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  1. MerryBumble

    What's the play style for Soviet DDs?

    how to explain the features of the gameplay to noobs who have not played a single battle on Soviet destroyers? such as @itschristoffah and @SnugglyHedgehog? at the beginning of the battle, the only cruiser on my flank turns away from C, which means there is no cover. but the battleship (and for some reason the destroyer from the other flank) believe that Kiev should rush headlong to capture C, despite the fact that the enemy Kagero's concealment is better than Kiev`s by a couple of kilometers (!). but then, when I set fire to several battleships and returned to capture C, they were already fleeing. and again there was no cover. then, when I captured C and killed Kagero, they just died. and all that vocabulary...
  2. MerryBumble

    IFHE All Night Long

    in update 0.9.5, the armor penetration of GERMAN destroyers 150 mm HE shells was increased from 25 to 38 mm, and this is WITHOUT IFHE so IFHE is NOT NEEDED on German 150mm DDs. shells already penetrate almost all ships up to tier 10 (except for German battleships), even the boardside and deck of American BBs. IFHE gives a penetration of 47 mm, which is completely unnecessary, since it additionally allows it to pierce only the boardside of the Gneisenau. Since the armor penetration of GERMAN DDs 128 mm HE shells has also been increased from 21 to 32 mm, the need for IFHE is questionable, as even without it, they can penetrate almost all cruisers up to tier 10 (except for Moscow) and most BBs (except for German ones or the boardside and deck of American ones).