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  1. Yad_Anzac

    Bought myself a Cobra Chicken today.

    Biggest problem is other players assume you play RN dds like US or IJN dds. Then report you when you don't, not to mention the abuse in chat about 'noob dds' .
  2. Yad_Anzac

    Friendly fire

    I recall a recent game, I was in a Shima and a Green Republic and red Stalingrad were having a close range duel. Chat was full of 'torpedo the Stalingrad', I used guns because I judged the torpedo risk too high, particularly if the Repub decides to advance. Poor choice, Good choice who can say, launch torpedo and hit Stalingrad good, miscues and hit Republic bad...
  3. If I am in T8 DD in match against T6 carrier I turn AA on. Lots of fun , particularly when the cv driver decides his losses are too high and goes harassing elsewhere. Also check out the DD AA is overpowered post below.
  4. Yad_Anzac

    Why do players do this?

    A lot depends on circumstances, After firing a broadside I will turn into a target reducing my exposed area while my guns reload, swinging back to a targeted position just prior to completion of loading. This will swing both fore and aft batteries both off and on to target. Maneuver can also bring your guns to bear more quickly than turret traverse alone. Also, when ever spotted even if I can see no enemy, I start hitting rudder shift on the assumption someone will be targeting with evil intent. Zig zag or wasd hack is your friend .
  5. Yad_Anzac

    Some DD players (as well as some CA & BB) and CVs

    As a DD driver I tend to find that if I approach caps carefully the chat is full of: Useless DD cap DD is a bot Etc etc, This applies even if the cap is covered by patrolling aircraft or by a couple of radar cruisers. Invariably downvoted... Now if I aggressively challenge a cap and get snotted I'll be downvoted as well, by the OP. The best fun is after my team is down 6 and red down nil, someone will ping my location and a cap and say "cap or we lose". If you wish to use agreed tactics best bet is to div up with clan mates and discord, that way at least three of you will be on the same page. Although not always perfect, I once had a clan mate former clan who ignored my spotting and charged forward in his BB because as he put it, "That is not the way I play".
  6. Yad_Anzac

    Cannot Access Ticket System

    Anyone, I have just transferred from the asia server. I cannot start the NA game because it requires a login, it did not recognise the password I have used for the last 3 yrs on asia, to attempt to deal with issue I have reset password and changed username from place holder supplied as part of transfer. Still will not accept login credentials. I attempted to raise a ticket but the ticket system requires that you supply two different emails, one for account and one for communication. As it happens I only I have one email account, which may appear terribly old fashioned but I am retired and have no need of more, so the support system is essentially inaccessible to me. Could a forum monitor please pass this through to the support system as I am unable to raise the ticket. regards Yad_A