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  1. Good to see you back on here Sub, and thanks for the information. Any commentary, either here or potentially discussed on an upcoming DevBlog, regarding the future of Dutch cruisers in the ASW fight? The high tier ones are rather large targets and seem to be visible examples of cruisers’ struggles against the homing torpedoes, and that weakness is amplified by her lack of ASW weaponry. I understand for them and hybrids, it might be a coding obstacle due to them already having an air strike armament, but it is rather difficult engaging submarines with no counterplay for the entire line. It’d be nice to get into the fight with them and it’s unfortunate that dutch cruisers got left out. Any thoughts?
  2. With the announcement of a brand new nation entering the fray (welcome Spain) quickly following that of the Netherlands, many observers (myself included), are confused and wary of the direction the Pan-EU nation is going. Two of the biggest minor navies, Spain and the Netherlands, won't be providing historical ships or designs for the Pan-EU nation. How will the Pan-EU tree get a cruiser or BB line? What's Sweden's future? Will Pan-EU just become a catch-all for random premiums? There is a clear solution for Pan-EU battleships: the designs of Austria-Hungary. While the Dual Monarchy met its demise following the conclusion of World War I, it is clear that this won't stop Wargaming, as evidenced by the new German Battlecruiser line that used WWI-era designs, even with imaginary refits. And there exists a long and detailed set of plans for Austro-Hungarian battleships that would sufficiently fill out an entire tree. First off, credit goes in large part TZoli - his research into this topic is phenomenal and I'll link his article at the bottom. Check it out! This will be short and sweet - I won't get into detailed balancing or stats, just the gun calibers and a brief history on the ships and names. For the concept: These will be optimum mid-range fighters. Think a lot of the traits of Viribus Unitis. Strengths: High accuracy (normal dispersion, high sigma). Large caliber secondaries. High barrel count. Good armor. Maneuverable. Strong ASW planes. Weaknesses: Historically lower than average displacement will mean less HP. Slow speed. Lower caliber than average until higher tiers. Weak AA. Proposed gimmick: High accuracy, maybe a new consumable to temporarily reduce main & secondary gun dispersion. Strong, strong ASW planes. I'll get to why at the end of the article. Tier III –SMS Sankt Georg A prototype design for the Tegethoff-class. Name taken from one of Austria-Hungary's initial steel capital ships. 10x 305mm main battery guns. Tier IV –SMS Erzsébet Királyné Another prototype design for the Tegethoff-class, this one with a more user-friendly layout. This was a proposed name for the 4th Tegetthoff-class battleship, which eventually became Szent István. 10x 305mm. Tier V –SMS Tegetthoff The Viribus Unitis class that we know and (some of us) love. Officially known as the Tegetthoff-class, even though Viribus Unitis was launched first. Revolutionary in its design with 4 superfiring 3-barrelled turrets, but optimized for Adriatic - not blue water - operations. 12 x 305mm. Tier VI –SMS Szent István The fourth of the Tegetthoffs who met its demise at the hands of an Italian torpedo. Similar to the rebuilds of the German Battlecruisers and many other ships, this is a modernization of the Tegethoffs. Improvements include dual purpose guns, better armor, and potentially an increase in speed. 12x 305mm. Tier VII –SMS Kronprinz Rudolf This is the famed Ersatz Monarch-class (literally "replacement Monarch") battleship design. Construction on her weaponry had already begun, but the ship itself was cancelled because of the outbreak of WWI. Her guns served on the Italian front. This class included an increase in caliber and was built with Mediterranean and blue water operations in mind, improving seakeeping and handling. The name comes from an Austro-Hungarian pre-dreadnought battleship. 10x 350mm guns. Tier VIII –SMS Radetzky This is one of the alternate designs for the Ersatz Monarch-class - with a higher barrel count. The name comes from another Austro-Hungarian battleship class. 12x 350mm guns. Tier IX – SMS Corvin Mátyás This was the design for the envisioned post-WWI Austro-Hungarian navy. Significantly increase in caliber - similarities exist with Friedrich der Grosse in this manner. The name is another submission for a Tegetthoff hull. 8x 420mm guns. Tier X – SMS Habsburg This is arguably where imagination comes into play - one of the designs for the Ersatz Monarch-class with the post-WWI envisioned caliber of 420mm. 13x 420mm guns. Gimmick 2 of 2: Excellent ASW Planes Subs are coming - brace for impact! Did you know - the first aerial kill of a submarine was by the Austro-Hungarians? Flying two of the below flying boats, the Austro-Hungarian made Lohner L, the Austro-Hungarian navy defeated the French Foucault with bombs. Using this plane, the class could have significantly stronger ASW planes. Accompanying premium ships could include HSwMS Gotland, HS Salamis, HS Vasilefs Georgios, or the Portugese Douro. I'd love to see Georgios Averof as a Tier V or Tier VI, but I won't hold my breath. Again, much credit to Tzoli for his research. Link below! https://warshipprojects.com/2018/02/25/austro-hungarian-capital-ship-genesis/
  3. celticboy27

    Random mechanics and drop rates

    Well written, guys. Progress in the right direction.
  4. celticboy27

    Lighthouse Auction: Schlieffen

    I have to be missing something. How is this any different than the previous iterations of auction?
  5. celticboy27

    Submarines: additional explanations

    Do we know if the WG staff has discussed why they’re keeping an entire line (Dutch cruisers) with zero ASW capability and no counter play? Seems odd that the whole point of adding ASW planes to every non-depth charge-capable surface combatant was so everyone could have a counter play, yet a whole line gets excluded. The only thing I can think of is the whole air strike armament being present for hybrids and Dutch cruisers so maybe it’s a coding thing. But this seems well within WG’s creative capability to mitigate and give them ASW capability, yet WG’s staff (to my knowledge) have not discussed any plans (even long term) to explore correcting this deficiency. We don’t have entire lines without AA. Seems a bit frustrating we’d have an entire line without ASW.
  6. celticboy27

    Question for Leone Owners!

    Sad day. But thanks!
  7. For those that own Leone: Can you see if you can buy the Legion camo in port? (for those that only have the standard camo). Didn’t know if you can buy that in port or you had to as part of the release bundle. Thanks!
  8. celticboy27

    Question about Top Grade Gunner

    Huh. Seems like that’d make the skill more expensive than it’s worth for sneaky ships, but maybe that’s the point. Thanks for the info!
  9. WTH is standard detectability range supposed to mean? Does it mean the detectability after a buy a ship slick, no camo, no upgrades or skills, just base? Or does it mean the range I get after I’ve invested into skills/upgrades and what I’ll eventually take into battle? Basically trying to figure out if I’m shooting myself in the foot by investing into concealment after picking this skill and thus making it less effective. Any knowledge is appreciated - most sites I’ve visited seem to be confused as well…
  10. Kinda disappointing lineup. Sad panda.
  11. celticboy27

    PT 0.10.9, changes to upgrades

    Yeah this is confusing. @Maredraco @Mademoisail Hey team, can you clarify if this upgrade’s bonuses to Dutch cruisers’ anti-surface cluster bombers will be identical to the bonuses to ASW bombers on other ships? No values were mentioned so it seems pretty vague. I’m assuming this doesn’t give ASW capability to Dutch air strikes, of course. If that’s the case, that would be a game changer lol. I’ll add that if this upgrade does buff Dutch surface air strikes, there’s going to be some hard choices for those fitting out slot 4 on Tier VIII-X Dutch cruisers, due to the long burn time and temptations to make big ships more maneuverable.
  12. celticboy27

    Important message for the community

    Makes sense. Especially on the global aspect - here’s a shameless plug from an American for some foreign ships like Georgios Averof, España, and some more Austro-Hungarian BB designs :) Anyways, I’m sure these days have been long for you and your crew. I hope you all get a chance to enjoy the holiday weekend!
  13. celticboy27

    Important message for the community

    Hey @Ev1n_NA - I’m glad I tuned into the stream with @Sub_Octavian and I appreciate the forthright communication today. I do have one question though: At one point, someone asked Sub a question about ship requests (I think it was in relation to a new version of Enterprise) and he mentioned that “ship requests were not the topic for this stream” (IIRC). My question is: is there going to be a stream where ship requests can be discussed, or is there another venue where the community can make their opinions and feedback regarding ship requests known? A stream, survey, etc?
  14. celticboy27

    Web Campaign: The Pacific War

    Such a scummy way of doing business. Not spending a dime…as much as I’d like to own this historical ship, this is a hard pass for me.