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  1. TaxDollarsAtWork

    Red clan potato divisions

    What exactly is a potato? Is this a new age version of noob? Or is it something more?
  2. TaxDollarsAtWork

    Is it just me or does Montana need a concealment buff?

    Well with the greater prevalence of ships you can't do much to when angled or bow on a speed/agility or concealment buff down to like 13.1~12.9km when max spec'd for stealth so it can better reposition and get into punishing positions
  3. TaxDollarsAtWork

    Is it just me or does Montana need a concealment buff?

    I thought that too Originally but then now with the proliferation of >16 in guns at high tier its a move that makes sense
  4. TaxDollarsAtWork

    How do you play a gunboat

    Ok but Id like to know some strategies on how to gunboat effectively
  5. I cant exactly play her like I did NC and Iowa because the Concealment means I can get stuck in more but id like lower concealment to allow for more aggressive pushing into caps or wiggling through fire to find broadsides This is my first Tier X and I might just have to accept I wont be taking as many shots from the dark with all my rifles
  6. TaxDollarsAtWork

    How do you play a gunboat

    I don't understand the sentiment that PA DDs are not gunboats The captains in the armoury have specialised skills for gunboating and most of the mid/high tier line is comprised of British and American designs I do still thank you all for your imput though it would be great if the above could be clarified
  7. TaxDollarsAtWork

    What do your stats say about you?

    Thank you for looking at them, about the Italian cruisers they were the first line I played starting the game so despite that for some reason it never clicked so I sold all of the ships after the zara to afford other ones. With regard to USN BBs I had issues with the North Carolina originally when I came from the Colorado as I was unsure how to make a Fast BB like this one work until I learned to work with the speed & concealment combination it offered and it carried over wonderfully to the Iowa. I like it a lot I plan to make both my most played ships with a near 60% win rate hopefully. Montana was a different story mostly in that the concealment wasn't there and it made it much easier to get stuck in, so I need to find a different way to make it work, still some getting used to I have to do with that ship though I do love having so man US 406s those are fantastic guns at least to me. Do you have any DD specific advice? Its one class I'm very curious about but find very punishing.
  8. TaxDollarsAtWork

    How do you play a gunboat

    I've started playing Pan Asian DDs and need need tips on making this DD line work I am new to DDs and currently at Tier 8 here If this line isn't a good hybrid line where should I look? USN DD? RN DD? I am also curious about smoke how to get the best usage out of it and how to play DDs effectively without it while still using the gun power
  9. TaxDollarsAtWork

    Ships and commanders Soulmates?

    Does this mean Sansonetti is smitten with the Trento?
  10. TaxDollarsAtWork

    The Most Under-rated Ships in WOWS

    Colorado and Iowa I love those ships and their fantastic guns
  11. TaxDollarsAtWork

    What do your stats say about you?

    I've hit a wall and sometimes get punished by the game after I think I've done everything right and can't really decipher what went wrong aside from the boat sank And not knowing what I'm doing wrong frustrates me I'd be interested in what you have to say
  12. TaxDollarsAtWork

    Struggling with getting citadels

    Very interesting stuff I'll try and practice this and get a hang of it better, you should make a video tutorial honestly it would help a lot of people
  13. TaxDollarsAtWork

    Struggling with getting citadels

    Are you sure its not my aim I keep having these types of issues in all my ships Its why I rather aim for raw pens than citadels mostly
  14. Can some one look at this replay and comment as to why citadels are so inconsistent people say shoot at the water line but doing that even at close range has not helped 20200922_000159_PASB012-North-Carolina-1945_47_Sleeping_Giant.wowsreplay