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  1. Antean

    Enable subs in training rooms

    Not to worry, OP, WF will be certain to wreak WoWS further, long before Subs are introduced. Why the depths of the Abyss are still beckoning. The Abysmal Deep is coming sooner than you think. .
  2. Antean

    when to quit a Ranked session

    Quit when you want to. I did. Better yet, don't even play Ranked. It's 'rank'.
  3. Antean

    The invasion

    Now you are bending my mind, lol. OK. I'm from a diff generation entirely. Tho one of my daughters is 'into' Nipponeseness (newly coined word, btw). I'm not 'weeb' - I'm more a foreign appreciator of Nipponeseness. .
  4. I have 0 sympathy for you OP. You got suckered. & yet you still grease the wheel by suggesting some might still buy it. Talk about hypocrisy.
  5. Antean

    Random dumb premium CV idea

    Sure. Why not. WG introduced farce CVs in Feb 2019. Why not add another farce CV, especially, a premium that WF can sell for money to the Suckers. .
  6. Antean

    The invasion

    There are Weasels who can't handle criticism. So that's what Anime fans are referred to as. OK, TY. I wasn't aware of that Try saying some of these images can be construed as 'kiddie porn'. I did & got sanctioned. Incoming ..... .
  7. Antean

    A Question About Guns in Ranked

    All you need to know is keep shooting as much & as fast as possible until you sink or win. Geez, Blasto, you keep asking easy questions to answer (lol).
  8. Antean

    How to Explain WOWS to Friends

    Why? Don't explain it. In fact, if you value real life friends, advise them to steer clear of WoWS (or any other WG product).
  9. Antean

    fix the game wows

    WoWS was 'fixed' long ago.
  10. Antean

    Aircraft Carriers underpowered

    ROFL. Under-powered? ROFL.
  11. .... because this is WG? This is my guess.
  12. Antean

    ranked killing random MM?

    I don't think so. i do think, however, that WG is killing randoms but this is nothing new, they've been doing that for years now.
  13. Antean

    Is there a place with ship HP info?

    The only HP info you need is in battle - that little bar showing roughly what is left on the target .
  14. Antean

    We need more WW1 era content

    Well, Aristotle, take this up with WG. They could have started WoWS at a slightly earlier date and included pretty much everything from 1890 or so onwards. For some reason(s) WoWS did not & it is simply far too late to do so now.
  15. Antean

    ranked DD counsel sought

    I simply play whatever ship I have that can be in the current ranked season. I could care less what particular ship is supposed to be the best one for that class. What if I don't have it? Am I supposed to forgo ranked just cause of what others might say? It doesn't matter anyway. Since when does ranked offer an enjoyable experience? It's nothing but a crap shoot - emphasis on 'crap'.