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    ST, changes to AA and detectability ranges by air

    I do and i gotta say it sucks... People just stay in 4 to 5 ship groups and one of them always have insane AA but yea... Smh some people still say that CVs are OP while im losing up to 85 to +100 planes every match (infinite planes they say but having infinite ammo seems totally fine kek) About the update i just wanna say that im glad i was switching to BBs/DDs because all i've seen recently to CVs are nerfs and more nerfs AND STILL theres ppl who says that CVs are OP (i just think they don't want to take dmg from planes at all.) I kinda wanna see how the spotting thing will affect the gameplay but at the same time i don't because not being able to see the ship im going to torp in my Midway till the point im not gonna be able to even properly aim at it feels a bit too much for me. But what makes me sad is that i just lost my time grindind Hak and Midway since theres no point playing them just to give ppl plane kills Something that i would like to know is why AA keep getting strong but planes stay with the same amount of HP (People already know how AA works but smh it keeps getting buffed???) And one more thing: FFS why WG keep making gacha events??? Can't even pay for the ship i want without gambling my money for it!
  2. KuroganeSekiro

    Game is shutting down my PC

    So first things first, Indeed this only happened at this game till yesterday, and NO it wasn't an hardware problem but actually an Windows incompatibility related. I realized that Windows could be the reason behind after get the following text on an BSOD (that came when i wasn't playing): VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE atikmpag.sys (YES, its an driver file, from my internal graphics to be more specific) The problem was: I don't use my internal graphics to anything ELSE than a second monitor using the old VGA to read discord messages and all that stuff and since i'm running Win10 those drivers should be updated as i don't touch on them. What i could had done: Use my second monitor with a DVI cable on my GTX 1050 or get an older driver file to my internal graphics card. Why i haven't done that: I don't have another cable other than VGA for that monitor right now and my motherboard original drivers are for Win7. What i did: Changed my BIOS settings to turn off the internal graphics card. TL;DR: My internal graphics were dying in middle of the game (even that i don't use them for it) and instead of just turn off the screen and send everything to my main monitor Windows was preferring to shutdown. I turned of the monitor and GG. I played yesterday with no mods and today with them and didn't got a single shutdown so i HOPE this finally had reach an end. Btw my game NEVER crashed, the "only" thing that was occuring were those shutdowns. Sadly i'll have to use a single screen for all stuff till i get an DVI cable but at least everything is solved.
  3. KuroganeSekiro

    Game is shutting down my PC

    Don't worry i will, but i wanna make sure that is actually the reason behind of it because it could be a mess if i thought it was something but it was actually other thing. (like is happening till now)
  4. KuroganeSekiro

    Game is shutting down my PC

    Like i said on first post im running on medium Btw i think yesterday i found what was the reason behind those shutdowns, but i'll test today again for a couple hours (with mods as well) and i will bring my conclusions here.
  5. KuroganeSekiro

    Game is shutting down my PC

    I've cleaned up everything this week to get rid of that possibility too, literally its nothing related to my hardware, if it was this would not happen only at this game
  6. KuroganeSekiro

    Game is shutting down my PC

    Didn't even need to wait more than a day for it. It happened again, as i thought its not driver related.
  7. KuroganeSekiro

    Game is shutting down my PC

    Never had that kind of issue with any other game so i will consider this one is a isolated case. Tho i did what you said and played for a couple hours to see if it would happen again. It didn't happened, but the real problem is: Like i said before on the update 0.8.9 i had this issue but on the update 0.9.0 not and both had the same driver update (I'm sure because i didn't downloaded the update because of some random reason, i've only updated recently on 0.9.1 where this problem started to annoy me and i thought it could be an driver issue.) So that said i will wait to see if will happen again or if it will disappear forever (hopefully) regardless of it happens or not thanks for the driver advice.
  8. KuroganeSekiro

    Game is shutting down my PC

    Yes, i always do it like that since i had build this pc.
  9. KuroganeSekiro

    Game is shutting down my PC

    That program download all new updates automatically, it just ask me if i want to update now or later, it doesn't show/have any complicated installation like other stuff. If you are asking where i got it, directly from the nvidia drivers page.
  10. KuroganeSekiro

    Game is shutting down my PC

    The one directly from the NVIDIA Geforce Experience software as i always do.
  11. So, before anyone comes saying: "It's overheating" or anything related to it i will say to you that my CPU temperature is less than 35ºC and my Graphics Card have around 60~70º when im playing. That said, im starting to giving up on this game because the last patch doesn't lemme play for a few matches without getting my PC entirely shut down out of nowhere. I was playing with a few mods before but yesterday in order to see if they were the reason behind the problem i removed them all and im starting the game on Safety Mode. (be aware that even when i didn't had any mod installed the game had that problem but it was only happening one time per day in a few random days which i still consider a big problem). Tho, i got a big surprise today, even without NOTHING wrong this game keeps turning off my PC. Im currently running the game on medium settings even that i don't need to, but still happens. So i gave up and now i came here to see if anyone can help because i was having a really good time last update without any of this happening (Yes, it was happening on 0.8.9 but somehow it wasn't on 0.9.0) My drivers are updated, my system is updated, literally everything you can imagine is up to date. Also this problem ONLY happens at this game, i've played games like Rise of Tomb Raider and Forza Horizon and this NEVER happened even if i tried to play them on higher graphic settings. Heres my specs that im sure that are enough to run the game. 10 GB of RAM Geforce GTX 1050 AMD FX-8300 eight-core 1 TB HD (that im sure it doesn't have any issue) Windows 10 Pro Game is running at 1080p at Medium settings.