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  1. Yad_Anzac

    Remind me again

    In my view, the issue for wg is the number of camos and work needed to adapt every existing camo to each new ship. I predict a lesser variety of camos available as players gravitate to the less garish versions. Overall, I like the rework of camo/ bonus as for me it simplifies bonus management and I can keep to my preferred military camo styles.
  2. Can't recall the map but somewhere there is a stepped pyramid, meso American in style. Been said before but the art department kicks a lot of goals.
  3. Yad_Anzac

    An Aircraft Carrier Reversion

    A lot of thought and some good concepts, however, a return to RTS will see CVs being shunned again and those who have benefited from the change will vociferously oppose. The expense of the rewrite, given the operations have been retooled to account for new CV, means it would be infeasible for WG to return to the well. Looking forward to return of the missing ops, tho.
  4. Yad_Anzac

    Enough steel for Incomparable!

    In the same situation, however leaning towards the Mecklanberg, small calibre main battery, but lots o tubes. No rush, there have been no announcements of steel ships leaving or new ones being added.
  5. The option to demount is in the equipment tab rather than the exterior tab. System is still fairly easy to use.
  6. Yad_Anzac

    How long to get community tokens?

    Approx a week after the next patch drops.
  7. As I recall the first collab ship was the ARP Kongo, and my initial reaction to the camo was less than favourable. In fact I thought it ridiculous. However it did prompt me to research ARP and watch it. In terms of plot, because it is based on a comic series and the viewer is assumed to have read the series, a little difficult to follow. Off topic, that lead to an anime series called Assassination Classroom which has elegant depths. Other collaborative efforts, HSF etc, I believe are a matter of personal taste. The option to turn the collab cams into standard military style is one I use consistently. Given they are essentially decorative and the collabs give different targets to achieve, worthwhile.
  8. Looking forward to this, playing more ops these day due to issues commented on elsewhere in other modes.
  9. Yad_Anzac

    A question about Sub detection

    In my view, sub speed needs to be reduced, say 75% of current, still way too high but not too restrictive to sub play and no ships displayed on sub mini map when at max depth. The information advantage subs have is too high at moment. Although damage radius from depth charges has been increased I am not seeing any effect in game.
  10. Yad_Anzac

    Why not show broadside?

    The game is an adaptation of an armoured warfare game where the principles are do not show side or rear armour, (thinnest), and shoot from cover if possible.
  11. Well, they did have shore batteries in randoms for a while a few years back. But, they basically dropped out.
  12. Yad_Anzac

    What XP is this?

    As per Grantwhy, but the additional credits and xp make the losses more bearable.
  13. Yad_Anzac

    Deep water torps?

    There have been a few requests over the years for torpedos to work on the modelled ship draft, rather than class, but that would see mass confusion as dwt s would strike most cruisers but not all and miss some battleships.
  14. Yad_Anzac

    Player Skill Level and Training

    For some people, like myself , the best tactics and approach to the game are uninteresting to me. I very rarely play in divisions, according to one analysis I have seen playing in divs would increase my win rate by 3 to 5 percentage points. I never park a ship behind an island and just use my forward batteries on targets spotted by others, another 3 to 5 percentage points there. I tend to play t7 t8 mostly so spend a lot of time low tier compared to say players who play to t10 who play as mostly mid tier or top tier, worth say another 2 percentage points. If you wish to see what happens when everyone on the server adopts the tactics above, create an account on the Asia server and see if you enjoy the game.
  15. Yad_Anzac

    5 days premium on login this morning

    There was an unanticipated downtime a few weeks ago, compensation was to be premium time, possible explanation