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  1. Especially the floating kind.
  2. _NK

    WG has Nerfed my Battles

    Buy a Russian premium ship and your luck will magically turn around.
  3. AM I right to be slinging HE in this thing 90% of the time, apart from when I see some close range juicy cruiser broadsides?
  4. Nothing wrong with having a drink socially while boteing around.
  5. Heya Bex, I know I was a pretty quiet member and mostly stuck to myself when I was with you guys.....err....twice before when you were in SEA. But maybe third time is a charm? I've moved to NA also. Finding the gameplay (less passive) much better here and communication a dream compared to boxworld. As you can see my solo stats have been improving. I took to trying to unlock new ships and it's helped a lot with my interest in the game. Currently have a number of them sitting at tier 7 & 8 waiting for more credits. Anyway... Look... if you let me back in again. This time I will actively try and make an effort to be more social. I'll communicate when I go on holidays so it does not seem like I'm not playing. Generally just step up in regards to being a new member. But I just can't promise there won't be another burnout. If there is I'll ensure correct communication with management and let people know what's going on. I did enjoy the company of you lot, but there were times when I just wanted to sit back and chill with some synth wave and a glass of wine while blasting the crapout of people. Have a chat with the other dudes, hit me up with a yes or no, no hard feelings if it's a no, can totally understand.