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  1. xamdam

    Is Server Down?

    Ok. Bye now.
  2. xamdam

    Is Server Down?

    Well, not even being able to log into the Wargaming.net account is a bit unsettling... Clicking "Login" does nothing. Just a half spin of the circle and stays on that page.
  3. xamdam

    Is Server Down?

    Or, you could have just shared the link... "dude"
  4. xamdam

    Is Server Down?

    Since you couldn't be bothered... here's the link. It now says it's been delayed by 30 mins. Edit, lol.... and the second after I post that it changes to 1hr...
  5. xamdam

    Is Server Down?

    It said on the portal that it would undergo maintenance and that "no down time is expected but logins may be unavailable for up to 1hr" or similar. Been well over an hour, can't log into my WG account either, let alone the game. And I don't see that red banner on the portal anymore either. Guess they don't want us to play.
  6. xamdam

    WOWS Players Age Survey

    I wish I could say that... lol No more options.
  7. xamdam

    Best Damage Record.....In Co-op?

    393,750 in Yamato. Do I win a cookie? The one that surprised me though was this... 165 579Derzki
  8. xamdam

    NA players not located in NA

    I migrated back from SEA earlier this year. Started on NA in WOT closed beta, went to SEA when they formed that cluster / server / region and always regretted it. I'm American, living in Japan since the mid '80s. The pings for me, be they 50 to the old Singapore server or 100 to wherever I'm connecting to in NA make little difference. This isn't COD.
  9. At this point, I bet they're just waiting for it to blow over... Like all the other storms they've caused. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see this thread turn up "locked - answered".
  10. xamdam

    What the hell is this?

    Well, isn't that nice of them. Like they can't look at your data and say yep, he's earned it an put it in your port. But whatever, WeeGee's been moving goalposts for 10 years now. Why stop overnight?
  11. Same here brother. An unusually high rate of "standard battles" with CVs I might add. I do want to give a shout out to a few humane human CV players that that I pleaded with at the start to let me spot a side. Karma was given. Also, I can't count how many times I was at about 97% capture and a teammate on the other side of the map went for the ram kill on the final bot... sigh
  12. So that explains why I had to spot / capture 85 times in a DD last night even though my progress bar said 5/5 (which I figured was bugged as it had said 5/6 earlier). Cool, thanks for the wasted time. Don't suppose WG will do the right thing and drop us a crate or something for our effort? Those of us that had already finished 5 missions before the fix was applied, that is...
  13. xamdam

    What the hell is this?

    Umm... I didn't get mine until completing 6 missions... The last being the 85 spotted or captured in DD. Did I waste a couple hours having to do that???? And yes, the ship is garbage at its tier. Improve the sigma, the reload, give it a few more kts, longer secondary range, something... It's lacking all around. The only thing it is... is big.
  14. Scheduled maintenance is fine. It's the "server unavailable" cra... crud (is that safe to say here? I mean, I got told cra with a letter that follows "o" in the alphabet is chat ban worthy by tech support...) that happened yesterday for over an hour around the same time of day that kind grinds my nuggets. Folks were pointing at the "portal" stating it was maintenance, I was pointing them at the date which was... today, the 13th. So, I can go do something else now. NP. Yesterday though I was trying to finish up some grinding that had to be done before the daily reset. Lost out on that.