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  1. Ferrytap

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I got all the event ships except Yume.
  2. Ferrytap

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I guess they are skipping Azur lane ships for this year.
  3. Ferrytap

    5 new codes

    5 codes still work
  4. There are not many good looking camouflage but this is my favourite. Hopefully, Azur Lane camouflage can be as good as this.
  5. I mostly got 50 and 100 flags, and 25 camouflages. And I got lucky with one ship.
  6. Marblehead. I think I threw it away last year but I can't be sure.
  7. Ferrytap

    Got to give WG credit

    They also took away old Missouri permanent camouflage credit bonus?
  8. Ferrytap

    Got to give WG credit

    Same here saving enough steels. I haven't spent my steel yet. Which steel ship do you end up with? I am thinking of getting either the Stalingrad or the Bourg.
  9. Ferrytap

    Salem or Napoli?

    Thanks everyone. The votes of Napoli are slightly ahead so I will go for Napoli. And thanks for all great advices.
  10. I manage to save enough steels to buy my first steel ship. Which steel ship do you think I should get first? FDR, Shikishima, Bourgogne, Austin, Stalingrad, Ragnar, or Plymouth?
  11. Ferrytap

    Did LotGH Fans get a Bad Deal?

    The WG Barbarrosa is ugly. Here is the Barbarrosa: For some reasons, their artworks are not as good as the mobile wows:
  12. Ferrytap

    Salem or Napoli?

    I have enough coals to get about two t10 coal ships. I am thinking of picking up the carrier plus one of these two ships: Salem or Napoli. Salem has great heals and Napoli is a great brawl ship. Which one is better value?
  13. Ferrytap

    Visa...not for you

    I got one. I just keep hitting the "view offer here" until I got the legit offer page. I may get another one but I don't know when their Azur lane collaboration is happening. Last time, it was the end of last month last year.