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  1. I'm guessing using a real persons name may require payment of some sort to use their name. Either to them personally, or if they are deceased then to a relative?
  2. Otago_F111

    Black Friday..............

    That is because it is Friday already across the date line. Starting from NZ, at your Thursday mid-day'ish (depending on which USA coast you are on). Time of my posting Friday 1.30pm DST.
  3. Otago_F111

    Black Friday..............

    that you Max battle from OZ?
  4. Otago_F111

    What is poi?

    Im like the OP, I had no idea what this is all about (Poi) but its been interesting to follow and to be honest still not too much the wiser (from the 4 or 5 translations which differ) to some biases towards cartoon pictures of young women. To be honest who cares. in most western cultures 16 is an age of consent, and some cultures it is a lot less. At least people here are discussing this perception they have, and It may put their minds at ease... or not. I can understand the reason for using the girls for use in national service type cartoons, and also maybe not being offensive to WW2 thoughts, if they had used male cartoons? Im all for letting this run its course, though Im out. In my day I had near naked REAL girl posters on my wall... and I'm sure they were over 16.... probably. these Poi dudes would have no idea of this list Im picking: Farrah Faucett Bo Derek Debbie Harry Agnetha Faltskog and that just who comes to mind... all in fun guys.
  5. oof, was going to come back with "a bit of kiwi humour" , but you are a kiwi lol. Dunners is my home town too. HMNZS Toroa (RNZNVR) based there was my naval beginning. There would be no game if it wasn't based around BB's. Not many would play if it was cruisers, DD and CVs. Missiles never played a big, or even small part in sinking any ships in WW2 (that I know of) sure they had rocket platforms for ground barrages but i personally dont think it fits. The exorecet during the Faulklands war comes to mind and that came from a plane, but later adapted for ship to ship? As for high tiers perhaps, but there's the MM where you would meet T8's. This would be a big disadvantage and then you would need to add something to counter...and so on and so down the tiers. Make T11 and upwards modern warships, but dont allow crossovers. This would truely have to be a team game. Carriers (and in reality the USA is the only country with a true blue ocean navy, but the game would have all countries with the same stuff) would have to be the main target. The task force of cruisers, destroyers, frigates and subs would need to defend the carrier. That could be interesting and even a higher cerebal game than the current one
  6. I dont suppose you are related to paelo Pete, or is he your dad? It is a BB game after all, based from when BB started being built until the time they were made obsolete. After 50's it would be a different game and in my opinion neither should cross over.
  7. Yes this, and add "no subs" also. nope!!
  8. Otago_F111

    New Computer Question

    Simple common sense really, if you are happy to pay then pay, if you are happy to put it together yourself do it. Me Id rather pay as I know where the power plug is and the on/off button. after that I know zero about computers.... but give me an old school (non electronic) petrol engine to pull apart and replace pistons etc. yup I can do that. I have just bought a new headunit for the ute and the guy at the shop said easy, its all plug and play so tried to do it myself. watched youtube vids, seems no probs.... nada. the steering wheel controls dont want to go, so of to the shop it will have to go. wasted hours shagging around with it, so sometimes its better to pay and no grief
  9. Otago_F111

    Past premium ships (tier 10)

    amended bold and Capitals.
  10. Otago_F111

    Could someone explain this? (devblog notes)

    Never met a qualified turd polisher before ... hi matey
  11. Otago_F111

    NA players not located in NA

    I transferred over from SEA server because the game cannot read any of the Asian languages in English, therefore most games in chat was blank squares. I found that the "passive" there, is what you now have here, and that's more camping. I certainly find it far easier on this server than SEA.
  12. Otago_F111

    USS Oklahoma Review

    not even going to bother with this line at all.
  13. Otago_F111

    I Hate DDs

    Assahio says 'hold my beer".
  14. Otago_F111

    Brawling in a MA vs T10s

    Generally my night starts with either Mass, Mass B then Georgia with bull Halsey as captain of the three, or Bismark, Tirpitz, Tirpitz B & Pommern with Lutjens on the 4, then JB (and I want to get JB Black in the upcoming black Friday event).
  15. Otago_F111

    The end of a great game WoWS

    totally with you on this +1. Without picking out all your replies, they are all awesome replies. just that others choose not to see the real issues for what they are.... OP observation and his opinion on WOW's current state. Hell I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone I know either!! but I enjoy it for most parts and will probably stick around for the next few years before its totally ruined.