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  1. xamdam

    Coop only players, what's your reasoning?

    I was, by far a PVP main up until the CV rework. That experience soured me to the point of no return. I didn't mind so much the old system, as broken as it was where only a handful of very good CV players could control the games since there were relatively few of them. But once they made the things brain dead to play (not necessarily to play well, but still far more accessible to the masses) and allowing multiple ones in low tier battles where the majority of the ships had little or no AA... There was absolutely no fun in playing against other humans that you had no way of shooting back at, unless you lasted to the end of the battle and caught them running to the back corner of the map. Then you have armored flight decks that bounce 18.1" shells and instant fire prevention to whittle through. Literally, my first battle after the patch dropped was in a Monarch I was grinding on the SEA server. I was singled out as the first target by an Asia Server CC in his Hakuryu and focused until dead before I could even join up with other ships for mutual AA support. I received an apology from him (Japanese) and admission that he felt the system was broken via PM after the match. After a few more of those, I decided to stop playing PVP until that go fixed. I became an Operations main at that point (what few of them that were left after getting pulled for the rework) and picked up my PVE /Coop playing in between. Those battles have now far surpassed my PVP play (just shy of 5k for PVP and a 52% WR). Then there's the same old story about matchmaking. That started back in WOT with the in-game stats monitors and is true here as well. Queuing up, only to find your "team" is at a huge disadvantage across the board in damage, WR, battles played, whatever is just demoralizing. Especially when it's your DDs or CVs that can be game breaking due to their importance in the overall outcome. At this stage though, I'm in limbo. Unless Operations get returned and new ones added my interest will continue to wane until someday I just delete it from my computer, as I did WOT all those years ago.
  2. Hmm... not sure what happened during that pre-posting edit but yep... it was garbled. Fixed it now. I'll try better next time. And FTR, I never brought up the skill rework. It was the CV rework all along.
  3. Selective reading? It was used as an excuse to pull 4 of the 8 Operations out of rotation. Cherry Blossom, Hermes, Dynamo and Ultimate Frontier were all removed. Please try to remain constructive...
  4. And that re"work", while perhaps being good for you ruined the game for a great portion of the players and was the reason given for the removal of half of the Operations (not to mention making PVP unplayable for many). I think a lot of us were offended by that. But again, you failed to notice that I did advocate a CV centered Operation in a post above.
  5. Actually, they half-heartedly said they would be bringing some back. It's been a while, haven't heard anything recently. For some reason I feel it may have just been a pacifier to help quiet some of the uproar going on around here at the time about the direction of the game, treatment of its CCs and other issues in general. On top of Ops / Scenarios, even maps haven't been added in ages. Just rebo.... reworked for subs. Game is getting pretty stale. Just more and more "early access" and loot box stuff.
  6. Yeah, I edited the title as I meant this mainly for Operations / Scenarios. Not the entire game overall. But I agree with your analysis.
  7. I'm sitting here looking at the Armory for something to spend my dubs coupon on and there's nothing left in the Tier 6 / 7 range that would be of any use in Operations. Tier 8 has a few that might interest me but... we have no tier 8 Operations returned "yet" (tm). Not going to bother wasting my resources on them for Coop as I have plenty of ships for that and... unless they're fast w/torps, or DPM there's little point in playing them there anymore. So I twiddle my thumbs and think of how things "could have been". At least before the CV rebork we had Hermes and Cherry Blossom to run some Tier 8s. Just think of how interesting Ops could be (and profitable...) if they were opened up to more tiers. Battle of Jutland anyone? Surigao Straight? Battle(s) of Savo Island (at night even!). Ten-go (yes, a CV OP, why not... they're obviously here to stay)? Wolfpacks (if you have to shove subs down our throats...)? Until then, I'll twiddle my thumbs, hold on to my resources (and keep my wallet zipped up tight). There's nothing here to interest me anymore. At 57 years of age, the last thing I want to spend my money on is Anime skins / camos / commanders or goofy monster / transformer themed garbage. This is an early~mid 20th century warship game. Or at least it used to be.
  8. When that happens, just ALT+F4 as soon as you think it's strange and reload the game. It will stick you in the battle.
  9. xamdam

    Special Economic FXP Signals broken in Ops?

    Yeah, seems my mistake was not mounting a bunch of regular XP special signals as well (prem ship, so prem camo and my BXP was decent for the Op...). With some of the teams I've been getting though, I was a bit hesitant to blow too many and then watch them all melt. Sure wish they'd show it in the results though. I never knew you had to mouse over for that.
  10. xamdam

    Special Economic FXP Signals broken in Ops?

    Ahh.... I thought they showed in the battle report (like the ESCL one does...). Okay, thanks for the explanation. I've already closed the game (was creating a support ticket when you replied) so I now have no way of mousing over.
  11. Lots of people bored stiff recovering at home from Omicron (like me) trying them out? I haven't, btw... Hate them almost as much as CVs.
  12. I just ran a 1,877 bxp run in Aegis in my Perth with Equal Speed Charlie London, Papa Papa and Ouroboros mounted (last two +300% and +777% FXP each). Only the ESCL regular XP one gave me any bonus... No extra FXP and two signals burned (one "Special"). WTH? I have them set on Auto-resupply so there's no mistake that they weren't mounted. Bug? Or new economic nerf to Ops? I should have got a metric ton of FXP for that... instead, only 3.8k...
  13. xamdam

    Ghost Ships

    I did probably 3/4 of my 30 something TXs that way since they were mothballed (capts reset, upgrades removed in the last "free" chance). Got top xp several times, with no captain, no upgrades... go figure. It kind of makes you wonder just how much of a waste of time it is thinking about capt skills.
  14. Yes, I only select resource containers and my clan has the coal buildings (afaik, most everything is pretty much built).