10 minutes. The ideal number of BB/CA/DD is 8/10/6.
  10. Impitoyable_5929_x

    Best T9 cruiser

    Same thought. I have to admit that most tech-tree T9 cruisers don't have a place in my heart. Although T9 is de facto the most comfortable tier to stay at currently, most T9 cruisers are simply a "barrier" to T10, just looking at that Buffalo and Seattle. The most impressive one for me is Riga thanks to its ability in CQC.
  11. Impitoyable_5929_x

    MM is a piece of BROKEN TR*SH!!

    I just want the Dead Eye to be removed ASAP!!!! At least 8 DDs in each match, ending in 10 mins, literally unplayable at all!
  12. Impitoyable_5929_x

    Grinding Nelson- The Journey

    In 0.10.5 Nelson will be unavailable. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/update-0102-italian-battleships-part-2/
  13. Impitoyable_5929_x

    BB's how can you defend against dds

    Since DDs are a method to counter dead eye, it is now extremely possible to enter a match with more than 8 DDs. However, some play DDs just to "take revenge on" BBs and forget DDs' main job - spotting, which is the key factor affecting the battlefield. Some of them even can't win a DD civil war with the help of CAs, causing the match to end in 8 minutes, becoming unenjoyable. We all know the importance of information data. As a BB main, we are unlikely to have the environment changed for us. Consequently, the only thing we can do is to quit the MM queue whenever the number of DDs is close to or exceed that of BBs.
  14. Impitoyable_5929_x

    WOWS End of life?

    WOWS used to be quite enjoyable before the British BBs and sniping at the back line became the meta. The whole environment has been dramatically changed and become irreversible as the diversity dies and newly introduced tech-tree lines can't influence the game environment too much due to the "new-era balance policy" (e.g. 40s reloading). As a method to counter dead eye, DDs have become popular again. However, the more DDs there are in a match, the more likely it is to end within 8 minutes, where most people can't really enjoy the game.
  15. Impitoyable_5929_x

    Depressing Ships

    Me either. I haven't driven FDG again after owning GK with 76 games of spiritual torture. But now FDG "looks" relatively playable compared with long-time-reloading BBs.