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  1. Tell me, why should I continue to keep spending money on this game when you don't even allow me to play it! Joining games to be locked in a position like this and then shot to hell over and over... How about f you all!
  2. Astto


    This season of ranked and is rife with cheaters.Two of the easiest ways to tell is when you get instant fired exactly on mid ship as soon as you get spotted it means it's a player right clicking on your ship to auto aim fire. After his first volley put your ship into a full turn and if the next volley is exactly on mid ship again you'll know he's using software to assist with aiming. It's actually quite amazing, they play like complete potatoes, completely oblivious to what's going on around them, like AI ships do except they can citadel you from 23km away even while in a full turn.
  3. Astto

    Cant sell the Z35

    6km torps, losing too much speed while turning, extremely mediocre cannons, extremely short smoke timer on deployment and after. It has nothing going for it. My specialty is DD's and it is by far the worst one I've played yet. The Z23 out classes it in every aspect. You face nothing but frustration while playing the Z35. It was so bad I didn't even want to give it another try. The only use I had for it was to vendor it and put the silver to use. People can criticise me all they want but I know what I am doing when it comes to DD's.
  4. Astto

    Cant sell the Z35

    Money isn't an issue for me. So I'm not worried about that. The only thing I don't like is the bugs that keep showing up in game.
  5. Astto

    Cant sell the Z35

    I love German ships, so I always jump on them right away. I could care less what reviews say and what not. I enjoy it. I pick up on their flaws and etc very very quickly though. This Z35 is probably the worst T8 German DD I've played yet. It feels like it's a tier 6 ship pushed up to tier 8 simply because it has more hit points. In my opinion they really screwed up with this ships release. Another rushed ship pushed out simply to make money.
  6. This ship is garbage so I tried to sell it, it won't sell. All I get is a transaction error.
  7. Nomatter what I do it keeps redirecting me to the EU website then tells me I need to join the ASIA region because I am in Australia... I don't even have an account in either region. EU is too far away, ASIA region is full of players that can't even speak English. Why do you keep trying to force Australian players into other regions?
  8. It's getting out of hand, I literally get chain banned. This is a WAR game and the majority of players are adults and you ban them for saying anything that even remotely resembles profanity.... My last ban was for 1 month for avoiding the profanity filter for writing "fk off you idiot" because I was being spammed to hell in chat with smoke requests while playing a Kleber. Now I can't tell team mates what's coming near us. I can't ask for help. I can't do a damn thing to communicate with them, I literally went through the entire season of ranked and was unable to communicate with people at all, how the hell is that helpful? You are literally doing nothing but destroy this games experience and for what? The off chance that a kid may see a swear word every now and then when a player tries to vent frustration that your game causes? News flash, there aren't any kids spending big money on this game! What's even dumber is that I've also been banned numerous times for actually writing profanity. How exactly is that even reasonable? People are only seeing the profanity because they've disabled the profanity filter and made reports when they've seen it. It makes no sense at all. It's like this game is doing it's best to be anti social. If you disable your profanity filter then you should not be able to report anyone for writing profanity.
  9. Astto

    Destroyers should seek cover

    I think all ships with radar should be spottable by default for what their radar range is.
  10. Just sold mine after buying it, the ship is too under performing. Issues I found were. Ship is too slow, its spotting distance is really bad , both the AP and HE are under performing, the turrets turning speed is extremely slow and the shell velocity must be bugged, it's much slower than the description says. This ship performs like a tier 6 ship, not a tier 8. I donot recommend puchasing this ship.
  11. I have 3 legendary mods now, I don't use any of them, they're all garbage. Russian made game made the mods for Russian ships to be awesome, rubbish for everyone else.
  12. How about it actually upgrading Repair Party, adds a minor heal or something. Not do a bunch of crap that I can do instantly with Repair Party. If you're taking sustained damage on the Hindy then you aren't playing it right. I pulled a 5300 base XP game in my hindy, I was shocked at how much of a beast it is. No other ship I've played has come close to the performance of this ship after its buff. I already loved it prior.
  13. It was my mistake for trusting Wargaming. Still doesn't change the fact that they need to fix the mod. It's worthless. You have to understand that I put in the time and I was extremely disappointed when I recieved it.
  14. Therés no information on the mods ingame, I can't be bothered searching. I just want to play.
  15. Concealment? I make a genuine effort to be spotted. I start firing off rounds at the start to dupe BB's into firing at me, I draw a good portion of BB fire the entire game to mitigate damage for the team while I rain hell down on them. I rarely hide behind islands because it does nothing for damage mitigation for team mates, it's extremely selfish gameplay. This ship is a beast for countering BB's at range. Nothing comes close to the Hindy for ranged DPM. You need to be flicking that [edited] around constantly to counter incomming fire. Sonar is basically useless since most of my gameplay is at 15km to 24.5km, rpf also tells me where most targets are, if you watch for the rpf update you get an instant location on the DD hiding infront of you, you just need to watch for the update.