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  1. Bex_o7

    Silly California...

  2. I’m torn on this. Whilst I acknowledge the OP’s concerns and agree that without careful management the system could be exploited, I have fond memories of the Mercenary system being very useful in Team Battles, way back in the beginning of WoWS. It was the reason our clan came together in the first place and so whilst I appreciate that caution should be used going forward, I think it could be made to work and be beneficial to the community in general.
  3. Bex_o7

    PSA: Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    My heart bleeds for you. Most of us Aussies get to play Clan Battles once a week if we're lucky because of TZ differences. When most of you are earning steel we're at work earning a living. We don't exploit game mechanics to get around the fact, we just get on with it. You should try it some time.
  4. Bex_o7

    Changes to Submarines, EU Community Stream

    I'll take a crack at this. I would compare it to a coward punch. You don't see it coming, have little to no opportunity to evade or counter attack and the results are often devastating to your health. I think we can agree that a coward punch is unethical.
  5. Bex_o7

    Anzac Day - The 15 Perths

    Lest we forget.
  6. Bex_o7

    Clan Brawl: 4v4 at T8

    I concur. We would've had 5 or 6 teams going if it weren't for CVs. Just not enough clan members with the competency in them.