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  1. 99_Luftdoubloons

    Vampire 2

    Did you check Research Bureau?
  2. 99_Luftdoubloons

    Happy Birthday Royal Australian Navy

    Happy Birthday RAN
  3. Nooo, they are the guardians of the team, the solid solution of enemy attempts to sneak from behind, our proud snipers. They're always here in the forums, in battle, in private messages, to remind those ignorant DDs how to do their jobs.
  4. 99_Luftdoubloons

    Limited Ammo

    It's always about battleships and their crybabies. The torpedo factories aka DD mafia and their HE spam friends hurt their feelings.
  5. 99_Luftdoubloons

    How to Bypass the Loading Screen Bug

    Irrelevant maybe but you don't need the modstation for that, you can use "skip video at game launch' button.
  6. 99_Luftdoubloons

    Reduce number of possible fires to two

    The kingdom of Kremlin - Thunderer - Kurfurst is afraid of just another fire? If something needs to be nerfed is definitely not the cruiser.
  7. 99_Luftdoubloons

    Ship to Ship Collisions

    They are your teammates, players like you, came here for fun. YOU have to pay attention, the path of your torpedos belongs to everyone.
  8. 99_Luftdoubloons

    What's a Gross?

    Talking about gross, after 5 years with my mother in law, it doesn't feel the same, we tried gimmicks, nothing. Maybe I should try her sister, what do you, think? move on?
  9. 99_Luftdoubloons

    World of DD

    Try to play light cruisers to feel the love of a battleship AP, of destroyer to live the amazing experience of cruiser HE and if you're really lucky you can taste CV rockets. "Love is in the air...'
  10. 99_Luftdoubloons

    Do CVs Belong in WoWS?

    'Im 07, the best of the best of the best, you can agree with me or stfu'. CVs in their current state are just another annoying game feature. Playing against CVs feels like you are in a room full of mosquitos, no matter what, they'll bite you...and guess what? you can't fight back. I refuse to play pvp with mm which includes broken gameplay, arrogant elitists and flying vultures thirsty for hp.
  11. 99_Luftdoubloons

    WG alienates their biggest supporter.... Again..

    Cancer is still cancer.. It's just metastatic now. Reworked.
  12. 99_Luftdoubloons

    WG, why ruined the ocean port?

    Even dull and cloudy, ocean is by far the most natural port. I don't know about you, but here it's not winter mate
  13. 00.12.45. Right click, report, plays poorly. YES!
  14. 99_Luftdoubloons

    Oh my....Twenty little crates

    I'm so happy for you...
  15. 99_Luftdoubloons

    What are you putting your epoch camo on?

    Same. I don't want to spend this camo on cruisers. All tier 9 cruisers are not bad... but that's it, not bad. I already got perma camos for my Fletcher, Chung Mu, Tashkent and of course Kitakaze.