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  1. Impitoyable_5929_x

    World of Warships Server is down?

    Upon pressing the Battle button, nothing happens.
  2. Impitoyable_5929_x

    Fellow DD newbie needs your help

    For your better game experiences, I won't recommend a Halland to newbies. European DDs don't have smoke, which means you need to have much better positioning skills and know how to interact with CVs. Skane and Oland are tough ships to play. Your AA will only threaten CVs after Ostergoland. These skills are not easy for newbies to learn in such a short time. For enemies' game experience, I will recommend it, since no smoke will be left the red after its demise. If you want a normal torp boat, shima line is the best choice. You'll learn the most basic knowledge by grinding this line. Since you've already had experiences on gunboats, you can try to stand at torp boat's side, thinking of how to interact with enemy gunboats. Last but not least, similar to gunboats, SE is still a must, even on torp boats.
  3. Impitoyable_5929_x

    ranked battles

    Remove the qualification and add the stars from R5 to R2.
  4. Impitoyable_5929_x

    Winning is hard

    As the saying goes, "What do you expect from random battles?" This sentence contains the deepest despair. Those so-called ill-skilled players (e.g., German BBs sending first blood as fast as possible, CVs sticking to a certain large ship for the whole game, DDs unable to survive for longer than 5 minutes, etc) even exist in gold ranked. The major problem IMO doesn't lie in the player base, but WG's allocation of it.
  5. Impitoyable_5929_x

    Win Rate % and Match making

    Since WG's MM system owns a patent, it is by all means doable to develop an SBMM flamework. For experienced or advanced players, distinguishing others from a potato or eggplant in the first 5 minutes is as easy as breath. Last but not least, WG puts a lot of emphasis on "big data" when it comes to balance a ship, so can it do to solve the MM issue by big data, only depending on whether it wants or not. The data can be WR in recent 14 days or total WR, average base XP, average time survived, etc.
  6. Impitoyable_5929_x

    Wargaming DOESN'T care about the community

    WG still gives "very little" care to the player base by nerfing the Thunderer and removing some OP ships from the shelf. From what I've seen since 2016, player's opinions and feedbacks are neglectable for WG in terms of the game's large projects. Players hate subs -> WG buff subs' survivability and give them another hydrophone. Players think CVs are broken -> WG nerfs CV's rockets -> introducing super CVs. WG is stubborn on their large (major) changes to the game and thinks it is always correct.
  7. Impitoyable_5929_x

    [Monthly rant] When a full 20-min game becomes luxurious...

    I guess you'll know it when grinding a line in random battle.
  8. Impitoyable_5929_x

    Another 'Weekend' Post

    I totally agree to this statement. Creating a mode available to competitive players only can solve most problems caused by the current MM system. The major problem is how to define "competitive players". It will depend on WG's widsom. I, myself, do hope there can be such a mode. Correct. The medium WR is said to be at 48%. WOWS is one of the few games that requires lots of learning and practice and not many people have that much time for "learning to play a game".
  9. Impitoyable_5929_x

    [Monthly rant] When a full 20-min game becomes luxurious...

    Blowout is frustrating to both winning and losing parties. Players in the winning parties will have significantly lower income than expected, which causes waste of economic bonuses. Hope you know that.
  10. Impitoyable_5929_x

    Another 'Weekend' Post

    I admit I'm a relatively advanced player who pursues for competitve stalemate games and I've been very frustrating playing the game. There are infinite blowout games where most people don't know what they're supposed to do with the type and just send first blood as fast as they can. With the introduction of subs, the situation is deteriorating faster than ever seen.
  11. Impitoyable_5929_x

    Another 'Weekend' Post

    In a nutshell,
  12. Impitoyable_5929_x

    [Monthly rant] When a full 20-min game becomes luxurious...

    this happened hours ago~
  13. Impitoyable_5929_x

    [Monthly rant] When a full 20-min game becomes luxurious...

    Then why not put those 23+1 48%'s together in a room and find another 57% in the red? It's been very passive in random battles since the release of Conqueror, and even - widely speaking - since the release of Yamato. That's also the reason why WG now seldom makes BBs of a range longer than 22km since the Thunderer incident.
  14. Impitoyable_5929_x

    What is the cause of toxic behavior?

    Karma is basically useless in the game, you know.
  15. Impitoyable_5929_x

    [Monthly rant] When a full 20-min game becomes luxurious...

    For this part, WG has "slightly" improved the MM by reducing the number of DD+SS if players wait long enough in the queue, but I think we are not alone! Lopsided matches do exist!