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  1. Otago_F111

    Identify ship in Dockyard?

    As said, That is HMS Repulse, and HMS Dreadnought is off to the right always wondered why someone repeats what has just been posted? just a case of making more comments?
  2. And mine has an on/ off button with a 32" Samsung curved screen. We recently received fibre to the wall and I can now play at "high" settings. No idea about whats inside of it. The only annoying thing is when I am in port mode, the computer is spinning like a top!!
  3. Otago_F111

    I got a _________ from a container. .

    T8 Brandenburgh ... nice bote test run was a loss, but 115k damage. This was from the saved tokens so didnt cost me a cent.
  4. Otago_F111

    USS Black No longer Available, Steel ship

    I didnt read the link, but did he actually say he promised to bring the black back? , or did he say he thought it would return in 6 months? A general statement does not mean a promise in my opinion.
  5. Otago_F111

    Des Moines freedom camo

    it maybe gay, but it doesnt come near Roma with a beer can, or Yamato with a spider.
  6. Otago_F111

    Get a coal ship vs. get Lutjens?

    if you have plenty of premiums, then he is worth every piece of coal you have. I have him on the tech tree Bismark. he also goes on Tirpitz (and B), Scharhorst (and B) Pommern. Cruisers Muchen, Mainz and Agir. DD's Z44, SF 6 plus the T61, Z31, Z39 & Z35 thats a lot of ships with one 21 pointer!! There are more, but I use the Jutland brothers for them.
  7. Otago_F111

    Main German Line Obsolete?

    lol. Me I will stick with the old line for the time being thanks, RNG works ok and most of them existed in real life.
  8. Otago_F111


    perhaps you maybe a better player, but you certainly cant read you fw.
  9. Otago_F111


    Doesn't matter what game it is, real or otherwise, the majority are going to suck at it. In this game that includes me. However with a better leveled playing field (with MM) it could be a better experience, and not causing people to get angry. took my Son of dorn out for the first time and promptly lost 3 games. WR=0, average damage= 39k. So why didnt I win? because all games were mixed with T9 & T10.... And I say all 3. In one game 2 T8 and the rest higher. How long is a T8 cruiser with no heal, going to do last against petro's, Nevesky's let alone BB and CV's? Is there an answer, yes. If MM puts a +2 tier match like this all bottom tier ships should automatically get a heal (if they dont have one) added for that game and probably another 10k of health.
  10. I'm just not playing even tiers until all this settles down and if everyone who doesnt like subs/ CV do it then that would send WG a good message. would also see how popular/ unpopular subs are.
  11. Otago_F111

    Welcome to WoWS, Spain!

    nope. that was a civil war, they were killing each other. War was declared after the Nazis invaded Poland.... not sure how your school books read, but that how I learned it.
  12. Otago_F111

    Welcome to WoWS, Spain!

    this sucks, Spain was no part of the two world wars and stayed neutral, where is my HMNZS Achilles WG!!!!!
  13. Otago_F111

    I am done

    typical bludging aussie
  14. I'm hearing you bro. Seems like a lot of people have got the idea of "protesting" and playing only odd tiers. if everyone did this for a month or so, the spreadsheet might not look so good for WG...or they introduce subs to odd numbers.
  15. Otago_F111

    Grosser Kurfürst being replaced

    are we talking Random or co-op?