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  1. Bex_o7

    Ship limits in clan battles

    Doesn't this happen every season though? Don't get me wrong, I'm not an advocate for CVs in CBs, but once an effective meta is established, it's quickly adopted from pretty much STORM and up and the play becomes stale anyway.
  2. Bex_o7

    [B-Z] Bravo Zulu are recruiting!

    Typhoon achieved, come help us push even further!
  3. Bex_o7

    [B-Z] Bravo Zulu are recruiting!

    We're close to breaking into Typhoon so why not come along for the ride? Find out a little more about us on the podcast.
  4. Bex_o7

    Anzac Day - The 15 Perths

    Lest we forget.
  5. Bex_o7

    Clan Base worth

    Huh? Clan Bases help you win now?
  6. Bex_o7

    Clan Base worth

    It takes over 780K in oil to fully upgrade a clan base. Roughly 78,000 containers... split among 50 members, everyone getting three per day... it takes 520 days to fully upgrade a base. Of course, that doesn't account for Naval Battles and bonus containers/Santa crates, but it's still over a year of 50 people getting three crates a day to become fully upgraded. So it got me thinking, if someone had a base to sell, what would it be worth? I know, against EULA etc, so it's purely hypothetical. But it also got me wondering if WarGaming had any plans to monetize fast tracking a clan base and if they did, what would people pay for the privilege?
  7. Bex_o7

    Clan Brawl: 4v4 at T8

    I concur. We would've had 5 or 6 teams going if it weren't for CVs. Just not enough clan members with the competency in them.
  8. Bex_o7

    [B-Z] Bravo Zulu are recruiting!

    Get in now for Clan Brawls, Clan Battles and a potato free zone.
  9. Bex_o7

    [B-Z] Bravo Zulu are recruiting!

    Still looking for competent players for the next season of Clan Battles. Drop into Discord and say hi.
  10. Bex_o7

    [B-Z] Bravo Zulu are recruiting!

    Is your current clan a bit of a [edited] show? Is your clan leader a bit of a [edited]? Do people get nasty when [edited] goes wrong? Then join us before the next season of Clan Battles comes around. Accepting all capable Aussies, Kiwis, Yanks and Canadians.
  11. Bex_o7

    [B-Z] Bravo Zulu are recruiting!

    Still looking for capable captains - so if you feel like you're clan is dragging you down, come have a chat. We're super active and looking to expand.
  12. Bex_o7

    [B-Z] Bravo Zulu are recruiting!

    Broke into STORM LEAGUE today, why not come help us into TYPHOON next?
  13. Bex_o7

    [B-Z] Bravo Zulu are recruiting!

    We generally only play Clan Battles on Saturday night [US]/Sunday morning [AU] but when we do, we go hard at it. Come join us as we break into Storm League this week!
  14. Bex_o7

    [B-Z] Bravo Zulu are recruiting!

    We're still looking for capable meat bods, take the plunge!