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  1. Antean

    border exploiting and how to fix it

    The fix is to make sure any border crawlers get hit repeatedly by every volley fired at them until they get off the borderline. This will solve this problem completely when this exploit can no longer be used by those who intentionally try this.
  2. I have too, since the Great Wreak (aka the CV rework). I stopped playing CVs for over a year but now I've joined the Dark Side. So, tapaz, I suggest you do the same. Just play T4 CVs. WF allows two per side. It is very easy, then, to terrorize all the other T3/T4 players and make their play experience horrible. After all, WF allows this. It used to be even more horrid when WF allowed three CVs per side (for a whole year). If you can't resist the Borg (WF), then assimilate (join).
  3. Antean

    Stealing kills on WoWs

    Technically, there is no such thing as Kill Stealing but we all know it exists just the same.
  4. I'll just wait till after the twitch feed. Someone will post about the announcement then & we will know exactly what the line will be.
  5. Antean

    Rules of Navigation

    Do not expect WF to actually mete out penalties correctly. The one player is almost always to blame (not both of them). They (WF) are too lazy to code in the collision regulations.
  6. Run in & sink early? That's my guess. Alternately, to run away & smoke up all the coward camping types in the rear?
  7. Antean

    0.9.7 news?????

    Really? More wasted Dev resource time on fanta-camos? Really?
  8. Antean

    WHy WG, why make these BB's

    WF knows better than you, OP, how many Suckers will buy their Lollipops. This ^.
  9. Antean

    Dear new players.....

    What is illustrated ,OP, 8 greens to 11 reds? Too bad you didn't have a few more illustrations of 'before' situation (we don't need any 'after' - we can see what is going to happen). Why are you critcizing the Gearing? At least, he is capping. What about the 4 idiot coward camping BBs, all out of position & not pushing the Kleber. & what are the 2 cruisers doing? Especially that idiot Nevsky. They both should be on & near the Kleber. If this idiot team who are Lemming near C had actually pushed properly they might be able to rescue this battle (maybe).
  10. Antean

    Enterprise Coming back onsale or not

    Where is El2aZeR? He will set you all straight on the Enterprise.
  11. Who knows? I don't recall editing it tho it might have been in another thread. Maybe the Thought Police removed it.
  12. Antean

    Champagne Final Review

    I guess some can't see humour when it's literally [edited] slapping them in the face.
  13. Antean

    CV match making

    CV Match Making is as bad as any in WoWS. What else is new? Move along. Nothing to see here.
  14. Antean

    A Kremlin CV?

    I really don't get the bias towards Russia producing junk. The Russians produced some pretty good stuff considering their technology was often below western standards. It would be good to see the whole Ru/USSR paper CV designs 1945 & earlier so we could see a potential Ru CV line (cause you know that has to come eventually).