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  1. 3 citadel, dev strike kill on Smolensk with Roon... I suspect there will be a pattern to the responses
  2. Yad_Anzac

    Research Bureau...question?

    You need one more tech tree t10, Moskva no longer counts as tech tree being a special ship now. RB buttons will then appear on tech tree screen below your t10s.
  3. Yad_Anzac

    Just got this in a SC

    Enterprise, Belfast and Le Terrible from sc s, but no screenshots so... Your choice to believe or no. At any rate congrats and maybe give cv s a try.
  4. Yad_Anzac

    Dockyard Missions Automatic?

    Missions are time gated, becoming available every 5? days. Stage 2 set should be available within 24 hrs, stage 3 5 days after that etc
  5. Yad_Anzac

    Daily Rewards

    That button appears when I collect rewards from campaign missions but no longer for daily or other missions. You need to go to you mission tab which shows completed missions, rewards and progress. Change, always a mixed bag...
  6. Yad_Anzac

    Convoy Duty.

    There was a scenario, escorting Richleu across the Atlantic, hasn't been seen since before carrier rework. I always enjoyed it and an Atlantic convoy scenario, merchants escorted by DDs and corvettes would be fun.
  7. Yad_Anzac

    COOL! Never seen this before! You?

    Yep, lots of activities on islands airfields etc. If you have the misfortune to suffer an early sinking have a look around the map, interesting stuff to be seen.
  8. Yad_Anzac

    200% cashback coupon

    I purchased Vanguard with a similar coupon, used the additional free dubs to buy boosters in the PR shipbuilding scheme as well as Tirpitz. Worked well for me.
  9. The tokens really only buy a permanent camo, which is good given they usually cost dubs. So the equation is compare how many dubs to buy the 60 token containers vs typical perma camo cost for that tier, if you are a player who likes the camos. Again, this is marketing tool to do two things: 1. Encourage players to give the new a line a go 2. Generate additional cash for WG, which given they are a business is fine.
  10. Had a Z52 who objected to the presence of carriers in a match, he said 'later dudes' in chat then disconnected, a saipan who popped fighters on his own location but did nothing else, guessing he objected to being in a T10 match. So for me, people can learn and improve tactics and skills, so I have a level of tolerance for mistakes, given that I am far from unicum (a term I would like to understand the etymology of). But there is no cure for dickishness, and that is the behavior that frustrates. But a Game is just a Game.
  11. Yad_Anzac

    Tips For Emotional Resilience

    Take teaspoon of concrete with your coffee and harden up, Australian version. People these days are more focused on their rights rather than their responsibilities, the cry of why doesn't the government do something to make my life easier, happier etc echoes throughout the western world.
  12. Yad_Anzac

    Which IJN ship is most economically efficient?

    Musashi or any of the ARpeggio Myoko clones, Takeo works well as well.
  13. Yad_Anzac

    Cit a BB from the front?

    I've seen similar with my Yamato firing on bow tanking Montana, who immediately applied full astern and plied swift knees out of there.
  14. Yad_Anzac

    I am scared to play ranked

    I had a Yamato, accidentally according to chat, put the first shells he fired into my Smolensk, he later asked how to target his secondary battery, ie crtl left click. Surprisingly we won that one but still not sure if the Yamato was displaying genuine ignorance or someone just being a Richard. Much less stress to grind steel in clan battles.
  15. Yep, it happens, I tend to gain karma during the week only to see it evaporate on weekends. The karma system really says more about those doing the upvote/downvote than it does about those on the receiving end. Remember, "it's all made up and the points don't matter "