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  1. TaxDollarsAtWork

    New Ships !!

    This Its that simple So half that Dutch line is paper
  2. TaxDollarsAtWork

    CV moan

    You don't see any aspect of it a little flawed though at the very least? Granted barrier of entry into the class shouldn't be something like "be at least a Plat player in star craft II" Yet things are missing from the experience like CV on CV interactions almost null in the current implementation
  3. TaxDollarsAtWork

    CV moan

    Defending CVs in the current year? Kinda nutty my man that's so 2019 After 3 years I think we all know by now it wasn't a good change
  4. TaxDollarsAtWork

    Nakhimov's Peculiarity

    Anti CV CV Club? lmbo this is gonna be the first CV tree I'm happy for at least for the first week
  5. TaxDollarsAtWork

    Does Wargaming not consider Canada interesting enough?

    A new Canadian premium ship will be considered after the soviets get a sub line a sub line split and finally a fishing trawler line
  6. TaxDollarsAtWork

    CV moan

    Yeah I wonder though do they keep CVs in their current mega busted state because they rake in lots of dough, or is the lure of 2 or 3 ships with OK AA as premiums where they really make their money?
  7. TaxDollarsAtWork

    Abusive purple players

    When according to unicooms the only thing worse than the Carrier, is a 44%er This is just why we need SBMM. They can finally play exclusively with the 'worthy'. Best form of containment for these types
  8. TaxDollarsAtWork

    Total N00B playing CV

    Not sure why touch CVs That's a not only is it a busted class it seems mostly self explanatory devoid of much nuance
  9. TaxDollarsAtWork

    Tripple Ise + CV

    So true lol I guess we could call him WGs commisar
  10. Coming with the new busted Russian CV line Yak 15 jets with AP Cannon passes on DDs But seriously if you like planes why not play IL2 or Falcon instead?
  11. TaxDollarsAtWork

    Tripple Ise + CV

    The community agrees on one thing over the pat 2 years that CVs are simply busted and game breaking So then they add more CVS? Why is that? Are they really that profitable
  12. TaxDollarsAtWork

    To the death of fun! - Rocket Planes

    The only worthwhile fix would be removing the class from randoms
  13. TaxDollarsAtWork

    Please fix Carriers

    It is a game breaking coddled and stupefied class with no real counter from surface ships other than the proverbial gaggle [edited] But this just makes it so you can't have the depth to win a game, some how that's counter play Will never understand the CV scummers honestly
  14. TaxDollarsAtWork

    Abusive purple players

    All I have to do is have fun in my game to make you seethe You malding after I throw is just the cherry on top
  15. TaxDollarsAtWork

    Abusive purple players

    Great for them and ill continue to play mediocre I play this game for fun not to play competitively so the purples can keep doing what they always do Come to the forums and cry about it