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  1. Yad_Anzac

    You know what ruins this game?

    Hell is...other people.
  2. Yad_Anzac

    USS Texas 1892.

    Make a good April event, pre dreads drifting around at 6 to 8 knots firing wildly inaccurate salvos. Just having some of those ships in Port just to look at would be fun.
  3. Yad_Anzac

    Running slow

    Try the repair option in the WGC before delete and reinstall. Also check your available free hard disc or ssd space. Too little will really slow things down.
  4. Well, I have sufficient coal, fxp and research points to buy her when and if released. Until WG reveal her currency I will not be expending any currency on other ships, although I am close enough to getting Agir and still have enough left over for Vamp 2 if needed.
  5. Yad_Anzac

    Matchmaker Broken

    Well, today I had a run of 8 wins, clearly match maker is broken.
  6. Yad_Anzac

    Deadeye is ruining WOW Gameplay

    Well, deadeye has convinced me of the usefulness of Incoming Fire Alert for my cruisers. I find it amusing to see a nice neat group of shell splashes off to Port or starboard after I've seen the little red flash and swung the rudder hard over. Rudder shift mod helps as well. Deadeye has reduced, in my view, the cruiser sitting behind an island tactic. Deadeye was built to obliterate those campers. From that perspective Deadeye has been a welcome addition to the game.
  7. The hand is a Roman military symbol carried in the standards of some legions. Other symbols were also used, spears, etc
  8. Yad_Anzac

    No Joy

    Try an account on the Asian server, the NA server is frenetic action compared to the play style there.
  9. Yad_Anzac

    Axis v.s. Allies goes into ST

    Radar disparity is an issue, both IJN and KM vessels had radar particularly gun fire control systems. In the opening months of the war the engagement between Adm Hipper and an RN dd resulted ( G class Gloworm) in the dds destruction due to her smoke failing to conceal her from the Hipper's radar. The skipper was killed in the action but was awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross, equivalent of a CMH, for pressing an attack against an overwhelmingly superior enemy. The Scharnhorst's fate was sealed in the battle of North Cape when HMS Belfast knocked her radar out. I believe radar will sees queues dominated by US radar cruisers and most battles being US against bots. In summary, a good concept but the US technological superiority will make the concept 7nworkable. A t5 t6 rehash of Battle of Jutland or Dogger Bank would be more workable, although modelling the British ammunition handling practices, say + 25% chance of detonation might make things challenging.
  10. Yad_Anzac

    Atago... why don't we hear more about it?

    I have the ARPTakao version, always enjoy taking her out, but poor positioning gives cits to red. I do like kiting the t9 t10 secondary bbs and watch them run into my torps.
  11. Shows me that using ranked to grind t8 9s is probably the way to go
  12. Yad_Anzac

    Another Deadeye LoL

    Hi larious
  13. Well, benham would be a candidate, musashi, georgia, would also be possibly on the list as well for either number restrictions or total ban.
  14. Yad_Anzac

    I got Georgia, should I get Massa?

    Well I was in your situation, had Georgia, to Mass or not to Mass. Fear of missing out won and spent the gold on Mass.
  15. Yad_Anzac

    "Fastest" Line to regrind for Research Bureau

    Well, I've redone British dd line twice and US bb line once, reason being I enjoy playing those ships. Next going to give Japanese dd line a burl, the way to defeat a grind is to do that which you enjoy.