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  1. This game, has turned to crap. You've got DD's that don't scout because you morons don't promote scouting. If anything it punishes players for doing it, excessive radar and CV's make it very difficult. Then you nerfed lower caliber cruisers to the point of being worthless now, Flint, Colbert ring a bell? They are expensive ships that are no better than low tier trash now while buffing the accuracy of BB's who which almost all just sit there doing nothing useful except the occasional cit or manage a few fires here and there if they can aim and then there's the whole sky cancer thing. God damn, talk about completely crapping on your entire player base for what? To appease a few jerks that get off on making everybody rage? Seriously, what is wrong with your heads? You literally destroyed your own game, it used to be fun. Now it's a crap fest full of anti social jerks. And it isn't their fault they are like this, it's yours. Because you turned your game into something that makes people behave like this because they are constantly in a state of frustration. So that's it from me, after 5 years. I am officially out. I will be switching over to Sea Power : Naval Combat in the Missile Age. It will be coming out on Steam.
  2. If you're too thick headed to move a BB after a colbert has begun to fire at it with it's extremely slow rounds from 19km away then that's on you. But by WG logic they punish the smart players doing nothing but play the ships the way they were mean't to be played. This game used to be great. It simply just isn't fun anymore.
  3. Astto

    Stats for Brawls

    Brawls are a waste of time, you just put on the ramming flag and ram them each game, that's how stupid it is.
  4. It's a cruiser, not a DD. Who is Khaba?
  5. This ship was expensive, I spent A LOT of time and money to gain this ship and now it's total trash. It was my primary ship that I really loved to play, it had a very high skill cap which I loved. I went from doing 200k to 300k damage a game to struggle doing 100k. This is rubbish. Give it back it's range! I want my damn ship back! The ship relies on moving and dodging at range! It was it's only defense. Now it's GONE! Not only are BB's more accurate now but I don't have enough range to dodge their fire. It's total [edited].
  6. I know it's hard for you noobs to wrap your head around this but DD's are scouts, they aren't Gun boats for noobs who think they're Rambo in ranked. You sitting there shooting at one ship for 10 minutes does nothing for the team and significantly increases the likely hood you will be killed. I rarely even see a DD drop smoke down to support other ships taking damage.
  7. Astto

    Colbert Nerfs

    All the new ships are garbage. I am one of the whales that spends big on the game, all of their new ships are reskins of ships that were already sub par or worse. I haven't spent a dime on any of them, why the hell would I spend money on a reskinned ship that I already never played? The people running wargaming are morons. What the hell kind of moron fixes something that wasn't broken and then breaks something else that was working really well. Especially the Colbert, it's an end game ship with a high skill cap requirement. I loved it. Solely because it cooked the noobs who buy their tier 10 BB's and sit at the back.
  8. My Colbert previously had a max range of 19.6km, which I enjoyed playing. Now with the new talents addition you people have completely removed +20% range and replaced it with stats for Secondaries which a Colbert doesn't even have... You completely broke this ship and made it unplayeable. This ship cost me a lot of time and money. This is outrageous.
  9. This screen is the screen you see when it kicks you out of a match and back to the login screen. It's missing buttons to esc the screen. Take your own advice you goose.
  10. Getting tired of waiting 2 minutes or more just to login and then watch the game load in 5 seconds. This is getting to be a joke, especially now since I was just dropped from a ranked match to the damn login screen for no reason and it wouldn't even let me back into the match after I finally got back on. Nice work screwing me over. Clearly your infrastructure is inadequate. Take note of the lack of ESC button or any button to leave that screen too. Fix your damn game. I've spent 10's of thousands on this game and you tight arses can't even fix basic bugs or upgrade infrastructure.
  11. Tell me, why should I continue to keep spending money on this game when you don't even allow me to play it! Joining games to be locked in a position like this and then shot to hell over and over... How about f you all!
  12. Astto


    This season of ranked and is rife with cheaters.Two of the easiest ways to tell is when you get instant fired exactly on mid ship as soon as you get spotted it means it's a player right clicking on your ship to auto aim fire. After his first volley put your ship into a full turn and if the next volley is exactly on mid ship again you'll know he's using software to assist with aiming. It's actually quite amazing, they play like complete potatoes, completely oblivious to what's going on around them, like AI ships do except they can citadel you from 23km away even while in a full turn.
  13. Astto

    Cant sell the Z35

    6km torps, losing too much speed while turning, extremely mediocre cannons, extremely short smoke timer on deployment and after. It has nothing going for it. My specialty is DD's and it is by far the worst one I've played yet. The Z23 out classes it in every aspect. You face nothing but frustration while playing the Z35. It was so bad I didn't even want to give it another try. The only use I had for it was to vendor it and put the silver to use. People can criticise me all they want but I know what I am doing when it comes to DD's.
  14. Astto

    Cant sell the Z35

    Money isn't an issue for me. So I'm not worried about that. The only thing I don't like is the bugs that keep showing up in game.
  15. Astto

    Cant sell the Z35

    I love German ships, so I always jump on them right away. I could care less what reviews say and what not. I enjoy it. I pick up on their flaws and etc very very quickly though. This Z35 is probably the worst T8 German DD I've played yet. It feels like it's a tier 6 ship pushed up to tier 8 simply because it has more hit points. In my opinion they really screwed up with this ships release. Another rushed ship pushed out simply to make money.