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  1. 99_Luftdoubloons

    Code: HEROESOFWAR. 250K credits

    Still works, thanks mate.
  2. 99_Luftdoubloons

    Premium Ship Review #143 - Orkan

    So true, unfortunately it's useless for co-op battles. Trading up a torpedo launcher and smoke ability for a secondary gun and radar is just sad.
  3. 99_Luftdoubloons

    Grew up watching movies like this.

    Watching this:
  4. 99_Luftdoubloons

    PSA: 2 opt-ins (& Anzac Day tomorrow)

    I want this flag! "All gave some, Some gave all"
  5. 99_Luftdoubloons

    Orkan is a winner

    Ban non CV_complainers.... joking I just got Orkan ex-HMS Myrmidon, looks very promising. It will be my alt Cossack.
  6. 99_Luftdoubloons

    A moment of silence

    Lyon is a great shotgun, Richelieu is just an average battleship, but definitely not bad. Jean Bart is one of most amazing ships in the game (with secondaries at the back). Alsace and Republique are good and solid ships, I love playing them. So, what are you talking about? Just another useless post about "baguettes" and unhistorical "french retreats".
  7. 99_Luftdoubloons


    Thanks mate!
  8. 2970 random battles because I had no idea about Co-op. Too much... With all those toxic players chasing numbers (oh, my winrate) and "re-worked" or not carriers I don't think I will play random again. I don't have to. Even now after 7k Co-op battles I'm still angry when I see CV. LOL
  9. 99_Luftdoubloons

    Next Update

    The ship is fine, just a flooding and a couple of fires... I'm sure it will survive.
  10. 99_Luftdoubloons

    Container RNG

    European Destroyers Pt.1, Directive 2 accomplished. Great, get the 5 containers and earn some tokens "they said". 10, 10, 10, 30, 10. Why there must be so much RNG in this game? Everywhere! Armory random bundles... yeah, not exactly gambling, but mission containers? Why someone who played those missions, like I did, will get more tokens and more chances to test those destroyers? 70 tokens! I have to think how can I spend them. Signals or signals? Maybe signals.
  11. 99_Luftdoubloons

    Who will buy Smaland?

    One thing that makes you happy about buying a product is definitely the price. Buying something you don't need, even at a reduced price, is still something you may never enjoy. 2 million free xp for a ship which is a "master of nothing" allows them to open another can of worms
  12. 99_Luftdoubloons

    Require battle amount to go to next tier ?

    I wonder how your high tier battles will be without those "potatoes" (ex-tomatoes) players. Imagine that your enemy knows all your tricks, has excellent map knowledge and the best WASD hack skills. You really want to be there? Of course if you don't mind I will add to battles and average damage a ranked rule. After a certain amount of low damage battles and many defeats, you lose the tier 10 "star". Because I think you really like competitive games.
  13. 99_Luftdoubloons

    Your favorite midtier ship?

    Definitely Haida (no CV battles), Fiji because swiss army knife and I will also add Shchors.
  14. Op expressed his concern over CB and I have to say I agree 100% and I will add Ranked also. It is not another CV hate thread, at least for many of us. There are many opinions here both reasonable and accurate. I really do appreciate it when players bring problems out for discussion. It looks like this game does not allow us to play without your precious "botes".