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  1. FurphyForum

    Trade/Sell ships Would make people Happy!

    Don't know why it couldn't be set up as they had it in WoT - 'The Garage' on a trade basis. That worked.
  2. FurphyForum

    Is Agincourt worth it for Co-op?

    IMHO, yep worth it for CoOp. But that's me and it all boils down to how you play the cards that your dealt (MM).
  3. FurphyForum

    NEW CODES (4 from video ) UPDATED

    @Col_Nasty Cheers mate
  4. FurphyForum

    So Many Impossible Missions

  5. FurphyForum

    SC for December

    Japanese Tier VII DD Yudachi
  6. FurphyForum

    Yudachi Do not buy it.

    Just got this DD in a SC Looking Fwd to driving her.
  7. FurphyForum

    CO-OP changes

    totally endorse for it to be turned back on, stop the brain-dead play style and the greed mongers from fighting over the kill.
  8. FurphyForum

    Trolled by RNG

    Brilliant! Reminds me of another great 80's song - 'Heat of the Moment' by Asia
  9. FurphyForum

    Bot gunnery post update

    Yep no change, and yet on the other hand in OPs, you have bots that have worthy gunnery that's accurate. Must be in the too hard basket to program the Bots in CoOP to emulate their brethren from Ops.
  10. FurphyForum

    So how is the G Verdi? Good in Coop?

    For me personally, at 19,3 doubs which to us Aussies is $104.99, it's a pass! (money conversion or not, no pixel ship should cost this much, but there will be the white knights that will say otherwise)
  11. Main Account - Joined back in June 2013 on the SEA. Move over to NA in Dec 2019 with the server migration (Main Account), and IMHO, this is by far a better server.
  12. FurphyForum

    [12.0] Simply Grey Paint + Historical camouflage v.1

    @Albrecht_Brandi Thank you
  13. FurphyForum

    Is Ark Royal Worth it?

    @Merc_R_Us, @Wolfswetpaws Thank you for kindly responding and sharing your builds.
  14. FurphyForum

    Is Ark Royal Worth it?

    Would any Skipper like to post their current Capt Skills for this CV?
  15. FurphyForum

    IJN Battleship split

    No no, I think you've misinterpreted what I meant, I'm in agreeance with a line spit, and for it all to be streamlined, but while they are at it - (Arts Dept), upgrade the template's as they are showing their age.