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  1. 99_Luftdoubloons

    Which is your perfect version of World of Warships?

    My perfect version of this game has a single player option. I really don't feel the need to play this game with other people, friendly or enemies. Full single player mode, random battle or missions, historical battles with the option to choose side, etc.
  2. 99_Luftdoubloons


  3. 99_Luftdoubloons

    stupid destroyer players

    Stupid DD doesn't cap, too coward against only a few radar cruisers and that bloodthirsty red CV. Stupid CA doesn't support our destroyer, too fragile, always parked behind islands, why all these noobs are always in MY team? Hey CV are you going to spot the enemy for me, or you're just another damage farmer? I'll stay back, we battleship players are snipers, my salvos every 30 seconds are amazingly accurate and lead always to a win.
  4. 99_Luftdoubloons


    There's nothing wrong with Brazilian, or Women, but when you mix it...becomes INCRIVEL! (not the camo)
  5. 99_Luftdoubloons

    shameful way to die in WOWS

    i just can't get this out of my head.
  6. 99_Luftdoubloons

    Scenarios survey is supposed to be invite only

    I feel like I had to do it. More scenarios please, more operations, more maps, more tiers!
  7. Looks like you're reading another topic. First line is: Double T6 carrier matches against T5 ships which have no AA.
  8. All carriers, Swedish destroyers, Dutch cruisers.
  9. 99_Luftdoubloons

    Commonwealth line

    Vampire said gday mate!
  10. 99_Luftdoubloons

    What Port Do You Use? Why?

    I use my own modified port. A mix of Novorossiysk and Ocean.
  11. 99_Luftdoubloons

    New ships for Free XP needed !!

    I'm sick of new ships. I'd like to have a little bit more variety, like new maps with less peekaboo islands, rough seas, more campaigns. I know, I know, blah blah we said that so many times but we keep getting 'ranked', 'clan wars' and containers. More containers! More premium ships!
  12. Just got my Vampire II, my precious... Mustn't go that way! Mustn't hurt the Precious!
  13. 99_Luftdoubloons


    I am a proud DD mafia member. I also work hard as a HE spammer, I love Jean Bart and my favourite target is the Lexington.
  14. 99_Luftdoubloons

    Vampire 2

    Did you check Research Bureau?