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  1. Boy, if they could only funnel some of that dev time into new Ops. Have fun with your ducky. I did too, about 50 years ago.
  2. xamdam

    Please Create More PVE Content

    And since the Random PVP sucks, perhaps it's time to drydock (edit: mothball) this mess. Too bad, it had so much more potential...
  3. xamdam

    Operation Dynamo (Dunkirk) / New Ops?

    Couldn't it at least be added back in as a selection for divs? Like Wolfpack was (I think, I never played it...)? I used to really enjoy playing it with friends on SEA before I migrated back here. Leaving it as it was (surely, the economic nerf hammer would be employed though) as far as ship selection.
  4. It's been a while now since the Operations "rework". Any plans to bring back Dynamo and add any new Ops? I'm really struggling to stay interested here. CO-OP just isn't fun, Randoms are frustrating (especially now with CVs and Subs) and toxic (which also seems to be spilling over into Operations now as well... wonder why?). No tier 8 coal ships to spend my resources on (for Ops. I have all the doubloon ones that are worth using there, as I did when it was T6/7). Now it's just log in, play one or two, log out. Or just login for the daily reward which... I'm forgetting to do more and more. The game has gone sour / stale for me. I'm very near just parking it like I did WOT all those years ago. Too bad I can't give someone my stuff. Sigh
  5. xamdam

    What did they do to the forum.

    Yeah, I feel like I'm back in 1995.
  6. xamdam

    Happy Login Reward Supercontainer Day!

    I got a random SC for my 3rd daily crate literally minutes before the clock turned over for the new "day". In it was 7 days prem. Then my monthly SC showed up with... another 7 days of prem. lol I haven't bought premium time since the New Years 50% off sale 2 years ago and with 300+ days remaining, it looks like I'll be good to go until the next sale (just need a couple more weeks to drop over the year). Then again, maybe I won't need to then either... Hotel Wargaming just won't let me leave.
  7. xamdam

    Latest patch made Ops harder again?

    Or, as happened to one of my teams a couple weeks ago, your CV player can ground Ruan by not watching his autopilot, getting it stuck and running out the clock. I brought my Odin back around to get it unstuck, and tried shoving it ahead faster but alas, not in enough time. The clock ran out just before it made the blue border.
  8. xamdam

    Latest patch made Ops harder again?

    Hard to tell, all I've been getting today is Newport (no longer Failport) and Narai (No longer Farmport)... But I managed to grind through Gokase at least so, they can't be that hard. The team makeups sure have changed a lot since the rework though. I guess attracting new players is a good thing (for keeping Ops around). Hopefully they'll listen and improve. And hopefully the vets won't scream at them for goofing up... For the most part, I haven't seen too much of that lately since the snowflakes have blown away but when I see a team mostly made up of players without clan tags, I figure it's time to roll up my sleeves and get to work on saving the op, as more often than not things go sour. Nothing against lone wolves but it does seem to point to newer, less experienced players quite often. Funniest thing I saw today was after we had deleted the first few waves in Newport, Intel reported the enemy was chasing our CV. I looked over for the Des Moines and saw... a Graf Zeppelin there pounding away at the two CAs with its secondaries. It sank one, we got the other. I don't think Des Moines got a scratch, lol. I don't think it was intentional. I think the Graf just figured that would be a safe place to park and... "Hi there" when they spawned.
  9. xamdam

    New prime reward

    Oh... well, maybe I got the 3 "Special Bonuses" crate. That showed up at some point. I thought it might be from some mission I wasn't monitoring. Oh well... No notification, wasn't immediate, it was just there when I got back from an Operations battle.
  10. xamdam

    New prime reward

    Yep, zip here too... Says I claimed it. Nothing in my port. Even tried unlinking, and re-linking Prime but zippo... sigh. I got a Missouri out of one of these drops so maybe I've used up my "luck" (tm).
  11. xamdam

    New IJN CL line

    Tried the T6 in Ops and... ughh. I have enough FXP to skip through the line but I'm almost thinking about spending it to turn my Lexington, which I never play into a Midway, which I'll never play and just collect the snowflake ticket thing for... if I'm still around then. What a disappointing collection of paper ships. And this coming from a guy that lives within sight of Kure / Etajima and has all of the other IJN ships.
  12. xamdam

    Yet another coal ship reccomendation request

    Cough... I haven't played Randoms in a couple years, mostly just Operations and some CO-OP (before they messed it all up) yet I'm swimming in credits with well over 100 mil (even after buying 3 "Superships", was around 260 million before that). I don't mount any signals or boosters either, unless I'm grinding a line. I do use premium time and ships though for the most part. My vote goes for the Salem or Marceau if you're a CO-OP main. Since, as mentioned there are no T8 coal ships, the choice is harder for Ops now. Flint is overpriced (coal wise, on purpose as it used to be steel) and Duke of York is frustratingly meh for me. I guess Lazo would be my choice for Ops. I have all of them but mostly just stick with my T8 prems anymore.
  13. Well, I had to laugh as Jules was introducing the Hybrid US Battleships, wearing a T-shirt that said "Are you Mad?"...
  14. xamdam

    Some simple Aegis tips

    None of this works when the Op bugs out (more and more regularly now) and the Fletcher, Shchors and second wave all ground, leaving the humans confused and thinking they'll get easy kills by heading for the grounded ships (that blast the hell out of them once spotted). Then there's a zerg rush of CAs on the exit point that if not defended means a certain fail for the Op with all transports destroyed. Now, if @Ahskancewould stop asking us for replays and grab a div of CMs, Devs, WG employees in general and actually play Aegis a few times (instead of asking the players to do the debugging / testing) maybe, just maybe it would get fixed. Not holding my breath though.
  15. xamdam

    Strange Aegis, a glitch???

    @Ahskance, please have them fix it or pull it until they do. This is beyond stupid. The Op is broken, in more ways than one. There have been plenty of reports of it (with screenshots and replays) here in the forum. Does anyone at WG really care?