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  1. Impitoyable_5929_x

    Worst T9 - Ibuki or Izumo?

    What about FDG?
  2. Impitoyable_5929_x

    Why do people in random battles run away?

    IMHO, they just want to survive longer, especially those having been torpedoed.
  3. Impitoyable_5929_x

    Is it normal to have awfully high Ping after daily container update?

    I am now sure the problem is from Wargaming's server.
  4. Impitoyable_5929_x

    Is it normal to have awfully high Ping after daily container update?

    That makes sense, and it seems to be the only reasonable reason I can come up with. I try not to play the game during rush hours.
  5. Impitoyable_5929_x

    Horrible ping?

    I have the same problem as well. My ping ranges from 200ms to 700ms. The situation gets worse after the daily container update. When playing other games, I don't have this Ping issue.
  6. I've been suffering from high Ping issues since I activated the 14 days of Premium account last week. I changed my Internet and WiFi spots, even with all other applications closed, but the Ping is still too high for me to play normally. I tried to repair WOWS, doesn't help.
  7. Impitoyable_5929_x

    Nelson... Yay or Nay?

    Go for it! The play style of Nelson and JB is similar, which means you can continue shooting without worrying about the citadel if you only have enemies in front of you. However, please note that Nelson's main turrets are easy to be paralyzed, and that her bow and stern are just 25mm, which shells of ≥ 380mm can penetrate all the time. Nelson also gets a super repair party, healing more than 20K HP if properly used. When in Tier 9 game, don't play too actively, or you may suffer from HE spam or citadel penetrations.
  8. Impitoyable_5929_x

    Question for BB drivers

    I am now on the T6 Russian BB, gonna own the T7 one in a few days. For me, Russian BBs are quite powerful in mid to short range and are nice cruiser hunters. You need to take advantage of the terrain to get close to enemies and fire at them. Within 15 kilometers, it's your slaughter time, but beware of your citadel, too.
  9. Impitoyable_5929_x

    Could not load system resources

    I solved it by totally uninstalling, then re-installing WOWS and Game Center; the old game folders have been completely deleted, too. I also scanned the whole PC with Windows Defender after the re-installation was successful. If the re-installation and a complete PC scan don't solve it, I recommend that you change the hard disk, since it may be corrupted or broken.
  10. Impitoyable_5929_x

    Could not load system resources

    I did check the integrity before posting the article, but it doesn't work. I'm re-installing WOWS now. Still thank you for reply~
  11. Impitoyable_5929_x

    Could not load system resources

    As the topic, my WOWS has crashed every several minutes with this window since today. I've never had this before.
  12. Impitoyable_5929_x

    Atago Buyers Remorse

    For me, Atago's only weakness is her citadel. I can still get critically damaged even if I drive straight toward BBs. When I play BBs, I can citadel Atogo very easily (even more easily than Nelson). Therefore, you need to dodge and make use of the environment in order to manipulate Atago well.
  13. Impitoyable_5929_x

    Engine/steering incapacitations w/ no damage

    In my opinion, fires and incapacitations as well as damage are two things. Broken HE shells still cause fires and incapacitations.