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  1. Any idea how long we’ll have to wait for Tromp to go up for coal?
  2. celticboy27

    Camo for planes?

    I’m going to be greedy and ask for not only a toggle, but a toggle for specific squadrons :) The Doolittle Raid camo looks awesome for the SBDs and TBDs, but the historical green paint scheme for the B-25s is a must!
  3. First off, I love operations. Big fan of Narai, Raptor Rescue, and Killer Whale in particular. 1) I have no problem with the weekly format. Keep as is. 2) I think Random operations would be fun, in addition to the weekly operation. Those being the two options would work well. My #1 request: Please, please add operations for the tiers that are left out. I would love to take out a Tier VIII, IX, or V for an operation if it was available. The semi-narriative nature of operations is so fun, and it’s sad I can’t take my favorite ships from the other tiers out for an operation.
  4. Love: The return of “odd-tier” CVs, the historical ships that we’ve missed. Like: Smoke screens. Great idea with clear useful impact. Unsure: Chaff. Seems very situational, as the chaff would have to linger for a while to ensure it’s usefulness. Dislike: Stun bombs. This will grief players and just lead to more CV hatred when a CV renders a ship borderline impotent in the fight. Plus, I fail to see any historical basis for this. Yes, it’s a game, but SOME historical example should be a prerequisite. Recommend: Keep the smoke screens and maybe chaff if tailored correctly. Add the awesome fighters (a la Bearn) and sonobouys as some have suggested. Remove stun bombs. Ensure these CVs still have some strike capability (even if limited) to make matchmaking fair.
  5. celticboy27

    Unique Commander Voice Overs

    Would I have liked Sean McMurphy to have a unique Irish accent? Absolutely. Am I significantly less disappointed in this than in the fact that we still have yet to have a Swedish voiceover for an entire line that’s been out for years? Also absolutely.
  6. You can keep the historical performance of the ship and give it gimmicks - they’re not entirely mutually exclusive. In the case of San Diego, she absolutely can have a gimmick, that being her historically god-tier AA. The current gimmicks don’t make much sense historically, but you could apply the current playstyle to either a less historical ship or a ship that could justify the playstyle. SMS Novara is one that comes to mind - obviously at a lower tier. Yes, lean towards wide accessibility for a larger audience, so not toooo complex of a gimmick base, but I’m fairly certain if San Diego was released with some enjoyable unique characteristics, like fantastic AA, DFAA, and rapid firing main guns, you’d both have a player base satisfied with the tribute to history and a large consumer base that will enjoy a fun yet not overly complicated ship.
  7. celticboy27

    San Diego's Initial Stats are a Flaming Turd

    I appreciate the explanation, I really do. But for me and most of the people I’ve talked to, the gun range isn’t the issue. The issue is the constant nerfs to DPM. It’s killing the enthusiasm for this line.
  8. celticboy27

    San Diego's Initial Stats are a Flaming Turd

    Not questioning the need to nerf ships, but I am seeing a trend the past couple months that there seem to be wayyyy more nerfs than buffs, which becomes sad panda when it happens to ships one is excited about. Italian DDs, Atlántico, Canarias, Dido, Hornet, etc. - not just nerfed but nerfed multiple times. Again, I don’t question the need to nerf OP ships, but it does seem lately that it’s open season with the nerf bat.
  9. Pls no more nerf bat, I can’t take any more! Question for you @Ahskance - I mainly play CVs with HE bombs and not AP bombs so I’d appreciate the TL;DR on the arming threshold change for Hornet, I’m not an expert on how they work. Is this a straight up nerf? Or is it going to make cruisers more of your target than BBs?
  10. I really am enjoying this season of ranked because of the variety of tiers available. There’s a league for almost everyone’s favorite tier. My only suggestion is please, please don’t ever do Tier X-only ranked ever again. Ever. Absolutely no fun for players who don’t enjoy the Tier X meta. I’d ask for more rank “checkpoints” where you can’t lose a rank, as well as more rewards, but that’s just me being greedy and the new format of ranked unveiled last year (iirc?) is significantly more enjoyable to me (the new rewards [camos, crates, etc] and the more frequently occurring seasons and sprints).
  11. celticboy27


    Swedish DDs and Mysore too!
  12. celticboy27

    Texas Independence Day

    Absolutely second it, as long as other states get flags too when the opportunity arises! I wouldn’t mind an Ohio flag on my Ohio. Doesn’t need to be unique to America, too. There’s state/province pride around the world that could give other countries the same opportunity to get flags. When I lived in Spain, I saw the Andalusian flag everywhere. Mo flags, mo betta!
  13. celticboy27

    German ASW Airstrike aircraft - not German?

    They seem to be placeholders. Germans have Japanese planes as you mentioned, Viribus Unitis has a PBY instead of her Lohner L, and I noticed Canarias has a PBY as well. This is odd, because WG has had ASW planes for quite some time and hasn’t mentioned models updates for these nations at all. We just got a huge devblog on submarine updates for 0.11.2…no mention. @Ahskance Any way we can recommend the devs mention a blurb about any updates regarding ASW plane models on the next submarine article or devblog? Kinda curious why this seems to be stalled out, especially since the devs are doing good work updating depth charge graphics and I’m curious why ASW plane updates didn’t follow.
  14. Pretty disappointed to see Dutch Cruisers still are the only line that has zero offensive ASW capability. Interesting changes - the oil slick mechanic was a creative choice. Any model updates for the ASW planes? Meaning, can German ships have a German ASW plane and Viribus Unitis have an Austrian ASW plane, vice borrowing them from another nation? Seems like ASW air strikes are sticking around for a while so it should be worth the devs investment.
  15. While some of the changes may not be my favorite, I do appreciate the thorough explanation on each of the changes.